Trump Admin Removes White House Capital Bikeshare Station

Written by Lloyd Alter

It’s not a big deal but it could become a big symbol.

In 1979 President Carter installed 32 solar thermal panels on the roof of the White House, generating hot water for the showers and the kitchen. They were flat plate panels and were not installed optimally because they couldn’t mess up the look of the White House. They were also pretty high maintenance.

In 1986, during the Reagan administration, the panels were removed to fix a roof leak and were not reinstalled. The administration explained that “putting them back up would be very unwise based on cost.” But thirty years later, everyone remembers that Ronald Reagan pulled the solar panels off the roof of the White House. In fact, for all the cutting and gutting of the environmental accomplishments of the Carter Administration that Reagan and James Watt did, this is the thing that people remember most.

I wonder if, 30 years later, people will remember this as a Reagan Moment, a relatively minor action that goes against the tide of history and becomes a meme. During the Obama administration, a bike share station was installed on the White House grounds, described as an unofficial “secret” station that was only accessible by White House staff. According to Benjamin Freed of the Washingtonian, it was recently removed specifically at the request of the Trump Administration.

Like the White House solar panels, it’s just a symbol, really minor compared to the more significant actions by the administration, like killing Obama’s TIGER grants for bike and transit infrastructure in Trump’s proposed budget. According to People for Bikes,

Among the many high-profile bike-related projects that have benefited from TIGER funding are Atlanta’s Beltline Trail, Arkansas’ Razorback Greenway, the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Chicago’s bike-share system, and dedicated bike lanes in Boston, Washington, D.C. and elsewhere. Tens of thousands of Americans use these facilities every day. Eliminating TIGER would unwind years of bipartisan congressional support for this program.

Pulling out a little-used Bike Share station that wasn’t even open to the public for sharing is pretty minor; it’s hard to figure out why they bothered. But I bet it will be remembered; it’s a symbol.

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Melania P
Melania P5 days ago

Indeed is a sign I think, now we know it! One year of his presidency and it seems he hates clean air, clean water, etc.

Amanda M
Amanda M3 months ago

Of COURSE it will be remembered! Twitler doesn't want this country to do ANYTHING green and is hell-bent on destroying anything that is proof of progress forward! He and the Religious Reich want only to take us back to those dark days where the only people in America who genuinely had rights were rich white hetero Christian MEN, and they won't stop until LGBTs are back in the closet, women's only choice in life is marriage followed by "pop till you drop," non-Christians are fair game for harassment, proselytizing/evangelizing and maybe even "reeducation," and unofficial segregation for minorities is the name of the game. Don't believe me? Well, look at what they're doing so far! And if they manage to destroy this country through war or climate change, oh well in their eyes. SAD!

Jennifer H
Jennifer H4 months ago

It has been Rumps' agenda to fully undo ANYTHING that Obama accomplished. He has stated such. But really - a shared bike station? Can't he come up with something more petty?

Margie FOURIE4 months ago


Nancy Wrightington
Nancy Wrightington4 months ago

So, like, where is all this money going to, with all these program the antichrist tRump is getting rid of?!?
As far as bike sharing is going, check out Seattle .. woohoo!!

earthism i
earthism info5 months ago

narrow minded decision

heather g
heather g5 months ago

The orange bully has yet to do something right.

Brian F
Brian F5 months ago

Mike K and Karen Swenson you both really demonstrate your complete ignorance. The article says that the bike share was reserved only for White House staff. It’s great that Obama allowed or created the bike share, but it’s a shame that he only allowed it for White House staff, and not everyone else. So, it was despicable what this fraud Trump did by getting rid of or eliminating the bike share, but it wasn’t like Obama promoted bike shares for the masses or everybody either. But then you don’t care about the truth, in your never ending crusade to only criticize this crook Trump, and overlook the corrupt Democrats who caused him to win, and cheated Bernie Sanders out of his primary. Corrupt corporate fake Democrats like you two would rather lose to this fraud Trump, then win with an honest progressive like Bernie Sanders. Both of you win the Care2 award for complete stupidity.

Barbara P
Barbara P5 months ago

How stupid! It's a useful, healthy resource for those that work there.

W. C
W. C5 months ago

Not surprising, thank you.