Top 15 Care2 Causes Posts of 2011

From ferocious to heroic, appalling to inspiring, Care2′s readers dug their teeth into a variety of different important issues this year. You read, you commented, and you shared.  But which stories resonated the most with our readers? This article counts down the top 15 Care2 causes posts of 2011. Did you miss any of them?

15. What Are the Unhealthiest Restaurant Meals in America?

Shannon McKarney digs through the Center for Science in the Public Interest’s lists of the unhealthiest restaurant meals in America. If you need some inspiration for your New Year’s resolutions to eat better, this is a good place to start.

14. Stray Dogs and Cats Being Burned Alive in Ukraine

Preparations for the UEFA European Football Championship included a lot of cleaning up. But, as Offune Okwudiafor explains, animal activists were caught off guard when they found out the preparations included the mass killing of stray animals.

13. Lawmaker Says Women Should Plan Ahead in Case of Rape, Since He Carries a Spare Tire

There was a lot of victim-blaming in 2011 when it comes to rape. This story by Robin Marty shows just how far that goes. Not only are women to blame for being raped, but they should be “planning ahead” so that they can pay for an abortion if they are raped.

12.Hero Uses Pocket Knife to Free Trapped Lynx in Canadian Wilderness

A brave first person story from Kevin Aubie about his rescue of a lynx that was caught in a trap in New Brunswick, Canada.

11. Woman Helps Little Gopher in Trouble: Stunning Thank You

In another great animal rescue story, Wendy Bays explains how she saved and cared for an injured gopher until he was ready to go back out into the wilderness.

10. Georgia Representative Wants to Investigate All Miscarriages

Robin Marty breaks down a ridiculous proposal that would “treat every woman as a potential criminal at a time when they are already at their most emotionally vulnerable.”

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9. Occupy Wall Street Issues First Official Declaration

The Occupy Wall Street movement has been one of the defining issues of 2011 in the United States and many other countries around thew world. In this post, Beth Buczynski reports on the first official declaration of the occupy movement, which was voted on and signed in early October in New York.

8. PETA to Launch Porn Site

This story certainly got people talking, with more than 1,100 comments! Alicia Graef wrote about how PETA’s plans to launch a porn website reinforces the idea that women and animals are still nothing more than commodities.

7. 10 Deadliest Animals You Wouldn’t Want to Meet

Not for the faint of heart! Click through to find out which animals BBC Earth named the deadliest.

6. 11-Year-Old Girl Gang-Raped By 18 Men in Texas

*Trigger warning* This article written by Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux tells the story of a horrific rape and the awful media coverage in the aftermath of the event.

5. Top 10 Must-See Occupy Wall Street Videos

If you can’t be there in person, you can experience Occupy Wall Street courtesy of videos uploaded to the Internet by people who were there, sending the message to that “the revolution might not be televised, but you can still watch it happen.” Check out Beth Buczynski’s picks for the top 10 Occupy Wall Street videos.

4. Rescue of the Week: Woman Squeezes Lifetime of Love into One Week

Another great animal rescue. In this story, Ashley Owen Hill tells about the time she brought a dog named Annie home and gave her the home and love that she had been missing in what would be the last week of her life.

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It’s all animals for the top three stories of the year. A turtle, a dog and caterpillars.

3. A Year After Boats Shatter His Shell, Turtle Swims Free

Cathryn Wellner tells the story of Andre, the 177 pound green sea turtle who overcame all odds and swam off to sea.

2. 15-Year-Old Dog Stumbles Onto Hero’s Lawn & Both Get Swept Away

This heartwarming story shows how sometimes humans rescue dogs and sometimes dogs rescue humans.

1. Zombie Virus Drives Caterpillars to an Explosive Death

Finally, the top story of the year. If you thought zombies were fictional, you were wrong. It turns out they do exist, in caterpillar form.

Did you have a favorite story from 2011?

What do you hope to read more about in 2012?


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