Valentine Cards Opened by 19,000 Neglectful Dog Owners


Dogs Deserve Better’s “Have a Heart for Chained Dogs” campaign delivered Valentines to 19,000 households with chained dogs. Today those dog “owners” are opening their mailboxes and receiving a beautiful, hand-made Valentine from a concerned child along with literature that explains the reasons that chained dogs suffer and a list of options on how to improve their well being.

There’s a collective pause now as the thousands of people who submitted the address of a chained dog near them wait to see if the mailing will have an impact. Last year, there were many instances of change and neighbors were absolutely thrilled at the transformation that took place for chained dogs they reported:

From Vicki—”The family’s address I turned in that has been keeping their dog kenneled 24/7 in the far back corner of their yard has had their dog out and in the main part of their fenced yard. Just saw the beautiful pup being walked around the neighborhood. Hooray!!!!!!!!”

From DeDe—”I noticed that this particular dog has started wearing a neck scarf (bright green I think). But the amazing thing I saw, AND THIS REALLY MADE MY DAY . . . the owner was actually WALKING the dog on a leash today! NEVER have I seen him do that before. I wanted to jump out of the car and go hug his neck!”

If you know of a chained dog, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  The Dogs Deserve Better website is full of resources including literature in both English and Spanish for you to submit to a neighbor either directly or anonomously.  Please check out this page for further tips on how to intervene.


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Annmari Lundin
Annmari L5 years ago

I will never forget the video clip I saw a while back of a scared dog leaving a crate for the first time in her life and hesitating stepping on grass. That image will stay with me forever! And to see the sheer happiness of that dog and the others rescued after they got new and loving forever homes!

Susan Griffiths
Susan Griffiths5 years ago

Fabulous campaign - when is the next one?

Christina B.
Christina B6 years ago

I must admit this was a very clever idea! If only such simple measures could be used to help humans who are in need, too...

sharon stringer
sharon stringer6 years ago

What a wonderful idea,and such a great way to do it,who doesnt like to receive a valentine card? Even more than that to see the difference these cards can do for a dogs life and perhaps the owner who didnt have time or even think about that walk for the dog but they got a sweet reminder this may even change the way many owners treat their dogs.GREAT STUFF!

Nancy L.
Nancy L6 years ago

This is great. I always wonder why people have a dog if they don't even bother with it ...

Sarah M.
Sarah M6 years ago

Thank you so much for your effort to save precious dogs.

Lori H.
Lori Haage6 years ago

As a new dog owner many, many years ago when my boyfriend had dumped this unsocialized dog in my backyard, I made many mistakes. When we took Tiffany to the vet they told us that she had puppy parvo and that it would cost $500 just to hostpitalize her to see if they could save her. My boyfriend said, "Gas the damn dog!" Got rid of the boyfriend, but took Tiffany home after she managed to survive. We (Tiffany and I) got kicked out of 3 dog training classes when she bit someone. An at-home trainer finally told me that Tiffany had to be put on a chain. Not knowing any better, I did just that. When my sister came to visit and went out to greet Tiffany, she came in and was urgently telling me that Tiffany had torn her neck open all around the neck and that she had to go to the vet IMMEDIATELY! This was the day before Christmas and Tiffany had emergency surgery on Christmas morning. I did not sleep that entire night. When I picked Tiffany up the day after Christmas, the vet tech told me--"That Tiffany is a COOL DOG!" The vet staff helped me to learn how to deal with Tiffany's difficult behavior--evidently Queensland Healers tend to be rather difficult to train. They told me that not only would Tiffany never, ever be on a chain again, but that she would never wear a regular collar and would have to have a harness instead. Fifteen years later, I lost my sweet and spunky Tiffany. I can honestly say that despite all the difficulties with my Tiffy, I would take her back in a

Linda P.
Linda P6 years ago

Great idea and so wonderful for those dogs.

Deborah L.
Deborah Lashever6 years ago

Great idea! I'm getting our local Occupy on this case!

Carrie Anne Brown

thanks for sharing, hope it makes a good impact :)