UN Drafting Resolution For Assad to Step Down

Over 5,400 people have been killed in Syria since anti-government protests began against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad last March and despite the presence of a mission of monitors from the Arab League. An activist group, the Local Coordinating Committee, says that 135 people including 18 children were killed by security forces and the army on Thursday and Friday. Most were in the central city of Homs, an epicenter of the protests, but some were also killed in Hama and the southern city of Daraa. The New York Times quotes an unnamed activist who describes Homs as “completely paralyzed” by shelling; nobody, he says, “leaves his house unless it’s a real emergency, knowing that they’re risking their lives.”

It is impossible to verify the numbers of those who have died in Syria, as the government does not allow foreign journalists to report from within the country. But even Lt. Gen. Muhammad Ahmed al-Dabi of Sudan, the head of the Arab League mission who had earlier said that the observers had helped to “bring down the violence” in Syria,” stated on Friday that, just within the past few days, there had been a “very high escalation” of violence. He also added that “the situation at present, in terms of violence, does not help prepare the atmosphere” for negotiations.”

UN Security Council Drafts Resolution

On Friday, the United Nations Security Council moved closer to finally taking a definite stand on Syria when it discussed a draft resolution that would call for Assad to step down.  The draft resolution contains the following points: The UN says that it condemns the “continued widespread and gross violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms by the Syrian authorities” and asserted its support of the Arab League’s attempt “to facilitate a political transition leading to a democratic, plural political system.” In addition, if Syria does not comply within 15 days, the UN — while not mentioning sanctions — has called for the adoption of unspecified “further measures, in consultation with the League of Arab States.”

Russia, a longtime ally of Syria has indicated that it wil not vote on any resolution that calls for Assad to step down. Along with China, Russia had vetoed a Security Council resolution proposed last year. Nonetheless, Germany’s Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said that “There is now a chance that the Security Council will finally take a clear stand on Syria. That is long overdue.”

The Council will vote on the draft resolution next week.

Syria Nearer and Nearer to Civil War

According to the BBC’s Barbara Plett, Russia has said that it is concerned that any outside intervention in Syria could spark sectarian violence and civil war. The latter has been mentioned with increasing frequency as the unrest has continued into its tenth month.

The Syrian regime claims that “foreign conspirators” and “armed gangs” are causing the unrest  and says that 2,000 security forces have been killed. SANA, the government’s news agency, also said that, after an explosive device was detonated in the Midan section of Damascus, a gunman started firing and killed a ten-year-old boy and wounded 11 others on Friday.

Earlier this week, Saudi Arabia withdrew its members from the Arab League mission. The Guardian reports that, following Libya, Saudi Arabia is on the verge of recognizing the opposition Syrian National Council, which is located outside of Syria, as the country’s legitimate authority.

In Cairo, some 200 people broke into the Syrian embassy and vandalized it; video footage shows some ripping up and stomping on pictures of Assad. The Syrian ambassador to Egypt has said that he will lodge a formal complaint.

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Photo of the Arab League meeting in January 2012 by Bahrain Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Barbara Mathiews
Barbara Mathiews5 years ago

This fighting needs to end..wars solve nothing..been going on for years..

Ira Herson
Ira Herson6 years ago

Oh Gene F, The Palestinians and the Israelis have area marked out. Israel has called for negotiations and to set borders but the Palestinian Authority has set a precondition that it must recognize borders without discussion or there will be no peace conference. Israel has not set a precondition.

You talk about the holocaust as though it is some political club to beat people into agreement. Nice.

But Israel is not built on the Holocaust. It was in the works before WW2. However the Palestinians are not the only refugees. There were over 900,000 Jews that were driven from their homes in Arab countries. Jews with families that have lived in the middle east for thousands of years. Before the Ottoman Empire, before Islam. They were stripped of their homes and property and chased out. Tens of thousands lived in tents in the Negev for over 10 years. The UN does not call them refugees. the only ones recognized are the Palestinians.

You know there is not international "Law of Return". If so where is the compensation for all the Jewish refugees or don't they count because they are Jews or is it just some Anti-Semite club.

Oh by the way all Israelis, Jews, Arabs and Christians have equal rights. The Palestinians are not Israeli and have to look to Hamas and the PA for their rights. Since they are ruled by Islamic law the only rights they have are Shira Law and you know how liberal they are.

Ira Herson
Ira Herson6 years ago

@Paravez Z
Your use of the word Genocide is interesting. It gets bandied about often and used emotively to make a point. However this is the international meaning:
1) the mental element, meaning the "intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such", and 2) the physical element which includes five acts described as follows:
(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.
A crime must include both elements to be called "genocide."
The Government of Gaza that you defend has as enshrined in it articles the call to kill all Jews no matter where they hide. (the mental element) They kill Israelis by firing rocket and mortars as well as snipping into civilian towns. Their rocket fire into a marked school bus killing a student and the driver. The invasion of a kindergarten and killing as many children are they could. (the physical element).
If anyone is calling for Genocide you have to look at Hamas and the PA.

Parvez Zuberi
Parvez Zuberi6 years ago

It is always better to let people of the country solve their internal problems with out out side interference .If Security Council is passing resolution for Syrian President to step down before that please pass resolution and insure implementation of sanctions against Israel for the Genocide being committed against poor unarmed innocent people of Gaza and Palestinian why every one over looks the inhuman cruel acts that is being committed by Israel GOVT

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago

Glad the UN is putting more pressure on Assad; but it won't be enough. I don't think other countries should intervene unless they are Syria's Arab neighbors.

Ira Herson
Ira Herson6 years ago

@Vlasta Well said.

It is fascinating, some people believe that Assad's government was elected. The government of Syria has 250 seats in its parliament. Over 2/3rd of the seats are set aside for Assad's party. So elections are meaningless. Since Assad will not accept any real democratic reforms the people are uprising. This is not caused by outside influence except the Arab spring movements in other middle eastern countries.

The Arab League has given up its role as impartial observers as of today as their presents has not saved a single life. Many people had high hopes that the leagues influence would reduce the bloodshed. Regrettably and tragically this did not happen.

People have pointed out that this is an internal matter for the Syrians to work out and that no one should intervene. Naturally any involvement by sending troupes into Syria and becoming involved in a civil war would be a military disaster. However outside pressure and the interruption of support for Assad's government might help to reduce the casualties and speed the conclusion.

Those that would attack the United Nations as American Puppets are not aware (or ingenious) that the Arab Voting block has complete control of the Human Rights Council and has appointed Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and several other Islamic nations on the Council for Woman's Rights. So although the USA has a Veto in the UN Security Council and does use money to control some activities it does not control the majority on the

Chad A.
Chad A6 years ago

Anything that keeps the pressure without direct intervention is probably good and will give the opposition more legitimacy

Beth S.
Beth S6 years ago


Very well said, and thanks for the heads-up about the terrific Pat Condell video. I wish C2C writers would listen to him. Maybe they'd be forced to look at their blatant hypocrisy. Then again, nah.

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Beth S.
Beth S6 years ago

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Winn Adams
Winn A6 years ago

good grief