Trump’s Energy Dominance Crusade Could Harm US Economy and Environment

Whenthe Trump administration announced that itwouldopen up U.S. waters to oil and gas exploration, thecountry’s “energy dominance” campaign returned to the spotlight — but what does that even mean?

Energy Dominance: An Old Goal Re-branded

During the Trump presidential campaign, the candidate floated a number of talking points about reinvigorating fossil fuel development as a means of supposedly creating jobs and restoring America’senergy independence.

In June of 2017, the Trump administration rolled out a re-branded version of several Obama-era policies, focusing on energy independence vialiquefied natural gas (LNG) sales to Europe. However, in a marked turn from the Obama era, the Trump administration declaredthat it would open key areas — like Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge — for resource extraction.

Energy Secretary Rick Perryexplainedat the time:

An energy dominant America means self-reliant. It means a secure nation, free from the geopolitical turmoil of other nations who seek to use energy as an economic weapon.An energy dominant America will export to markets around the world, increasing our global leadership and our influence.

Europe has grown tired of Russia threatening its energy security in the form of North Sea supplies, while Saudi Arabia has long been a thorn in many a nation’s side given its power to influence oil markets.As China and Indialook to become major superpowers — China is arguably already there — there’s added interest in energy independence.

U.S.interestintensified after the oil crisis of the 1970s. But no matter how much oil and gas the U.S. produces domestically, analysts continue to predict that the countrycannot be totally energy independent– at least not for any sustainable length of time, givenU.S. relianceon oil and gas.

The U.S. still requiresoil and petroleum imports, with around 38 percent coming from Canada and over 10 percent coming from Saudi Arabia. While that dependency has declined significantly over the years, it’s unlikely to go away in the next few decades.

Energy dominance, however, suggests the U.S. admits it can’t entirely remove its need for imports, but wants to be able to influence markets and shield itself by being a key force in export sales. Is that even possible?

Well, in the short term, it actually could be, considering that demand for fossil fuels is still a reality. But the U.S. is hampered by one key problem: the fact that it remains committed to operating via a free market. Russia and Saudi Arabia are not encumbered by such a system, allowing them to move far more unilaterally than the U.S. Nevertheless, Europe tends to favor the U.S. over Russia and Saudi Arabia, and would likely prefer to weaken its dealings with Russia.

But so-called energy dominance comes at a price.

What does “energy dominance” look like in practice?

At the moment,energy dominanceseems to involvetearing up the Obama-era’s green energy initiatives– reflective ofthe Trump administration’spoor environmental protection track record.

That meansfossil fuel exploration in the Arctic’s previously protected coastal plain, slashing the size of National Parks in states like Utah to allow drilling, using the tax overhaul to preserve$15 billion in tax subsidiesfor fossil fuels while cutting incentives for renewables and more.It means abandoning the Paris Agreement while systematically working to undercut nearly every single one of its key aims.

At its heart, energy dominance is a strategy that may well give the U.S. a boost to its autonomy, but it will end up isolating the U.S. in the long-term and potentially harming its economic prospects as the world divests from coal, oil and gas and favors renewables.

Energy dominance, therefore, looks a lot like energy isolationism — and thatwill harm both the U.S. economy and global sustainability efforts.

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