Underdog Group Wins $5,000 Prize Thanks to Care2

Against all odds, the small but powerful rescue group Dogs in Brazil has won the $5,000 first place prize in a contest run by the Australian investment firm Sunsuper.

A week ago, I reached out to the Care2 audience to cast their votes and help put Dogs in Brazil in the lead and I couldn’t be more delighted to tell you that your involvement secured the win.

“We won,” exclaimed Dogs in Brazil Founder Janice Cabral.  “It was tough going for a couple of days because the second place group (a much bigger organization) was gaining big votes at around 600 in one day. Then they slowed down and we streaked ahead. We could not have done it without the Care2 audience.”

Funds will be used to enable the organization to expand their kennel area to take in additional homeless street dogs who are injured or in grave danger.


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Val R.
Vallee R5 years ago

Thanks for the news.

June Lacy
June Lacy5 years ago

this is good news

Kate Kenner
Kate K5 years ago

Great! there were two good animal ones so I alternated so I could get both in. I know the animals' lives will be a bit easier now as every bit counts.

Ruth R.
Ruth R5 years ago

Congrats to those who worked on this!

Mary E.
Mary E5 years ago

Yeah! ! with all this dreary weather beating down on us here in *sunny* Florida, I needed some good news. Thank you for sharing, and everyone for caring!

Sara W.
Sara Williams5 years ago

Good for them!

Marlene Dinkins

great news

Jessica Crane
Jessica Crane5 years ago

Lovely :) well done

pete M.
peter m5 years ago

Big cats shouldn't be allowed to be imported into our country except for municipal zoo's

Kathy P.
kathy P5 years ago

This is great news. And I am so very glad to read the money will go for helping build kennels for more pets to be housed and cared for.