Top Ten Summer Reading List: Education

Today’s teachers are covering more than just their content area. Increasingly, they are also expected to be first responders to issues of race, class, gender and sexuality, from elementary school right on up to high schools. 


The following list of books is helpful for both progressive teachers looking for ways to create inclusive classrooms and for parents and general readers seeking to understand the ways in which schools address a host of issues beyond reading, writing and arithmetic.



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Steve D.
Past Member 1 years ago

Whatever you have provided for us in these posts really appreciative.

Harold Self
Harold Self7 years ago

Thank You!

Lorin S.
Lorin S7 years ago

I can't believe the list doesn't have "The Courage To Teach" on it!

Janice P.
Janice P7 years ago

Thanks for reminding me of a book that I had promised myself I would read, but forgot all about: "Odd Girl Out". I heard the author of this book being interviewed on the radio about one year ago, and that interview was fascinating. This is a topic that is largely left unexplored. Girls, who bully at young ages, usually grow up to be adult bullies. Much, much more attention needs to be drawn to this subject, and all employers need to be made aware of it. Most employers haven't a clue.

Eli Is Here
.7 years ago

Thanks for the list!!

Borg Drone
Past Member 7 years ago


michele s.
Past Member 7 years ago

Noted, Thanks for this list, some seem worth a read

Andrea M.
Andrea M7 years ago

Some of these titles sound really good. Thanks for the list.

S. L.
sheila l7 years ago

sounds like the bs from the far left progressives, esp. when I hear the prefix "trans" ... lets stick to teaching the kids solid basics. This country is becoming more stupid each year and the teachers are to blame.

Carole Cherne
Carole Cherne7 years ago

This list should include more reading on LGBT harassment, such as Creating Safe Schools for Gay and Lesbian Students and Inspiration for LGBT Students and Their Allies. I work in elementary and middle schools, and not a day goes by that I don't hear someone use the word "gay" in a derogatory fashion. And not only by students, but also teachers and other staff.