Top 10 U.S. States For Clean Energy Leadership

Clean Edge, the world’s first research and advisory firm devoted to the clean-tech sector, recently released the U.S. Clean Energy Leadership Index to help green tech companies choose which states will be most nurturing for their products.

By tracking more than 4,000 public and private data points across all 50 states, the Index provides the clean energy industry’s most comprehensive and objective analysis and ranking of how all 50 states compare across the spectrum of clean-energy technology, policy, and capital.

According to this report, the top 10 states for clean energy leadership are:

1. California
2. Oregon
3. Massachusetts
4. Washington
5. Colorado
6. New York
7. Illinois
8. Connecticut
9. Minnesota
10. New Jersey

Rankings were derived from over 80 metrics including total electricity produced by clean-energy sources, hybrid vehicles on the road, and clean-energy venture and patent activity.

“The industry needs to move beyond the days of using disaggregated and fragmented data to bolster subjective political claims about a state’s or region’s clean-tech prowess or as the basis of fundamental and significant business decisions,” says Clean Edge cofounder and managing director Ron Pernick. “For the first time, Clean Edge is bringing timely clean-energy data and analysis under one roof, making this a critical tool for clean-tech decision makers within both the public and private sector.”

In addition to annual “report cards” for all 50 states, subscribers of the Clean Edge Clean Energy Leadership Index receive quarterly insight reports that focus on the most important technology, policy, and capital developments, and advisory services to help decision-makers sculpt their clean-energy strategies.

Image Credit: Clean Edge


Barbara DeFratis
Barbara DeFratis7 years ago

Carole R., I hear you. After all, my Ohio isn't on the list either, however I am not surprised since our Gov. J. Kasich is pro-'fracking', which means my Ohio most likely won't become 'Green' until next election.

Carole R.
Carole R7 years ago

Being a PA resident, like Charlene, I was sad and a bit surprised not to see us on the list. Hopefully somedaythere won't have to be a list. All states will be green.

Derek Hoogweg
Derek Hoogweg8 years ago

In Dunedin New Zealand , they are starting to make a wind farm ,its a very good idea.

Deanna Giggles
Deanna Zimmerman8 years ago

I'm a California gal, but live in Georgia now, and have lived in Florida, too. I miss the progressive state of CA. But at least GA is actually improving its' green standing.

Charlene R.
Charlene Rush8 years ago

Since, I reside in PA, I just visited another website on the Cleanest Energy States, and Pennsylvania was listed as No. 7. One can't help wondering, where the truth lies.

Possibly, it's wishful thinking on my part.

Our nation could accomplish anything it wants to accomplish, if we only CUT the waste. That's all it would take.
We can start with our politicians.

Karen L L.
Karen L L8 years ago

Strange to note that I've lived in four of these clean states. wouldn't have it any other way. And anywhere I live, I try to promote clean energy, air, and water.

Annie B.
Annie B8 years ago

I am so proud that my state, Washington, is among the leaders. We cherish clean air and water and even though our agriculture is somewhat dominated by Republican anti-environmentalists, some of them realize the mining of topsoil and groundwater along with coal and oil can't go on forever. People came from all over the world to see our mountains and play at our coast. If the coast is drowned and the air is fouled we all lose, especially our children and grandchildren. The central part of the state now has big wind farms instead of smoke stacks. My great grandchildren might be able to eat a wild salmon after all if a few of the destructive dams are breached and the air pollution is firmly controlled. We are Americans. We can do the right thing.

Alicia N.
Alicia N8 years ago

noted with thanks.

Brigid C.
Brigid C8 years ago

Good to see my state Massachusetts there

Frank S.
Past Member 8 years ago

Windmills and/or solar panels must come down in PRICE so everyone can afford them.