Vatican: Ordaining Women “Grave Crime,” Much Like Sex Abuse

Just as the Church of England is getting ready to consider allowing women to become priests, the Catholic church is staying loyal to its Dark Ages roots and reaffirming its position that woman should never be allowed to be ordained.

How firm are they on this issue?  The Vatican claims it would be just as bad as allowing sexual abuse in the church.

Via Yahoo News:

The Vatican issued a revised set of church guidelines Thursday to respond to the clerical sex abuse scandal, targeting priests who molest the mentally disabled as well as children, defining child pornography as a canonical crime but making few substantive changes to existing practice.

The new rules make no mention of the need for bishops to report clerical sex abuse to police, provide no sanctions for bishops who cover up for abusers and do not include any “one-strike and you’re out” policy for pedophile priest as demanded by some victims.

As a result, they failed to satisfy victims’ advocates, who said the revised guidelines amounted to little more than “administrative housekeeping” of existing practice when what was needed were bold new rules threatening bishops who fail to report abuse.

The Vatican’s sex crimes prosecutor acknowledged it was “only a document,” and didn’t solve the problem of clerical abuse. He defended the lack of any mention of the need to report abuse to police, saying all Christians were required to obey civil laws that would already demand sex crimes be reported.

“If civil law requires you report, you must obey civil law,” Monsignor Charles Scicluna told reporters. But “it’s not for canonical legislation to get itself involved with civil law.”


The rules also list the attempted ordination of a woman as a “grave crime” to be handled according to the same set of procedures as sex abuse — despite arguments that grouping the two in the same document would imply equating them.


It’s hard to decide which is more offensive — the fact that the church, despite the ongoing sexual abuse scandal, sees no reason to increase their own internal vigilance regarding the issue, or the fact that they see the idea of allowing women into their ranks as equal partners to be more threatening to the church thanpotential ongoing child abuse.

With this missive it is clear that the Catholic Church would rather have pedophiles in their ranks than women.

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Duane B.
.4 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Blacktiger P.
Blacktiger P6 years ago

Look at it this way:Christ has already spilled His Blood and died for humanity sins, so humanity and bad church people think all they need to do is say I'm sorry and start the same old same old every Monday. He can't do it all over again BUT if He does truly return then may God help those who made to suffer the little children!!!!No pun intended!

Terence Nelson
Terence Nelson6 years ago

Couple of comments: first of all, 'The Church' does not necessarily equal 'Christianity' - at least, not in the way it is described in the reports of what Jesus is supposed to have said in the New Testament.

Concerng women in the Church: the same New Testament shows the importance that women had very early on in the ministry of Jesus and their exemption is the result of the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD, when Constantine ordered that a set of rules (dogma?) be instituted to form a state religion. He wasn't particularly concerned about the content, it just had to be 'official'. In the power struggle that followed (and that ultimately is what it is all about - power), women were excluded. Nothing whatsoever to do with Christianity and there is the basic problem: if the churches actually preached the spirit of what Jesus is supposed to have said (and this can be sourced from elsewhere apart from the 4 'official' gospels), then it could be imagined that they are, in fact, Christian.

Adam G.
Adam G6 years ago

"Vatican: Ordaining Women "Grave Crime," Much Like Sex Abuse"

if that were true, they'd be ordaining thousands of women right now!

Trudi Gray
Trudi Gray6 years ago

Isn't it convenient and also incredible that the Roman Catholic Church can suddenly become deaf and also blind to the horrors perpetrated on the vulnerable? It's the ultimate old boys' network, minus the funny handshake........there have always been and I'm afraid, always will be men without conscience who will exploit the weak and vulnerable- simply because they putting the fear of God into the damaged mind of the abused-(saying that if they tell no-one will believe them, or they will be punished for talking about the abuse), the evil men responsible can hide behind the skirts of Mother Church, while still doing their nefarious deeds......when, oh WHEN will those in power accept that some of their representatives on Earth are criminals??

John H.
John H7 years ago

The issue has less to do with religion and more to do with maintaining a patriarchal hierarchy. Seems to me with the lousy record the "men" have had in protecting Catholic children, perhaps they should step aside and let the women rule for a while. Could be the REAL problems of the Catholic church would finally be solved!

Susanne R.
Susanne R7 years ago

If anyone knows why the Catholic Church believes that ordaining women is a grave crime, I wish they'd share that information. Women rarely, if ever, sexually abuse children. Women are as fervent in their belief as men. There are women who want to be serve. Why is the Vatican denying them the opportunity?

Susanne R.
Susanne R7 years ago

I was raised a Catholic and attended Catholic elementary and high schools. I was never abused, and I never heard that any of my classmates had been either. However, I have a good friend whose brother became a priest. Over the years it became apparent to me that she hated him --so much so that it made others uncomfortable. I was confused by this and finally asked her why. She told me that he had been molesting children for years, and she would never forgive him for it. Personally, I believe the problem is real. That's not to say that I believe that every priest who is accused is guilty, because now that the cat is out of the bag, opportunists are sure to surface with false claims in an attempt to cash in on the problem. However, the abuse DOES exist, and it's an unforgiveable breach of trust. The Vatican should have dealt with it immediately, instead of sweeping the problem under the carpet and moving the abusers from one parish to another in an attempt to protect them(selves). Catholics believe that Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church and that priests are his representatives here on earth. Should someone who represents Jesus Christ be allowed to molest children? How could the Vatican allow the practice to continue? And not just because it's illegal and morally wrong --but because Jesus would not have tolerated it! Are they more concerned about protecting what became a lucrative business than they are about enforcing the rules set forth by their founding father?

Bob N.
Bob N.7 years ago

The Catholic Church is a magnet for men with sexual problems by teaching that any sex outside of married procreation is sinful and by denying priesthood to heterosexual men who usually want to marry at some point.

After all, why would a normal heterosexual man join the Catholic ministry when other Christian faiths will allow him to do God's work and also marry? If a homosexual, a priest cannot practice that openly as it's a shameful sin (in the RCC) so his only recourse is covert practice on the least powerful person (prey) in his orbit. If a heterosexual, it's a good bet that he has some issues with sexuality that make marriage unappealing to him and then his repressed sexuality is later acted out inappropriately.

Unable to attract enough normal heterosexual men due to its ban on marriage, the Church has a serious priesthood shortage and can't afford to fire all the suspected offenders. So it merely reshuffles them.

When the Church allows priests to marry and women to be priests, then it's sex scandal problems will finally stop. Continue with the current policy banning women and marriage in the priesthood, then these scandals will never completely go away.

Alexandrea L.
holly p7 years ago

daria - how do you get to that truth?
there are no magical devices that let us see into the past. children can't handle the abuse they suffer, and so often can't even face the fact it happened until later in life.
when one person cames forward, they are called liars and their names are dragged throught the mud.
it takes dozens coming forward to make anyone believe that the crime has happened.
claiming you have been abused opens you up to all kinds of hate - people are angry that you are telling them something they don't want to hear. they make these victims suffer, just for telling the truth. and unless the child goes to an adult, without washing, after being raped, and is taken seriously enough by the police to be tested, there will be no proof.
the rape of a child destroys their sexuality before it has even begun to develop. it can give them diseases - and when they are too traumatized to tell anyone about the rape, that means that the disease will go untreated - sometimes for years. often they are left mentally scarred, and they watch how the public treats rape vicitms - the whole "you asked for it" or "you are a liar" things means most will never tell. they are forced to live with what was done to them for the rest of their lives.
no amount of money will ever make it ok.
and daria - if it did not really happen, why is the church paying people hush money?