Trump’s Budget Program Would Be a Disaster for Students

The GOP has already tried to screw over students (even more) with their tax plan, but now Trumpís budget proposal wants to drive the knife in even deeper.

The GOP tax plan included changes to the way grad student income is taxed, making it harder for students to pay for both their education and basic living expenses. Trumpís proposed budget would reduce or eliminate many programs, not just for college students but K-12 students as well.

The budget proposal would slash education spending†by $9.2 billion, or 13.5 percent, affecting everyone from kindergarteners to grad school students, many of them low-income.

Among the programs facing cuts are a $2.3 billion program to train teachers and reduce class sizes, a $1.2 billion after-school program used by 2 million children, and a $190 literacy program.

Trumpís budget proposal would also eliminate subsidized student loans, which are given to students with demonstrated financial need to prevent them from accruing interest on loans while theyíre still in school. About 5.7 million students had subsidized student loans during the last school year. This cut would reduce the federal budget by $1 billion and students, typically poorer ones, would be left to pick up the slack.

In an effort to reduce the number of payment options, the plan would also eliminate the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program, which allows public servants, like public school teachers, to have their loans forgiven after 10 years of punctual payments. Almost 500,000 people are enrolled in this program.

“You may have fewer people pursuing degrees in areas that will lead to public service occupations,” Mark Kantrowitz, a student loan expert, told CNBC. “You won’t have as many prosecutors and public defenders. You won’t have as many people pursuing law enforcement or becoming EMTs, firemen and members of the military.”

The American university system is now untenable. At the end of 2017, almost 5 million Americans had defaulted on their student loans. This represents almost one-quarter of all Americans who have student loans. In the last quarter of the year, the total value of loans in default reached $84 billion.

All of us are affected when students crumble under crushing debt and the effect this could have on the economy†looks bleak. What we need is student loan reform that makes it easier for Americans to get a higher education and not suffer, for decades, under the immense cost of that education.

Instead, Trumpís plan would make it even more impossibly unaffordable for Americans to attend college, or for them to live without the constant burden of student loan debt afterward.

The proposal still has to be approved by Congress and if history is any indication, such dramatic cuts will not go into effect. However, as weíre so often in uncharted territory under this administration, it is too early to say.

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Amanda M
Amanda M5 months ago

I ran out of negative adjectives to describe Twitler LAST YEAR, and he STILL finds new ways to peg my insult-o-meter every time he opens his mouth! I'd scream, but it would hurt too much.

RK R5 months ago

This article is not true. In fact, research, research grants, public higher education funding is increasing under this plan. Paying back student loans is necessary and prudent for the financial stability of the higher education loan system. Default on your loans you default on the system, and on your bothers and sisters who need such a program. If you are advocating for Federal higher education within state university systems then you are delusional. Read the word STATE. Besides that when is the last time you donated money to education of any type? Easy to give everyone elses money. Education is free until grade twelve. After that you are on your own. Did students work at a job while in school? Did they save money for their own higher education? Work now or work later to pay bills.

Margie F
Margie FOURIE5 months ago

Thank you

Winn A
Winn A5 months ago


Winn A
Winn A5 months ago

tRUMPie is a DISASTER to America . . . . .

Janis K
Janis K5 months ago

Thanks for sharing.

Freya H
Freya H5 months ago

tRump is willing to sacrifice as many hapless members of the 99+% on the gore-soaked altar of Profit Ãœber Alles. Anything to appease his fellow fat-cats - and corporate owners. Don't take this lying down - rise up, RESIST and PERSIST!

Fiona Ogilvie
Fiona O5 months ago

Corruption everywhere including institutions for post secondary and post graduate education is even a worse burden on students.

Anne M
Anne M5 months ago

Forget the knife,, here, use this spear.... !

Ruth G
Ruth G5 months ago

It seems to me Trumps budget programme is a disaster for everybody! except the wealthy of course