University of Wisconsin To Hold Animal Testing Forums

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is planning to hold monthly forums on its animal research programs.

Ostensibly the purpose of the forums is to open dialogue, inform the public, and ease tensions between groups on campus who have opposing viewpoints on the issue. The subject of animal testing on the UMW campus has been a source of contention.

It seems unlikely that scientists who make their living torturing animals truly want the public to know exactly what happens in their laboratories. The picture the scientists paint in the forums will likely be the same rose-tinted picture we always receive from vivisectors: animals who are well-cared for, lovingly tended, and gently probed for the cure for cancer.

One can only hope the opposing views expressed in the forum will shed more light on the true nature of animal testing, the torture, the scientific farce, the misery, and the death.

It’s likely these forums are in response to the fact that the animal research facility at UMW has been cited over twenty times in the past year for violating the Animal Welfare Act. These forums are undoubtedly a part of some kind of PR “damage control” strategy, a chance for these scientists to try and shape the public opinion on the issue.

The facility at UMW has been cited for expired medications, cockroach infested holding rooms, dirty operating rooms, vomiting animals, dirty air vents, animals who were struggling to breath, and not cleaning up after animals, thus leaving their rooms smelling of urine.

One of the most telling violations was that in many studies there was no documentation scientists even looked for, or considered, alternatives to a test that could be painful for an animal.

Even people who think animal testing is worthwhile would be shocked to know that scientists don’t even look for a non-painful alternative.

Every time a facility is cited for an animal welfare violation, every time an animal dies for research that provides no meaningful scientific knowledge, every time a scientist subjects an animal to cruel testing when there is an alternative, we see even more clearly that those whose profession is to torture animals do not care about the well-being or lives of animals or even humans.

Their only concern is securing their funding. UMW receives upwards of $300 million a year to experiment on animals. Animal experimentation is an over $100 billion a year industry worldwide.

The first forum at UMW will occur in November. I can only hope the scientists’ plan backfires and people learn the horrible truth about animal experimentation.

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Denise M.
Denise McLean6 years ago

"Sorry" but all animal testing needs to STOP! Barbaric and inhumane...cannot believe what I have been reading! Shock, disgust, anger, appalled...too many words to type how I feel!

Mervi R.
Mervi R8 years ago

I think ALL animal testing needs to stop now.

Alison A.
Alison A8 years ago

I agree with Jennifer Martin.

Debbie Wasko
Past Member 8 years ago

Animal experimentation at over $100 Billion a year worldwide says it all.

PR damage-control will only open more eyes of those with a brain function to the point, hopefully, where unity and muscle breed results in favor of animals ... THIS IS MY PRAYER.

Patricia P.
Patricia Poole8 years ago

As long as the government backs these criminals it will never be stopped. Animals always are made to suffer. People would be great human beings if they respected our animals and birds on this planet. There would be no wars, dishonesty and pain.

mary lotts
mary l8 years ago

With technology today this has to stop. End the suffering of all these animals.

Jan W.
Jan Whiteley8 years ago

All animal testing has to stop no matter which country. I really think these people enjoy inflicting pain on defenceless animals and of course there is the funding aspect. Let's get some laws passed to stop this.

Elle E.
linda E8 years ago

Open those forums---lets have some LEAKS!

Janel C.
Janel V8 years ago

Animal testing needs to stop now! In every forum-,medicine,cosmetics,cleaning supplies,laundry,etc. They are tortured,maimed,and suffering unbelievable fear and pain in the name of "Science"??? Disgusting! Until people start demanding alternative methods,and speaking with their wallets, things will not change. All the products in my home are cruelty free.I wrote to the companies that I used to use,when I found out they tested on animals,and told them they lost me as a customer, and why.

Julie V.
Julie V8 years ago

There is a reason that the University of Wisconsin-Madison has been sited 20 times for violations of the Animal Welfare Act. They don't care about the welfare of the animals. And, the "forums" are their way of vying for time before they are forced out of business altogether for cruelty to animals, which should come sooner, rather than later. They are a disgusting bunch of excuses for human beings, who, like all animal experimenters, are dead from the neck up. The university should shut down the animal laboratories immediately and permanently!!!