Trump Wants to Stop Giving Climate Change Much Consideration

You know what’s been getting in the way of making America great again? All that time wasted worrying about the looming effects of climate change! If the government could instead focus on other, more important issues, just think of what they could accomplish!

That first paragraph is dripping with sarcasm on my part. Alas, that’s not the case for Donald Trump. Bloomberg reports that Trump plans to soon reverse environmental procedure that requires government agencies to factor climate change into their decisions.

Perhaps this move should be expected from a president who once dismissed climate change as a Chinese hoax and an Environmental Protection Agency leader who last week disputed that carbon dioxide is a main contributor to climate change.

During his tenure, President Barack Obama instituted a policy that required agencies to consider how proposals could potentially impact climate change. That administration made sure that agencies took into account the “social cost of carbon” since the actions of today will have financial repercussions later. That figure is $36 per tonne of carbon, set to increase to $50 over the next 13 years.

By disregarding the long-term effects of carbon emissions, the administration will have a much easier time pushing through projects that immediately stimulate the economy, like transcontinental pipelines and drilling for oil. Agencies can also more easily repeal other environmental rules like regulations on coalmines when climate change isn’t being considered.

If this policy change is formally adopted as White House sources have indicated, the Trump administration might as well be declaring, “Climate change doesn’t exist.”

Wanting climate change not to exist doesn’t make it so, though. Essentially, this administration is trading away the health and security of future generations so that corporations can make profits now.

Fossil fuel advocates are preemptively applauding this policy change, contending that Obama’s requirements were too burdensome on the government to achieve anything. “Obama created such a labyrinth of rules and orders and regulations to cement his agenda across practically every agency,” said Tom Pyle of the American Energy Alliance.

Of course, the fossil fuel industry has the most to gain financially when the government declines to consider the consequence of climate change, so really any complaining about how burdensome the rules are could be chalked up as self-serving. Implementing regulations – even complex ones – to protect the health of the planet is good, not dastardly.

There’s not really a positive way to spin this story. With time running out, we need a leader of the free world to be an environmental ally. Somehow, however, we’ve wound up with a president who is not just indifferent to climate change, but seemingly antithetical to it.

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Marie W
Marie W6 months ago

thanks for sharing.

Melania Padilla
Melania P7 months ago

Ignorance and greed :(

Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill8 months ago

With the country having so many problems today, "climate change" is a very low priority.

Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill8 months ago

That is nice Mark Danner. Just another example of the left's tolerance and acceptance. The left is always telling everyone else we have to be "inclusive" while they are anything but.

Mark Donner
Mark Donner9 months ago

Hey Brian F and Blossfeld: Go away, Trumpanzees. Corporate bootlicking filth is not allowed on Care2. The Orange Clown only works for himself. He is a full blown clinical psychotic who would kill your children if he could make a buck out of that. His psychotic picks are designed to destroy the very agencies they head. They want the end of life on Earth to make a buck. That makes your Republican Trump buddies a thousand times worse than ISIS. Here's a little hint, they elected a monster to the EPA that has tried to take down the agency 14 times with lawsuits, and whose agenda is pollution of all water bodies that the public depends on, and who denies the physics of CO2. Zincke is a bastard who should be thrown to the sharks for his mission to drill in and do away with national parks. This TERRORIST Congress has just voted to torture millions of animals in Alaska by shooting hibernating mothers, using torture traps, wiping out endangered species by allowing lead bullets, the list of their crimes goes on and on. JUST GET THE HELL OUT.

Marija M
Marija M9 months ago


Brian F
Brian F9 months ago

Agreed Dan B. He's just a coward who insults people, who disagree with him, and he has no proof to back up his claims. It's a waste of time responding to him.

Dan B
Dan Blossfeld10 months ago

Just ignore him. All he does is insult those with whom he disagrees. He is reminiscent of the drunk at the bar. He offers no proof to back up his claims. Instead, he just resorts to name calling in an effort to drag you down to his level.

Brian F
Brian F10 months ago

Regus You defend Hillary who supports world wide natural gas fracking, the Iraq war, the TPP, NAFTA, refused to legalize marijuana, and refused to support single payer universal healthcare, after taking 13 million from our criminal healthcare industry, took 21 million from Wall Street for speeches, and you call me a political retard? Most major progressives agree with me that Hillary is a crook and a liar, who is part of the establishment, so the political retard is you, and your just a useful idiot for the corrupt democratic party that blocks true honest progressives like Bernie Sanders from having any power, so they can continue their corruption, and make millions from Wall Street, banks, big pharma, and corporations.

Veronica B
Veronica B10 months ago

SO WRONG!!! We Have Only This Planet,This Home!!!And All of us Need and Must To Care and Save The Enviroment,Wildlife,Forests,Rivers,Oceans,ALL!!!
Agree with Patricia Harris!!!