Update: Kids for Cash Suit in Pennsylvania Moves Forward

The wives of three former Luzerne County, Pennsylvania court judges were dismissed out of lawsuit accusing some judges and the former co-owners of a private for-profit juvenile detention facility of exchanging cash for sentences at the facility.  The remaining defendants had sought to have the claims against them dismissed, but United States DIstrict Judge Richard Caputo denied that part of the motion.

The ruling means that the case against the judges and prison owners can move forward.  According to the Juvenile Law Center, Judge Caputo’s order states: “There are sufficient factual allegations to support Plaintiffs’ allegations that Defendants conspired not only to construct the juvenile facilities, but to fill those facilities through violations of the Plaintiffs’ rights.”

The remaining defendants face claims of conspiracy involving false imprisonment, racketeering and violation of federal civil rights laws.  Federal criminal indictments have also been issued.

The case now moves to the discovery phase, meaning that the parties will have access to detailed information to enhance or challenge their claims and defenses

photo courtesy of da prisoner via Flickr


Jane R.
Jane R7 years ago

This is terrible. I hope something can be done to stop it from ever happening again.

Marti R.
Marti R7 years ago

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Barb F.
Barb F7 years ago

@Morgan G. My comment did not state PA had an exclusive on corruption, as for your statement of comparisons, Illinois is #6, PA is #7, so wouldn't be much of "WHEN", nipping on Illinois' heels, but ahead of them are from 1 to 5 are "Louisiana (1), Mississippi (2), Kentucky (3), Alabama (4) and Ohio (5) are the top five most corrupt states in the country, according to the analysis" (that is a quote from CommonDreams.org that has the list, Google it. I point that out ONLY as you put such emphasis on the "WHEN" in your comment to me, I do fact check, thought I'd enlighten you.
Now that what was perfectly understandle in that nobody has an exclusive on corruption of state govts, to me this is ABSOLUTE TRAGEDY, let's look at the big picture shall we?, the reality that any poll and such list exists is what is upsetting. It would be my adamant stance that one corrupt judge, enforcer of laws and rules who may run or work at these facilities is one too many. Any child who has been physically or psychological effected negatively as a result of this corruption sickens me, it's one child too many, regardless of what state they reside in. Sadly, it is more prevelenat in some states more than others, but is it nonexistant in any state? I doubt it. These kids lives being the victims of the sometimes corrupt state govts is the true tragedy. Any problem or misunderstanding of this comment that is factual based as was my first comment.

Marilyn K.
Marilyn K7 years ago

Those who are innocent have nothing to concern themselves. Those who are guilty will protest and think up reasons and excuses for their behavior including putting blame on the accusers.

Mike Masley
Michael Masley7 years ago

None of this a surprise - which group should really be behind bars? Where is justice? Hiding in someone's wallet.

Jose Ramon Fisher Rodrigu

Punishment and profit - seems like the justice somehow got out of the system.

Allan Y.
.7 years ago

Corruption in the courts, shocking!!

moggy w.
moggy w7 years ago

Read story, and all the comments. Don't know what I can do-part of me is thinking this can;t be happening,people charged with CARING for kids would not do this. Yet I know that the reality is that to some, Profit trumps everything. And should never be allowed to be part of justice system.

Kate G.

Notice in the picture they are all children of color

Kate G.

These judges and their wives should be shot!