Valentine’s Day Hero Saves Dog With Two Hours Left On the Shelter’s Death Clock

Valentine’s Day morning began the same as any other, with the Harmony Fund receiving a small wave of emails from people in need of help for animals in crisis. Somewhere in the middle of that pile was a message from animal advocate Mallory Kroll of Massachusetts, who was pleading for help to save a small dog who was about to be euthanized some 2,000 miles away in Texas. I looked at the clock and there were just eight hours until this young, healthy dog would be put to sleep simply because her family never came to claim her at the pound and there were no potential adopters. Wiggles would soon be having breakfast in a small stainless steel bowl and it would be the last meal she ever tasted if someone wouldn’t bail her out, and quickly.

This was the urgent posting for Wiggles on the morning of scheduled death

Despite the slim odds, I got to work networking as did hundreds of other wonderful Facebook fans who wanted to believe that on Valentine’s Day of all days, a miracle was possible. After a series of false starts and a flurry of pleas and prayers, one simple message from a dog lover named Karen Davenport came across the screen.

“I am on my way to get her right now from Dallas.”

Full stop. We all held our breath.

Sixty-four minutes later she wrote, “Almost there.”

With so many of us glued to the Facebook page, waiting to find out if Karen had made it in time, another post appeared. This one included a photo of Wiggles who was almost unrecognizable now. The dog who had originally appeared with a depressed and frightened demeanor in her original posting was suddenly sitting boldly upright with bright eyes and a bright blue harness across her chest (photo above). Wiggles, originally listed as being female, turned out to be a boy and there’s not a shadow of a doubt that he knew he was getting out of there.

Wiggles Meets Karen’s Four-Legged Family

If Karen had taken a day off Facebook that day or if by some stroke of bad luck her car had broken down, Wiggles would have taken his last breath on that veterinary table for no greater crime than simply being ‘unwanted’.

But instead, he went back home with Karen and was introduced to her two very welcoming dogs. After a brief bit of nervousness, Wiggles settled right in.

“Everyone did well with introductions on the walk this morning,” Karen reports. “They fell right in step with each other.”

Wiggles takes his first walk with the rest of Karen's pack

Wiggles will always be a miracle dog, and all of us who came together to save him consider ourselves blessed to have received the very best Valentine we could have hoped for.

Curious and full of energy at Karen's home


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Jim Ven
Jim V2 years ago

thanks for the article.

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Mark Donner
Mark Donner3 years ago

This only proves that American "shelters" are run by human psychopaths. In Italy it's against the law to euthanize a healthy pet. Shelter workers making animal murder the status quo can go to hell, there's no excuse for it.

Oleg Kobetz
Oleg K3 years ago


Dan Nickerson
Dan N3 years ago

Great life saving story. I wish all animal shelters were no kill.

Nola C.
Nola C3 years ago

Truly a miracle for Wiggles! Thank you with all my heart for saving him Karen, and may you both have a long and wonderful life together!

Silvia Steinhilber

I wish they all had a story ending like this!


Karen youre an Angel thanks, God Bless you alllll!!!!!!!!!!

Clara Halfin
Clara Halfin3 years ago

What words...for one who saves an innocent life??? ALL THANKS to Karen!!!!!
And all the best to your handsome husky-mix boy who will repay the debt I have no doubt...

Sabine H.
Hahn H3 years ago

Thank you