Understand Climate or Go To Jail! (VIDEO)

“It’s cold today! So much for global warming!” We’ve all been there, and with snow falling in 49 states this week, we’ll be hearing this comment a lot. This video from a British sketch comedy show perfectly encapsulates the climate change denier’s argument and attitude, while also skewering fears of government gone wild. It also neatly slips in clear definitions of climate and weather:

We can laugh, but we also need to be prepared with data and reason to counter the arguments of climate change deniers. For the facts and expert analysis to counter all the arguments from “the climate is always changing” to “there’s no scientific consensus,” the Skeptical Science website and iPhone app can’t be beat.

Still from Armstrong and Miller video via YouTube


Jeff Markus
Jeff Markus6 years ago

In the '70's a friend loved to say the technology was available to allow for TRUE democracy (one citizen one vote, on every issue) and since the government at that time did not do that it was a tyrannical bureaucracy and should be thrown out.
Sounds damn enlightened considering the morass we are in right now, But then again would the voting populace educate themselves enuf to vote intelligently...hmmm, maybe the layers of a republic are needed to save us from our own ignorance, but the idiots seem to have overtaken the asylum.
The Chicagoan

Nic F.
Nic F.6 years ago

"The climate is always changing" Yes, but it's been helped a lot by man over the past couple of hundred years with factories spewing pollution into the air and pumping it into the water. No matter how many eminent scientists say there is global warming affecting climate change, there are are those who insist this is a lie and a "left-wing" agenda. What agenda? Why would scientists lie about this? What is to be gained? We know what is to be gained by right wing deniers, as long as you deny it, you can continue to pollute the air and sea, while making millions.. That is THEIR agenda. You cannot legislate that something doesn't exist, just because you don't believe in it, otherwise atheists could legislate for the non-existance of God.

Trudi Gray
Trudi Gray6 years ago

If the human race tries REALLY HARD, they just might succeed in going back to a time when the earth was thought to be flat, witches were burnt at the stake, and black cats were known to be unlucky- and that is surely the tip of an enormous iceberg.......I can't believe that after centuries of scientific discovery, the ignorance, superstition, and simplification of the facts is poised to swamp the world, and once more mire us in a sludge of rank stupidity......how can anyone with a modicum of brains think that denying the facts will change them??

Brad S.
Brad Stockinger6 years ago

How do you know that the extreme weather isn't caused by our government's acts of geo-engineering for the last 10 years?

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle6 years ago

If they'd listen to the real evidence, we could win the argument. Climate-deniers hear Fox joke about the very cold, snowy winters we've been having in the U.S., and DON'T GET that global warming means the climate is changing more rapidly than is usual in the past. SEVERE hot and cold are the extreme that melt ice caps and bring on more severe hurricanes, tornados. We haven't paid attention IN TIME, and now we're reaping the effects.

None of it matters. We human animals, just like the vegetation and other animal forms on this earth, will either survive in limited living conditions or not. We're just specks on earth for a time. I'm not scared. I do my part, but there is only so much influence I can have, then I die. There have always been stupids, and they have always influenced, also, the way the world goes.

Carmen Bouwhuis Jansen


Nancy C.
Nancy C6 years ago

necessary humor, best medicine

Henri P.
Henri P.7 years ago

same here.2 cold winters after 4 mild ones...people are mongering that there is no global warming.And at the same time news are saying that last year was very warm.Doubts against global warming is so easy cast...and most of the people are gladly putting their heads in bush and pretend that there is no problem.

Past Member 7 years ago

it's really not that difficult to win the argument..once they admit that the weather is so much different where they live that it has been for the past 25 or 50 years....you've won.....and they know it....

Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman7 years ago

Noted, thanx