Tories Deny Care To The Less Fortunate

The Harper Conservatives are moving to cut temporary health care provided to refugee claimants while they wait for a decision on their claim. This decision is pushing doctors from across the country into action.

The changes would mean that some refugees would only have access to urgent care, and some would have no health care at all, unless they have a disease that could endanger the public at large.

The Minister of Immigration, Jason Kenney, has said the changes mean that no refugee claimant will get better health care than the average Canadian. Doctors are taking action because some claimants, if cut off from health care, would be cut off from life saving medication, like insulin or heart medication, the kind of medications that refugees are unlikely to be able to afford. Claimants will also lose out on preventive health care, leaving them open to illness while they wait for their claim to be processed. Doctors are concerned that people will die, and a group of nine health care associations is also warning that this plan will cost Canadians more in the end. Either way, the cuts are not worth the cost.

More in tune with what the Conservatives really want from Canada’s immigrants, Dr. Wendell Block told the CBC that people who don’t receive the treatment they need upon their arrival here won’t be able to work once their claim is accepted.

The Canadian Pediatric Society sent out a press release arguing these changes will hurt children and youth as chronic illnesses and developmental problems will not be found until later in life. As Dr. Lindy Samson puts it, “Delays in treatment and services will lead to poorer outcomes and long-term consequences, forcing them to later rely on expensive and publicly-funded health care anyway.”

The CPS wants pregnant women and children to be exempted from the changes.

Canadians have historically been proud of our social democratic tradition of helping those who have less than we have. This action denies that tradition and punishes all refugees coming to Canada. It is meant to target false claimants who might come to the country to get free health care, and continues the Tory policy of assuming the worst of people.

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Sharon S.
Sharon S5 years ago

Now they just get handed a NET amount of a minimum of 50% of my hubbys GROSS monthly income which he PAYS income taxes on, they do NOT. We pay for all medical issues that are not covered by Ontario healthcare & we don't feel that we shouldn't pay, but we resent that others are handed things on a silver platter & don't have to contribute anything.

Sharon S.
Sharon S5 years ago

Yes, this country was founded by immigrants, but I need to point out that when my husband's parents came to Canada in 1953, they came with $200 & the clothes etc that they were able to sneak over the border of their European country in the middle of the night. After they landed in Montreal they went directly to Kingston & worked on a farm. A short 3 years after they came here, they bought an older small house in Kitchener/Waterloo & at the ages of 13 & 14 my hubby & his sister worked summers in a factory for years to come & turned any $ to the family pot. My FIL worked long hours in a factory, my MIL cleaned houses to get by. Nobody handed them anything, they supported themselves, paid their own way completely. Now, a refugee can be HANDED $2400 a month, free medical, & dental etc, while the working poor scrape to get by & pay taxes & use food banks, while refugees just have to collect their FREE money, funded in part by the working poor & other taxpayers. There is something wrong when a family can be handed 50 % of my senior hubbys gross monthly income(this is after 52 years of full time work since graduating high school & putting himself thru university) while not contributing to the income tax base, but instead, draining it. Gone are the days when an immigrant came here & had family & friends to financially sponsor them & worked their hinnys off to pay their own way. Now they just hand over a net sum of 50 %

DaretoCare S.

Indeed Caitilin - Many Canadians do hale from immigrant roots. I assume you perhaps are not aware that" before World War II, health care in Canada was, for the most part, privately delivered and funded. In 1947, the government of Saskatchewan introduced a province-wide, universal hospital care plan. By 1950, both British Columbia and Alberta had similar plans. The federal government passed the Hospital Insurance and Diagnostic Services Act in 1957, which offered to reimburse, or cost share, one-half of provincial and territorial costs for specified hospital and diagnostic services. This Act provided for publicly administered universal coverage for a specific set of services under uniform terms and conditions. Four years later, all the provinces and territories had agreed to provide publicly funded inpatient hospital and diagnostic services."( I believe that we spent 200.5 billion dollars in 2011 - or if you prefer - 11.6% of Canada’s GDP . So then, those immigrants whom many Canadians are descended from did NOT have health care as we know it now - they did however (via paying taxes) both build and pay for our current system. While it would be a wonderful thing if we could give everyone so called "free" health care, I'm not sure that we can afford to no matter how kind and caring we would like to be. As Stephen B mentioned (and I read in the report) medical professionals do not agree with this n

Heidi D.
Heidi D5 years ago

What a disgusting and sickening comment from John B. "Hurt nothing but wild life"???? I've got news for you, JOHN, the wildlife of Canada are not some inanimate garbage to be sacrificed so that bleeding hearts like you can mollycoddle every criminal who scams or buys his way into this country, sucks it dry, and contributes NOTHING.

The wildlife has a RIGHT to the "free space". So it's not really free space, is it? The animals are using it.

Jen Matheson
Past Member 5 years ago

Thanks for the realit check, Shel.

Shel G.
Shel G5 years ago

@John B.: " In case no one has noticed there is a lot of free space in Canada. There are areas where you could drop the entirety of NYC complete with its population and hurt nothing but wild life and perhaps a couple of trappers."

Actually, putting aside the immigration issues, I see "...hurt[ing] nothing but wild life..." just a bit of a problem. Canada is far less populated than many other countries, which is why there is such a comparative wealth in Canada of unspoiled land and wild animals. Isn't there some merit in preserving wild spaces for animals, instead of the inevitable crap housing estates, lots of crowded roads and a bunch of Walmarts, McDonalds and Babies-R-Us 's that come with human populations??

I vote to keep the "lots of free space" that still remains in Canada.

Winn Adams
Winn A5 years ago

Disgusting and despicable.

Caitilin T.
Caitilin T5 years ago

"Send them back?" "Deny them care?" "Tidal Wave of bogus care?"

Come on. How short sighted do you have to be to forget that the majority of Canadians are born of immigrants, or have only had family here for a few generations? What right do we have to treat newer immigrants as if they are some kind of plague? For shame! This country was founded by immigrants!

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W5 years ago

The Tories are the problem.

Troy G.
Troy Grant5 years ago

If we helped these refugees instead of invading their countries, bombing them, stealing their resources, and making them refugees there would be fewer of them.