TSA Made Breast Cancer Survivor Remove Prosthetic Breast

A female flight attendant is reviving her complaints against the TSA for being forced to undergo an aggressive “pat down” even after submitting to a backscatter scan on her way to work a flight.  Since August, flight attendant Cathy Bossi has been attempting to demand a change in the procedure toward new “enhanced” pat downs, which for her resulted in being asked even to remove her prosthetic breast.

Via WBTV.com in Charlotte:

She says two female Charlotte T.S.A. agents took her to a private room and began what she calls an aggressive pat down.  She says they stopped when they got around to feeling her right breast… the one where she’d had surgery.

“She put her full hand on my breast and said, ‘What is this?’.  And I said, ‘It’s my prosthesis because I’ve had breast cancer.’ And she said, ‘Well, you’ll need to show me that’.”

Cathy was asked to show her prosthetic breast, removing it from her bra. 

“I did not take the name of the person at the time because it was just so horrific of an experience, I couldn’t believe someone had done that to me.  I’m a flight attendant.  I was just trying to get to work.”

Since then, Cathy has contacted the Legislative Affairs Team, a group through the flight attendant union.  She says she wants to see a crackdown on these personal pat downs.

“There are blowers and there are dogs out there that can sniff out bombs,” she says.  “There’s no reason to have somebody’s hands touching your body parts.”

The aggressive new enhanced pat downs have been getting copious media coverage in the recent weeks, with accusations of sexual assault, child molestation, and basic privacy violations.  For cancer survivors, who would be less inclined to use the full body scanners due to potential radiation issues, a pat down is likely their only option.  And to be forced to both undergo a scan, then still have a patdown, and then finally be asked to remove your prosthesis is beyond simple “security” measures.

Think the new security procedures are too much?  Make your voice heard by signing the petition here.

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Jo L.
.7 years ago


Support Ron Paul's "American Traveler Dignity" Act--Sign and pass on!

John S.
John S7 years ago

@ Tori W. - Unfortunately it is the inconsistency that is the issue also as well as how much previous experience did the TSA agent have in the past/past jobs. I've traveld with a blind friend that used a guide dog. When going through one airport, the seperated her from her companion and took off the harness and lifted up the guide dog in mid air to search him. At another airport, they checked the guide dog without doing all that. A guide dog is very loyal to his or her companion (the blind person), it knows that when they are wearing the harness that they are working, So this can cause stress/confusion on the guide dog as well from being separated from their partner.

John S.
John S7 years ago

So if a man has had Testicular Cancer and has a Prosthetic Testicle, does he have to remove that too?

Yvonne Curtis
Von D7 years ago

There has to be some other way. This is beyond belief. If you fly very much the x-ray thing wouldn't be good either.

Andrea H.
Andrea H7 years ago

Crazy stuff-

Tori W.
Past Member 7 years ago

well, once again, people are reacting to only part of the story. it really seems like a setup to me. it's almost as if the individual created this situation for all the publicity, sympathy and money from the lawsuit sure to come. the question is, why didn't she mention this at the very beginning? I recently flew, even out of DC with a lot more medical problems and security was extremely nice, helpful and courteous. i guess you get what you select. I went to security and told them privately that i had severe medical issues requiring special considerations.all this woman had to do was ask to speak to a female agent privately and the outcome would have been much different, but then she wouldn't have the potential lawsuit. interesting and i'll wait until all the evidence is in, but i do think the dramatic headline grabbing hysterics are prejudical, inciting, premature, and likely erroneous.

Jennifer Martin
Jennifer M7 years ago

This is the second worst story I've heard. The worst was the cancer survivor with a urine bad that the assholes weren't careful with and the poor man's pee leaked all over him. Those TSA jerks should be fired!! There are other ways, they need to figure them out without violating our rights!!!

Sheryl R.
Sheryl R.7 years ago

These pat-downs are degrading enough; and now, women and men, who have already been traumatized by cancer and other debilitating diseases or injuries, are being subjected to body searches that are humiliating and possibly dangerous for them.
And, what about the x-ray scanners? Any radiation amount can be extremely dangerous. Maybe this is the reason dentists cover your body with a protective "blanket" when taking x-rays of your face and teeth!!!!
I sincerely pray that I will never have to travel by plane. I'd probably end-up being arrested for slapping the snot out of some "paid patter"!

johan l.
paul l7 years ago

How can 3% of people object to this disgusting practice being correct!
This is sick and with all due respect to lawabiding lesbians, this looks like the worst kind of lesbianism!
Sick, sick!
I hope you can persuade lawmakers to have this horrible practice stopped!

Jenny Dooley7 years ago

Thanks for the poll and the article.
Last week an Australian woman rang in to a radio station [2GB] and said she is charging those who "patted" her down at an American airport with sexual assault.