Trump Fails At Birther Theatrics, Begins To Lose Presidential Support

When he was just a rich, charismatic media star and mogul looking at running for president, reality tv star and businessman Donald Trump had decent amount of draw.  But after a week of playing up the “Is Obama a citizen” meme, Trump has managed to embarass himself as well as alienate potential supporters.

According to Think Progress, Trump somehow decided that birther conspiracies should be his big campaign issue:

Apparently deciding that his path to success in next year’s Republican primaries takes him through Birtherville, billionaire reality TV star Donald Trump has said he will make questioning “Barack Obama’s birth certificate a pivotal part of his bid.” Indeed, he used an appearance on Fox & Friends this morning to launch into a lengthy and passionate rant about how he is “really concerned” that “Obama was not born in this country.” At the conclusion of the interview, Trump stated, “I’m starting to wonder myself whether he was born in this country.”

Politico’s Ben Smith notes that not only is Trump attempting to bring back that pre-2008 election theory and give it life again, he’s not even getting his story straight:

As dozens of reporters looked into, and wrote, in 2007, Hawaii (like Trump’s native New York) will give natives a copy of their birth certificates on request. Obama gave it to the press back then. Here’s a picture.

Trump isn’t even up to date on his Birther lunacy, which now revolves around tortured explanations of the totally conclusive birth announcements and demands for the original, hand-written birth certificate, which isn’t what you get from the Department of Health in New York either.

And Trump’s media theatrics over the matter is failing even worse:

Donald Trump made headlines earlier today when he provided what he said was a copy of his birth certificate — but a quick check reveals it’s actually not an official document.

The paper that Trump released says “Jamaica Hospital” on top and lists the date and time of what he says was his birth to “Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Trump.” The piece of paper has a seal at the bottom.  

But after several New York City-based readers contacted POLITICO’s Maggie Haberman, her call to city officials revealed that an actual birth certificate, which is issued by the Department of Health, would have the agency’s seal and also a signature of the city registrar – neither of which the Trump document has. Officials said the city Health Department is the “sole issuing authority” of official birth certificates in New York, and that the document would clearly say so, and “city officials said it’s not an official document.”

It appears instead to be a hospital “certificate of birth,” meaning the piece of paper the hospital gave to his family saying he was born. Such a document typically has the signature of the hospital administrator and the attending physician.

Pushing the ridiculous gambit even further, Trump is even attempting to bring the governor of Hawaii into the mix and claim it’s a conspiracy:

Real estate mogul Donald Trump thinks the governor of Hawaii should be “investigated” for saying he remembers when President Obama was born.

Speaking on “Fox and Friends” Monday, Trump said that Gov. Neil Abercrombie (D) was just trying to help fellow Democrats defend accusations that Obama was born outside the United States and therefore is ineligible to be president.

“I think this guy should be investigated,” Trump said. “He remembers when Obama was born, give me a break. He is just trying to do something for his party.”

End result?  Not only is The Donald making a fool of himself, but he’s now pushed away potential campaign supporters at the same time.  Conservative columnist Armstrong Williams writes:

Take note: I was a big fan …

I wish the comment weren’t in the past tense. But then I watched Trump appear on a dayside show called “The View” on Wednesday, and he single-handedly tanked his entire campaign.

It was on that show that Donald tussled with Whoopi Goldberg. But the exchange was not over serious issues of how this country is in total debt; or why this president should have a better story to tell regarding Libya, Afghanistan … you name it. No, Donald Trump pulled a rookie move — he took the bait of a host who knows nothing about politics. He thought he was smarter than she was.

Donald engaged in an argument with Goldberg that no one — whether in Washington or elsewhere — believes is a serious policy concern, let alone a personal one. We’re talking about why or why not President Obama won’t show his birth certificate. Yep, the Donald is a “birther.” Give me a break, folks.

I hereby declare Trump’s presidential run over.


By Boss Tweed (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


Donald B.
Donald Burnison7 years ago

If one wants the real scoop just go to Vegas and see what odds they are giving on Trump running for office; these guys, unlike Trump himself, make a business of knowing the odds on most issues. I would bet he does not run. It is all about money with this guy and his ego. If a primary run would allow him to increase his wealth, he would run. But he would never have a chance in a general election. Trump is like a general Patton with no balls, just a big mouth. Who knows, gov. Brewer might be able to disqualify him.

patricia m lasek
patricia lasek7 years ago

Hey Birthers, get a life!
He showed his birth certificate.
Click the link in this article and stop the nonsense already!

Frank D.
Frank D.7 years ago

I hope that the Donald runs. The campaign business needs him to spend a few hundred million on a failed campaign. How many times has he lost the millions that his daddy gave him to be in business? He never got his hands or silverspoon dirty, served his nation or improved the life of his neighbors. He'd be a great running mate for Palin. Grand Old Party time!

Ald Oro
Al D7 years ago

What a crock. We have a stupid law that says we have to be born in the united states. We the people, we the taxpayers, have a right to demand that our president show that he was born here. The fact that he refuses shows that this government is not for the people and by the people. The president is also ignoring our freedom of info act. Now our government is doing whatever it wants to and our only input is huge taxes. We have no say, no power. Our laws are ignored and we are only good for one thing, to fund a massive super power machine that is complex, fraudulent, and ignoring our right to how've our laws obeyed, no matter how stupid they are, we have to abide by them, we have to pay the tax bill, or we get arrested. Why is our president exempt from he freedom of info act and the law that states we must be born here. Is seems to me that if he was born here, the stupid birth certificate that everyone seems to want to see would be floating around on the Internet. What, the government thinks Barack obamas identity will be stolen if they release his birth certificate. No. It's not released because he was not born here and our government is thumbing it's finger at the people. All they want from us is for us serfs to keep the floodgates of money siphoning out of our wallets and pockets into their greedy powerful machine

So we better just shut and pay our taxes. We don't count.

They keep raising their own wages and benefits and have unions to keep us in check.

Patricia C.
Patricia C7 years ago

I'm with the woman who said that she USED to like Celebrity Apprentice until Donald made such a fool of himself over this birther lunacy but would also like to add that if you watch it, you'll see in a very short time how disrepectful Donald is to the candidates. He will ask them a question, and then cut them off in mid-sentence. HE is the only one really allowed to talk in the boardroom. I would venture to say he'd be the same way if given an office in the political field. NOBODY would have an opinion or idea that would over-shadow his. Talk about a dictator, he would be the worst this world has ever seen! He'd know everything about everything, even foriegn policy and the REAL issues that now face the U.S.
I'm only continuiing watching C.A. because I'm already invested in the characters, he needn't make one next year for I'd guess that he's already lost the majority part of his audience just because of this stab at running for president. He's just a spoiled brat who's made it big, and won't even listen to anybody else even when it concerns his stupid hair do! Did anyone notice last week, when standing on the roof of Trump towers, and the wind blowing other contestant's hair all over their heads, that his hair didn't even MOVE!! He probably has to use a whole can of hairspray every DAY and is a main contributor to the depletion of our ozone layer!! LOL!!!

David Cromie
David Cromie7 years ago

That anyone should even have considered TeaTrump for President beggars belief - I wonder if he pays his taxes, or if he ever has (people like him seldom acquire great wealth by fair dealing). This idiot does not even have a proper Birth Certificate, it seems, perhaps this should be looked into

Ladyfrog Lynn
Ladyfrog Lynn7 years ago

Why is this such a fight against Mr. Trump? The fact that IF the current president is not a legal citizen, all of his signed policy may be thrown out!!!! REALLY
why are so many of yous so ready to accept, what could potenially be, one of the worst things to happen to America today
yes this needs further investigation, if someone, lets say, like kudafi, could become our president what would happen to our very own "US of A"

Rachel S.
Rachel S7 years ago

hes so stupid. . . watch a majority of the population vote for him then cry when he ruins the country. . . moguls should not be leaders of countries.

David D.
David D7 years ago

I just find it hard to believe that Trump is serious. I think he's punking the birthers and making a mockery of the GOP 2012 candidate field. I may be wrong, we'll see eventually.

Steve Solo
Steve Solo7 years ago

Birther Politics Circumcision Citizenship and a bale of tea..... that's an inside look at presidential politics. We are not confused but very amused! Politicing in Canada is different and not funny it's as pathetique .. you got Quebec one province of french speaking folks who are tired of being double taxed 16%. and Ontario another province who says they are paying for the frenchies social policies ... and then there's Alberta and it's oil business pushing up the cdn dollar higher than US$... The Abertans say they are supporting the rest of the country because of their oil reserves and blabla ... our federal election is coming up in two weeks. Luckily for us we have more political choices with 5 major partys and many fringe and speciality groups... we may see the little guys winning to form a coalition .. one thing for sure I want to end the reign of Stephen Harper and his western reformists influencing and administering like the republicans of America .. Canadians will soon see an end of warmongering and defense spending and will build up their infrastructure and promote green industries ... by voting in a coalition style of governement .. May 2