Update: Catholics Plan Bomb Attack On Gay Parade (Video)

A gay pride parade in the Croatian city of Split, which Catholic nationalists in Croatia said they were planning to bomb, went off without trouble on Saturday. Authorities brought in 700 police and closed off much of the city and banned counter protests.

Last year, the 200-strong march was attacked by thousands of people and there were 13 injuries. 137 people were arrested.

A Facebook group protesting the parade had posted a picture of petrol bombs which it said were to be thrown at participants — which included four Croatian cabinet members.

Croatia made it clear that the safety of the parade was key to its determination to prove that Croatia is a suitable candidate for the European Union (EU). Croatia’s Foreign Minister Vesna Pusić said:

We believe in the principle that if you fail the first time, try and try again.

The Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule on behalf of the European Commission welcomed the maintenance of Split Gay Pride.

Many local residents participated, as did people from elsewhere in the Balkans and from EU and other institutions and many Croatian intellectuals, including philosopher and writer Predrag Matvejevic, director Rajko Grlic and activist and journalist Drago Pilsel. The Croatian Police Minister, Rajko Ostojic, led the procession.

In the Croatian city of Rijeka, about 300 people gathered following a call posted on Facebook in support of activists in Split.

Pusic said (via Google Translate):

We came to defend the Croatian law, to combat violence, and to warn everyone in Croatia has the right to be yourself without any discrimination.

Nationalist Split Mayor Željko Kerum had said that gay parades were not welcome in Split, and said:

I am glad that this year’s Split Pride went without incidents because Split residents listened to our recommendation to ignore the parade.

Kerum has also said that he’d never let a Serb or a Montenegrin marry his daughter.

There were arrests, police said, but they were of people associated with the parade. One man was arrested for yelling at the parade.

Watch video of the parade:

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Picture courtesy GroenLinks. Banner reads "hate is not a family value"


Neal G.
Neal Gay5 years ago

The funny thing is that the "holey buy-bull" does not prohibit homosexuality as they claim. They always use as their defense this despicable book. Educate yourselves people of the cults of the world.

Robert Garvin
Robert Garvin5 years ago

Bombing? Nah, they wouldn't do such a thing. They wouldn't even try to blow up the British Protestant Parliament as one Guy Fawkes tried to do. Yes, there are those who will resort to violence regardless of who and what organisation they belong to. Seems that it is the Micks who are copping the flack this time.

But, be rest assured, from what I read in Biblical Prophecy, the Micks ain't finished with the USA yet. Just you wait and see. The Prophecy never fails and has been right this far. Trouble is, just like this parade has been presented where a whole lot of great information is infiltrated with just a small amount of adverse information, so it shall be in the Catholicising of the US. The Masters will be already gently working out their strategy for the final thrust. When it finally happens, God help us and the US will be the tool that incites the final scenes of this world's history.

Deborah F.
Deborah F5 years ago


Barbra D.
Barbra Drake5 years ago

Hmm . . . I think Jesus would be pretty OK with this parade.

Don H.
Don H5 years ago

The very idea of a Catholic Nationalist Party scares me. A Catholic nationalist Party would be a far right advocate of Fascism one would think.

Listen, I have nothing against Catholics -in general. I was raised a Catholic. But far right elements in the Catholic Church can become dangerous if they gain too much power and influence.

BMutiny TCorporationsAreE
Barbara T5 years ago

The bombing was, fortunately, VERY MUCH TAKEN SERIOUSLY, because of the VIOLENCE by supposedly those same people making the threats, at LAST YEAR'S PRIDE PARADE in Split, Croatia. The march was broken up, and at least 13 people were injured. The police at that time were not prepared or not acting.

There is JUST NO GETTING AROUND IT -- CATHOLICS, unhampered by anything their local Priest or Cardinal or Bishop or co-religionists might think, SERIOUSLY PLANNED REAL VIOLENCE. But THIS time, in contrast to before, their plans were prevented from materializing.
There is never 100% agreement from every single last Catholic in Croatia -- but, as I said, these people PROUDLY PROCLAIM THEMSELVES TO BE CATHOLICS and I have never heard anyone from the Church officially denouncing their acts, neither their intentions in the present, NOR their carried-out actions last year..... not a PEEP from the Catholic Hierarchy.....!!!!!
[My guess is that they don't disapprove. Catholics in Europe don't mind getting violent in the name of religion; look at the Crusades, and the pogroms against Jews and "Heretics" such as the Cathars. And burning witches and Protestants at the stake. This violence would be RIGHT IN CATHOLIC EUROPEAN TRADITION.]

BMutiny TCorporationsAreE
Barbara T5 years ago

People don't seem to understand that in Europe, they don't have the "separation of Church and State" provisions that when written, were UNIQUE to the United States Constitution! In several European countries, for example, you have an Official State Religion, which would be prohibited by our Constitution here; and you have Religious Political Parties, such as for example a "Christian Democrat Party", which by the same token, you couldn't have here.

So in Croatia, you can and DO have a "Catholic Nationalist" party -- again, you couldn't have such a party officially in the U.S.! Presumably, to become a member of that party, you would be not only a Nationalist, but a Catholic. Presumably, Protestants or Jews or Hindus would not be welcome as members of that party! or at least their ideology wouldn't be!

So, since every single member of this Catholic Nationalist Party is presumably a Catholic, it IS CORRECT as the headline of this article states, "Catholics plan bombings". This doesn't imply that all the Catholics in the world, agree with this! But, THESE Catholics WERE planning bombings. There is just NO GETTING AROUND THAT. These are Catholics who ARE PROUD TO SELF-IDENTIFY IN PUBLIC as Catholics.
If the Catholic Church dis-approved, they could EXCOMMUNICATE them or Censure them like they do to priests and nuns who talk "Heresy"! BUT THEY DON'T, AND THEY WON'T. The Catholic Church is CORRUPT.....

jasna gonda
jasna gonda5 years ago

Ernest R. you got it all wrong!! They are not proud of being gay, they are proud they finally got up enough guts to stop hiding the fact. Try to understand how humiliating it is to go through life ashamed to admit something you are born with, and everybody thinks they have the right to spit on you for it.

Toby Seiler
Past Member 5 years ago

Carl, I know that not supporting gay rights is taboo on this website, but there is a difference between being gay for your needs and gay for the politics of it. Croatia...what do you expect?
The 200 activists vs. citizens in the thousands who have opposite religion is just not smart. Clearly there is high probability of enciting the crowd, even at a "peaceful" protest. So it's good news that hundreds of police assembled to protect the protesters this time.

Carl Oerke
Carl O5 years ago

I disagree with Ernest. There was an accomplishment. The accomplishment was not being gay but being yourself, who you are, and having the strength of character to march publically for your rights even under the threat of violence and attack.