Van Jones Rallies Progressives To Fight GOP

Now that the GOP has control of the House, some House Republicans are making it clear they will go after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Rep. James Sensenbrenner (WI) says he wants to use the committee to investigate the Obama administration’s environmental policies. Reuters reports that Sensenbrenner will likely be the incoming chair of the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming.

“The threat of the EPA’s reach into the economy is so great that it deserves special attention this Congress, and no panel has developed more experience on these topics than the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming,” Sensenbrenner said in a statement.

“These regulations are moving quickly, but the oversight and subpoena power wielded by the Select Committee would put a tall hurdle in the path and would further expose the economic destruction these policies would bring,” he said.

Van Jones reminded audience members during a speech last week that the EPA has powers under the Clean Air Act “to start dealing with greenhouse gases, whether Congress likes it or not.”

“An attack on Lisa Jackson is an attack on the entire progressive movement,” Jones said, “and we’ve got to let them know that right away.”

“That fight is going to be the most important fight for the environment on Planet Earth next year,” Jones said. “If we allow the authority that she already has to be taken away, the planet may be greenhouse-gas attacked.”

The real enemy is not Republicans, Jones told the audience, but despair. “You know, we went from despair to hope in America, and then we tried to do the change and now we’re all going back to despair.”

“That does not have to be the great exception in the American story,” he said. “If we decide in this room that that day, that minute, is going to be the great example of who we will be every day, we will be able to achieve in this country every single thing we said we were going to do in 2008, and much, much more…and, yes, we still can. We — we — still can.”

Perhaps Jones should give the same speech to the Democrats in Congress.


Tori W.
Past Member 7 years ago

well, before arrogance really sets in and takes over, let's not despair...our planet needs our help...and we will help it now...and before everyone is in an uproar over who won and who lost this last election...let's just remember one thing...we fired one group en masse and we can and will do it again if we need to. POLITICIANS, PAY ATTENTION! you are only elected to do what we, the voters, want and if you don't understand that concept, we can and will fire you too! before you embarrass yourselves any further, take your arrogance and get our of dodge or get with OUR program!

Hillary B.
Hillary G. B7 years ago

This shouldn't be about partisan politics, it should be about what is right. Doing what is right for the environment, is what is right. Van Jones is fighting that fight, therefore Van Jones is a leader we should be following. It is for this reason he has been so demonized by the right wing. People have to stop listening to fictitious (Foxy) news and try to make political decisions based on sound critical thinking.

David M.
David M.7 years ago

Thanks for this update.

Doug D.
Doug D7 years ago

Sensenbrenner is an embarrassment for Wisconsin.

Daylight Chapon
Lisa Kiran7 years ago

In our current society, it is difficult to elect environmentally enlightened political leaders. This is a fundamental step in avoiding the continuous deterioration that is currently occurring at precipitous speed. A large part of the problem in society, is that “the public rejects the science because they oppose the solutions," The public opposes the solutions because they have no idea of the breadth of the pollution problem nor do they posses the necessary intellectual resources to feel adequately equipped to solve the environment’s troubles. If the public believes in global warming, "GOP officials would no doubt have a harder time explaining why they don't want to deal with a climate crisis that has the potential to wreak havoc on the planet in dramatically dangerous ways." In order to better educate leaders, any movement working to preserve the Earth, needs a motivated public. In response to the question "’Which policy options do you support?" “42 percent of the respondents chose the answer ‘keeping science out of the political process.’" Close to half of the respondents prefer to ignore the pressing yet complex environmental questions in this poll proving that they do not comprehend the situation and prefer to ignore its consequences. The consequences of what happens when we refuse to educate turns the uneducated into climate deniers because the leaders who deny g

Ronald Ellsworth
Ronald E7 years ago

Soak the rich, get it off MY back and the backs of what is left of the middle class. Reset the tax rate to where it was in the 50's.

Ronald Ellsworth
Ronald E7 years ago

Go Van! I'll enlist in your army.

Bill L.
Bill L.7 years ago

I'm Something most right wing rat bastards aren't. I.m a disabled VET. Now having said that The moist pressing matter we have is life on planet earth Better get global warming in check or we will not have a argument.. I believe the rats or right wing nuts (aka Rat Bastards). don't understand this simple FACT

Morgan G.
Morgan Getham7 years ago

Seems to me that a wise man once said "elections have consequences." Wasn't that just a bit less than two years ago? Maybe Mr. Jones wasn't listening?

Rose Lynne
Rose L7 years ago

@ Thomas, like I said, glad to help. Thanks for taking the time to chat.