Trump Can Join the Grown-Up Table When He Has Something to Contribute

When then-French presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron posted a video inviting American climate scientists, entrepreneurs, innovators and problem-solvers to come to France to work on saving the planet, he left no doubt that he was thumbing his nose at the brand-new U.S. president, whose first month had already been marred by protests, lies, and anti-immigrant, anti-science, anti-environment, anti-humanity rhetoric.

His video, which fell just short of outright condemning Trump’s America as a place where greatness and wonder could scarcely survive, ended with an enjoinment for us all to come together to make ourplanet great again.

Fast forward ten months. On the heels of Trump and Brexit, it was unclear if the progressive Macron could edge out a win against a dangerous right-wing nationalist candidate, but he took the election handily, and his invitation became a website and formal relocation/climate action program incredibly quickly.

The French president’s cheeky shot at Trump is still the name of the program, and this week, the first recipients ofthe relocation and researchgrants have been announced. The United States’ talent pool has just been diminished, this is a net win for the world. Some of today’s great visionaries and problem solvers are coming together in an environment where they can actually work effectively, leaving behind a country that isliterally going backward onevery measure of environmental progress.

This climate work is more important than making Trump look foolish, but you would be hard put to design a more effective program for doing so. Macron’s call to action in February anticipated Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement in June. It’s salt in the wound that this same week that America’s best and brightest prepare to work in a country that actually has its act together also saw Trump himself snubbed for an invitation to a world leaders’ climate action meeting.

This has got to drive the billionaire president crazy. A textbook narcissist addicted to flattery in lieu of legitimate validation, Trump doesn’t like being dismissed, ignored or excluded. After a lifetime of either being invited to or simply buying his way into all the exclusive clubs, this disturbed elderly man, the most powerful in the world, is effectively sitting at the world stage equivalent of the kids’ table–an unprecedented position forany POTUS.

But what do you expect? Macron’s meeting includes 50 world leaders of both conservative and liberal persuasions, each with a unique national context. Yet all agree that this is a global problem that requires action. After embarrassing itself by pushing coal at a climate meeting last month in Germany, the Trump administration has lost all credibility on the international stage.

Truth be told, it’s not even a snub. It’s just a recognition that Trump is not, as some guessed he might be in the first months of his presidency, a man pandering to his base shamefully, yes, but calculatedly, all while knowing better. It’s been clear for some time that the man truly is this ill-suited to his responsibilities, a petulant, selfish, rather slow child playing at a grown-up job and coming up woefully short. It’s not in doubt that neither Trump nor his closest advisors have any place at a grown-up meeting discussing real issues and working with actual facts, and their presence would just waste everyone’s time.

The only thing for international leaders to do now is give Trump a coloring book, sit him down in the other room, and get to work without sparing him another moment’s thought.To be fair, there is no grudge here: Macron has stated that the Trump White House can be involved as soon as they give some kind of indication that they are willing and able to contribute to the discussion–in other words, as soon as Trump grows up. At 71, I’m sure that ought to be happening any day now.

Photo credit: White House


Marie W
Marie W6 months ago

thanks for sharing

Susanne R
Susanne R9 months ago

Amanda: You certainly have Trump's number! I love your description of him. Thank you for the "truckload of stars." When it arrives, I'll have to send one right back to you. We are of one mind.

Amanda M
Amanda M10 months ago

Susanne R, if I could give you a truckload of Green Stars, they'd be winging your way as I type! Trump is nothing but a selfish, immature, willfully ignorant, overgrown man-baby, male slut, and playground bully who never has and never WILL learn how to play with others! He'll never grow up-he'll just grow OLDER.

Carole R
Carole R11 months ago

I never did think Trump had the knowledge or personality to be president.

Dan Blossfeld
Dan B11 months ago

David C.,
You are cherry picking. You neglected the other poll that came out simultaneously that showed 44%. I was merely showing the average of the most recent polls. Perhaps that is the real reason that the Democrats list last November. They were only watching those polls which showed them in the most positive light.

Lisa M
Lisa M11 months ago

NEVER! He is nothing more than a f---ing FOOL and a carnival-barking grifter!

Marigold A
Past Member 11 months ago

Who are you going to blame next?

Clare O'Beara
Clare O11 months ago

not sure we'd want him at the table, rather wait for someone sensible to get elected.

Clare O
Clare O11 months ago


Susanne R
Susanne R11 months ago

Brian F: What's going to lead to a nuclear war is Trump and his juvenile treatment of an equally unhinged madman --Kim Jon Un of North Korea. For as long as I can remember, countries that had nuclear warheads with delivery systems capable of reaching the U.S. knew that any attack they initiated would be suicide on their part because the U.S. had more sophisticated technology and a larger nuclear arsenal than any other country. The nuclear capabilities of our country created a nuclear deterrent that kept our enemies at bay. World leaders who led us to believe they would launch nuclear attack never did because they were sane. The same cannot be said of Kim Jon Un or Donald Trump . That's why Trump has a baby-sitter who happens to be a high-ranking military officer. Incidentally, I scanned the article you referenced and saw the names of all the Republicans who chose to vote for Clinton. They cited their reasons, and they all indicated that they refused to vote for Trump. If they wanted to line their pockets, they would have voted for Trump. To prove my point, please read about the new GOP tax plan, which is in the process of being approved. Corporate America and America's billionaires are jumping for joy. I hope you'll be able to get over your disappointment over Bernie's loss. He's a patriot and a great politician and he's still working hard at achieving his goals.