Update: Japan Allows Evacuees To Save Pets In No-Go Zone

Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support shared good news about the starving animals stranded in the Fukushima No-Go Zone.  Pet owners will be temporarily allowed enter the area to bring their cats, dogs and other animals to safety.

Fuji TV News Network broadcast the announcement at 12:31a.m. JST this morning.

The following is a translation of the news from the JEARS Facebook page.

A decision has been made to allow people to bring their cats, dogs, and other pets back out when they return to their homes within the 20 kilometer exclusion zone surrounding the No. 1 Fukushima reactor temporarily from May 10th, onward.   There have been strong demands from citizens for the rescue of pets from the start and the decision to implement this in conjunction with the temporary returns home was made after much coordination. 

This will be implemented in nine cities and towns, including Tamura and Minami Soma City.  The Ministry of the Environment and Fukushima Prefecture will work together in teams with two vehicles to conduct an orderly rescue of pets that have been tied to ropes within the grounds of homes, either on the same day or the next day after residents return home temporarily.   A decision has also been made to transfer pigs being raised in Minami Soma City within the exclusion zone to a Tokyo University affiliated farm in Ibaraki Prefecture.

The website Animals after the Tsunami in Japan reported the news a little differently.  They wrote this from Jiji Press:

Evacuees are returning home for several hours to collect their valuables starting May 10, and they are requested to keep their pets tied in the garden so the officials can come and collect them the next day. Those pets that will be brought out of the area will be sheltered at prefecture-run facilities, and they will be cleaned of radiation if they fail a radio activity contamination screening test.

The animals in the No-Go Zone have been without a regular source of food since April 22 when people were shut out of the area.  Video filmed by animal welfare groups showed that many of the animals were near starvation.  So it is not known what pet owners will find when they return to their homes, but at least they won’t be left worrying and wondering about the fate of their beloved pets.


Photo: Kinship Circle


Joy Dantine
Joy Dantine6 years ago


Hope S.
Hope S6 years ago

Too little, too late. Most of the animals are probably dead. Even if they find some alive they will be contaminated by the radiation. And what about the farm animals? They should have acted quicker.

Jovita Prinz
jovita d6 years ago

At last their hearts have been touched for the voiceless and innocent creatures

Mary Williams
Mary Williams6 years ago

they shoul dof let th erescue groups in at there own risk when they offered was there any sign at all of radiation or did these aniamals suffer for no reason

Judith Corrigan
Judith Corrigan6 years ago

Hope the animals have a happy ending.

Rosemary B.
Rosemary B6 years ago

I hope all of the animals find their families and will be taken care of forever!!!

Brenda Gilbert
Brenda Gilbert6 years ago

A small step but definitely in the right direction. Yes, there's still more to be done and we can continue to urge that this happen. Let's put our energies into supporting what goes the best way instead of lamenting what hasn't been done or criticising what has been done as too little or too late. We all learn by hindsight. Perhaps next time will be different as a result of this one.

Rossy Osborne
Rossy Osborne6 years ago

I know that there was so much confussion and chaos to contend with, but I find it so hard sitting on the sideline wanting the animals to be attended to.
Sadly this has taken far too long for many reasons, but glad something is finaly happening, even though it is too late for many animals.
Good luck to those rescuring any animals.

Janet R.
Janet R6 years ago

What a cruel joke !! Again the Japanese gov't trying to save face by saying they can now "save" their pets...who have all died a horrifically cruel starvation radiation death..they will find nothing but horror..so again they show their lack of concern for anything other than the human " being"....what about all the wonderful farm animals who are starving and suffering so stoically..".DOG":.... humans are so very cruel..!!!! With all of the compassion that the world has shown this country..one would have hoped that they would have considered all of the living being involved in this disaster but I guess it was too much to think that they might have given even one thought to other than HUMAN beings.....all other life forces are immaterial and cruelly made to suffer and die. They will one day have to answer to their conscience I hope..and may they not have one moment of peace if they were part of these cruel decisions.....may they rot in hell. and suffer the same fate as these innocent animals. ..

Amy Squires
Amy Squires6 years ago

This will be horrible for some. Any animals left in homes will most likely be dead. They will come home to the carnage that is left behind. Animals that were left outside may have survived, but will most likely have gone feral and will be difficult to catch. I think it's great they are doing something, but I fear this will be some people's worst nightmares come true.