Trump Blames Dems for Not Confirming Nominees He Hasn’t Named

The president is tasked with filling 559 important government positions, pending Senate approval. So far, only 39 of those jobs have been filled.

ďDems are taking forever to approve my people, including Ambassadors,Ē tweeted Trump on Monday morning. ďThey are nothing but OBSTRUCTIONISTS! Want approvals.Ē He tweeted this message @foxandfriends, a show on Fox News that had not coincidentally just featured a guest complaining that Trumpís confirmations were being stalled.

The tweet is just another example of the president pointing fingers and refusing to take accountability. After all, itís hard for Democrats to obstruct nominations the president hasnít named.

As the Partnership for Public Service points out, Trump has only bothered to nominate 63 people to these 559 positions to this point. That puts him way behind the nomination pace of each of the previous four presidents.

Technically, another 15 people have been announced by Trumpís team, but not formally nominated. Itís not clear what the hold up is on those, but Congress cannot act on those nominations until the White House finalizes those picks.

For ambassadors, which Trump referenced specifically in his tweet, Trump hasnít picked a nominee for 38 of the 50 vacant positions. If heís concerned that not having ambassadors in place is a problem, he needs to start naming them.

As it happens, the entire conversation seemed motivated by the fact that the U.S. does not have an ambassador to the United Kingdom yet — a role that seems especially important what with Trump tweeting offensive, undiplomatic messages about recent terror attacks in the UK. That one is definitely on Trump, though, since he announced his selection, New York Jets owner Woody Johnson, four-and-a-half months ago and still hasnít formally nominated him.

In defense of the president, Trump is not wrong that his confirmations have taken longer than his predecessors. While Obama saw his nominees approved in an average of 32 days, the process has been about 41 days for Trumpís picks. Still, that doesnít change the fact that if Trump were actually nominating people, those roles would be filled by now.

Perhaps the most blatant falsity of Trumpís tweet is that Democrats donít actually have the ability to filibuster presidential nominees. With the Republican majority in the Senate, Trump should have all the votes he needs to push his selections through quickly and easily.

Given that it hasnít been going smoothly, Trump may want to reassign blame to GOP senators for holding up his nominations. That, or he might want to reconsider some of the more controversial nominations heís made (like Andrew Puzder and Betsy DeVos) that are so controversial that they have trouble garnering the support of even fellow Republicans.

ďIf the president is looking for someone to blame on the slow pace of confirmations, he needs only to look in the mirror,Ē said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer in response to the tweet. ďPresident Trump ought to roll up his sleeves and get to work rather than pointing false fingers of blame.Ē

In this case, Schumer is absolutely right. Trump is offering up a hyper-partisan attack where the facts donít support his assertion. Shouting that Democrats are terrible may play well to Trumpís his base, but to anyone paying attention to the facts, itís not a sound excuse for why Trump isnít doing his job.

Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson


Marie W
Marie W4 months ago

Thanks for sharing.

Sarah H
Sarah Hill7 months ago

If the Senate isn't confirming his nominees, why hurry nominating them?

Jennifer H
Jennifer H9 months ago

I think the orangeman thinks he is still running the apprentice. Obviously it has to be the Dems fault because he can do no wrong.

Regus Slantei
Regus Slantei9 months ago

pam w,

There are, was, and always will be any number of incompetent arrogant stooges within our society. There is no avoiding that. And you are correct, they should be held responsible for their behavior.

But let's get real: just who is responsible when these people get ELECTED to office??!!

You say that I am "blaming the victims". Logically, therefore, I conclude that you think the intellectual malcontents who voted for Trump are somehow the "victims" of his arrogant incompetence, i.e. are the "victims" of their own vote?????? REALLY???!!!!! That is some strange, muddled thinking.

No, you had better look at some of your fellow citizens in disgust when our President acts like an a$$.


Margaret G
Margaret Goodman9 months ago

Mark Spiegel wrote, " ... Or could it be that no one wants to work for this tool?" I think that's very possible. I read that Trump had trouble getting a personal lawyer because he does not listen to advice, he sometimes does not pay his lawyers, and law firms do not want to be associated with him.

Chad A
Chad Anderson9 months ago

He should do his job before whining about other people doing theirs. He should also drain the swamp he is swimming in.

Margie F
Margie FOURIE9 months ago


Debbi -
Debbi -9 months ago

Every single nomination he's made is for a person diametrically opposed to that position! Take Betsey DeVos -- please. She's an entitled, spoiled supposedly education dimwit from a family worth billions, who donated millions to the Republicans, buying her that ill-suited nomination. She never should have been approved. The orange fungus chose the worst people for each position. Those with brains did not go along with the kiss-ass GOP money grubbers. If we had really been able to 'obstruct' his progress, he wouldn't have that cabinet, or put Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. Trump should be banned to Trump Tower for life.

Karin Hanson
Karin Hanson9 months ago

DumbDonald has fired almost entire departments for no reason, and keeps hiring his bumbling billionaire buddies...... obviously, he thinks this is a game show and only the idiots keep applying.

pam w
pam w9 months ago

Regus....are you drinking? PLEASE stop trying to blame the victims here! Yes, people who voted for the tangerine testicle deserve some blame...but, HE and HE ALONE is the culprit!