Ultimate Fighter Jokes About Rape on Twitter

Stories of rape and sexual assault often make the headlines, but does that mean we should take the news lightly or moreover joke about their frequency?

I certainly think not, but such is the defense of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Forrest Griffin who recently tweeted, “Rape is the new missionary.”

Griffin says his tweet was reacting to the recent sex abuse scandal at Penn State and his amazement at how rape has somehow become so “commonplace” in society. The tweet, however, does not display this sentiment and following the fierce backlash he received it seems like Griffin was just looking for an excuse to get him out of hot water.

The Tweet Backlash

Following Griffin’s tweet a number of his followers commented on his inappropriateness, some even deciding to stop following the fighter altogether.

Griffin’s response?

“Following him is a privilege.” (Nice.)

At a news conference this weekend, a group of mothers also protested offensive comments by fighters like Griffin. The women called on Fox Sports and advertisers to drop the UFC until it adopts a code of conduct for fighters like other professional sports.

Griffin Apologizes

Griffin has since apologized for the remark and made a donation to the Las Vegas Rape Crisis Center.

“I feel bad. I want to apologize. I feel like I should be punished a little bit,” said Griffin.

Despite insisting his tweet was merely his take on how common rape is in the news nowadays, Griffin realizes that he was wrong and that more sensitivity is needed by him and other professional athletes.

“Maybe other professional athletes or just guys in locker rooms can kind of be more sensitive towards the topic of rape. Once you take the comments in the light of day, you feel disgusted by it, but at the time, you don’t think.”

Rape is Not a Joke

Not only was Griffin’s tweet incredibly insensitive and offensive, but it actually wasn’t the least bit funny. It was inappropriate, cruel, degrading, stupid . . . need I go on?

To be honest I always find it so odd (and infuriating) when people make jokes about rape. I’m fortunate enough to be a woman who has never been raped, but many others are not so lucky and it’s not funny at all – not in the least bit.

What do you think? Was Griffin’s tweet offensive?

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Anne Ortiz Talvaz

Ah well, youthful and not so youthful males revel in gross-out jokes. The moral of the story is, Keep It Private Or Else.

P.S. Wish my husband and son would stop suggesting cat-based dishes. :(

Leslie W.
Leslie W6 years ago

This guy is a d-bag. It's a privilege to follow him! Seriously! People had great reason to unfollow this scum. It really does sicken me to hear some joke about rape or molestation. It shows how insensitive and callous some men AND women are to such a horrible crime. It is this insensitivity that is apart of what has allowed for those children, now young adults, to be sexually assaulted by the one of the biggest names in college sports. I'm sickened, saddened and angry at all of this. We have to change this sick culture of not taking sexual assault seriously!

Quanta Kiran
Quanta Kiran6 years ago


Judith Howard
Judith Howard7 years ago

As offensive as his remarks were, I hope that he was sincere in his apology. Hopefully, men who have a tendency to make the same offensive remarks will have learned something. I wonder how he would feel, if his mother or a woman he cares about, were rape victims themselves. Would he have laughed at someone else making jokes?

Glenda L.
Glenda L7 years ago

Wow, how surprising, that a guy like that said something stupid!!

Karen F.
karen Friedman7 years ago

It almost makes sense that he posted it on twitter, I have no respect for ufc fighters , it is a brutal sport if you want to call it that , to me it is just paid violence.

Roger Monk
Past Member 7 years ago

Anything which tries to normalise rape and reduce it to something that doesn't matter very much should be treated with the upmost seriousness.

Not the remotest bit funny.

Matilda H.
Past Member 7 years ago

It wasn't funny at all, but at least he apologized, so I guess that's something...

Jez wildmoon
jayne TURNER7 years ago

unfortunately, the US does put its sports stars on a pedestal and this is the end result - someone who thinks he can say what the hell he likes with no thought for the victims of sex abuse.

Pamela F7 years ago

Why do we think because someone is successful in sports that they are of higher intelligence or even average intelligence? They might be very good at their chosen sport but don't expect them to be able to hold a conversation about every day things like banking, budgeting, insurance or mortgages, or even the issue like rape. They belong to the good old boys club who think women are to be used and have very little value except for sex. They make stupid remarks as did Griffin because he forgot that he wasn't in the locker room and the rest of the good old boys weren't there to laugh at his remark. I would love to see his reaction is it was his mother, sister, girlfriend, wife or daughter who was raped what would he say then? I somehow think the word kill would be in the conversation. Guaranteed a change in attitude. They should learn to keep their mouths shut or look stupid which Griffin proved once again.