Toyota Reaches 1,000,000 Prius Hybrid Sales in U.S.

2 Million Prius Hybrids Sold Around the World

Back in 2008, Toyota announced that it had reached 1 million worldwide sales of its Prius hybrid. Then in 2010 it reached 2 million sales around the world, and now Toyota is announcing that it has reached 1 million Prius sales for the U.S. alone and 3 million sales of hybrids (all models included) around the world.

“Since the Prius went on sale eleven years ago not a year has gone by when it hasn’t been the number one selling hybrid vehicle in the U.S,” said Bob Carter, Toyota Division group vice president and general manager. “Prius has become synonymous with the word hybrid and as we see fuel prices starting to rise again, it has accounted for more than 60 percent of hybrid passenger car sales so far this year. Prius paved the way for hybrids and while it is still the hybrid leader in sales and fuel economy, I’m proud to say that since its introduction, 13 other auto brands have seen the benefits of hybrid technology and joined the hybrid market.” (source)

Since its introduction in the U.S. in 2000, the Prius hybrid has saved American consumers more than an estimated 881 million gallons of gas, $2.19 billion in fuel costs, and 12.4 million tons of CO2 emissions, when compared to the average car.

The Prius family is expanding, with the larger Prius V supposed to launch around late Spring/early Summer.

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written by Michael Graham Richard, a Treehugger blogger


Leia P.
Leia P.6 years ago

i would love to own one someday

Shaun King
Shaun King6 years ago

sweeeeeeeeet, good news!

James Fazerider
James F6 years ago

@Phil R.
Because, unless you've done the sums to establish that it really is the greener option for your driving requirements you'll not be improving the environment but making it worse.

This is the trouble with buying a car to "make a statement".
Building a Prius involves using far more of the earth's resources as compared to an equivalent conventional car. There is a cut-off point, at which the better fuel economy outweighs the extra damage done by the vehicle's construction. Where that cut-off point is could be expressed in terms of annual mileage. Potential owners who drive, say 4000 miles a year, would certainly end up doing far more harm than good by purchasing a Prius, those who have to drive 30,000 miles a year would almost certainly do less damage by doing so.

There is a problem with doing the sums however, Toyota are rather cagey about the details of the environmental costs of construction. This makes me suspect that the actual break-even mileage figure is rather on the high side.

Why not buy an economical car and put the money you saved by not buying a Prius into BP stock (to make things ironic). You'll receive hundreds of dollars a year in dividends. Pocket enough to pay for the extra gasoline you used compared to the Prius and buy carbon offsets with the rest.
While this will actually work out far better for the environment than buying a Prius it has the disadvantage that people won't be able to tell what a wonderful person you are by looking at your

Phil R.
Phil R6 years ago

"If they actually did care they could have joined the mere 37% who felt fuel economy was their main reason."

I'd say if you're buying a car that costs thousands of dollars more than its conventional counterpart and you only stand to save a few hundred dollars a year on gas, you're probably looking at the cumulative effect of thousands of vehicles which would indicate you ARE environmentally conscious. What's wrong with letting people know you are concerned with the environment while at the same time actually doing something to improve it?

Robert Shaffer
Robert Shaffer6 years ago

Great news, thanks.

Jimmy Spyder
Jimmy Spyder6 years ago

Shame they're not affordable to all!!!

Joshua Bigley
Joshua Bigley6 years ago

To dace C:

Your neighbor makes me sick. I cant tolerate people like that. So selfish, so contemptuous--evil. How can they be so fiercely gluttonous and bullying? When people say stupid things like that to me i cant just put my head in the sand--i have to tell them just how stupid and piggish and obnoxious they are. i don't need neighbors like that.

Joshua Bigley
Joshua Bigley6 years ago

why can't American companies engineer successful green cars? Why didn't Obama break up the big three and order them to go green and or even co-operative or break up into green companies? Think of the jobs. Think of the clean air? think of the technology innovation and international competitive edge. Why are the American rich and powerful so against America?

Bernadette P.
berny p6 years ago

great least green car are getting more polpular!

It would be nice if we all could live near shops,medical care,post office etc....but we all cant afford to do this so........we have to move further out and as pensioner we cannot do things that we could when we had a wage soooo....that we like it or not cars will be with us for a long time UNLESS governement all over the world spend more money on public transport that are SAFE...with security on board and with a good time table....not 2 buses a day or 1 train every 3 hours!!!!

Gaby D.
Gaby D6 years ago

Yahooo for Toyota! Well done....for my favorite brand!! I'd love to own one.......bit above my budget! Now still happily driving a ..yup...a golden oldie...a STARLET!