Under One Sky: Why Animals Matter

Today kicks off the start of Animal Action Week sponsored by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) with some help from Leonardo DiCaprio.

For over 16 years, IFAW’s Animal Action Week has been addressing issues regarding animal welfare and conservation. This year’s theme is Under One Sky, which examines human and animal bonds, along with the importance of protecting biodiversity.

“Animals have fascinated and inspired us since the earliest years of human civilization. They are an integral part of the web of life. Yet today, animals and their vital habitat face more threats than ever before. Animals, like people, need a home that provides food, water, shelter and space. It’s our responsibility to protect animals and our planet’s vital ecosystems if we want to leave a better world for future generations,” said DiCaprio, an IFAW Honorary Board Member.

Animal Action Week is intended to raise people’s awareness about how their actions impact animals and the environment both near and far.

The program includes a number of ways people can get involved to change the world for animals and the environment, including building animal homes from gardening to box houses, along with an art contest for students. The winner’s art will be used for next year’s Animal Action Education campaign.

Additionally, IFAW is providing free educational materials for teachers, parents and community members that cover topics including biodiversity, natural habitats and the human and animal bond that are geared towards children grades 3-9.

Check out the Animal Action Week site for more ways to get involved and sign IFAW’s pledge to help protect animals and the environment. 


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pierluigi bonatesta

"We have enslaved the rest of the animal creation, and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers so badly that beyond doubt, if they were able to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form."

Sharon K.
Sharon K8 years ago

It is sad that over the generations we have not learned how to treat the animals with love, respect and kindness. The animal kingdom has served humanity with loyalty and sweat. In exchange we have built slaughterhouses, used them in vile experiments, vivesections, killed them for thrills, entertainment, worked them to death for profit. We need to reset the world to kindness, compassion, and justice for all creation.

Nan B.
Nan B8 years ago

All of our animals are special, people misconstrue the fact that because our critters voices are not as humans, that they don't have feelings. This is quite the opposite, as I see it if humans had as much compassion as our Furry & Finned friends there would be less killing, less inhumane acts, less abuse, and less divorces.

Kristi H.
Kristi H8 years ago

Animals deserve our love, respect, and protection!!!

Naomi Elias
naomi Elias8 years ago

Animals are beautiful, precious beings. They trust us and we betray their trust. We chase, them; we hunt them; we kill them; we eat them; we shoot them; we experiment on them; we imprison them; we take their fur; we gawp at them in zoos. We have no right to do any of these things. Animals do not belong to us; we are the inferior species because we do all these atrocious things to them while they do no hurt to us. They are co-inhabitors of this Earth who deserve their freedom from us. Good and compassionate humans will cherish the animals and do all in their power to protect them from evil. Good and compassionate people will give up their ingrained habit of eating animals once they learn the truth about the gross cruelty of farming. When you see sheep or cattle in a field don't think, "ah, how lovely", think instead, "how sad; these wonderful creatures are going to be murdered so that I can eat their flesh".

Moertl M.
Martha M8 years ago

Why talk of "them" as animals. What are we ??? Animals walking on two feet who cannot overcome their mental inhibitions, an limits like monkeys or pigs or whatever. I hope nobody feels insulted. Our only difference would be to have compassion for weaker beings.

Judy Velsor
Judy Velsor8 years ago

Animals love unconditionally. . . . . like we are supposed too.
Think about that one.

Sarah D.
Sarah D8 years ago

"animals love unconditionally and what do we give them back--CRUELTY in every form"

That post is a bit of a contradiction, because animals are cruel to each other in many ways. Bottlenose dolphins and chimpanzees can be especially cruel to one another.

Humans are also animals, we share a common ancestor with other apes and monkeys, we're just the only animals that can consent, make choices, and we also build facy stuff and do fancy tricks.

Sher M.
sheryl M8 years ago

YEA IFAW! Good form Mr. DiCaprio ! Well said! Well done! :)

sonia b.
sonia b8 years ago

please save our friends

justice now
it´s a shame and crime