Verizon’s New “Women’s Phone” To Include Charms, Calorie Counter


Ladies, have you found yourself frustrated that there’s no smartphones out there that meet your particular, feminine needs? Well, now you can rest easy, because Verizon has found a solution for you. They are about to unveil the HTC Bliss, a “phone for women” that may not be that fast, or have a lot of memory, but it does include the features you really have been pining for.

Like a pretty charm. Or a sea foam green exterior.

Oh, don’t worry, it has apps, too. In fact, it will come preloaded with a calorie counter, as well as shopping apps. Sadly, it looks like if you want to track your period you’ll have to download something yourself.

Sarah Perez at Tech Crunch says it best:

Why does Android have to be pitched differently to men and women? Last time I checked, women want the same things men do in their devices: power, performance, great hardware, great software, pluslots and lots of apps.

And not just the dieting ones.

Something tells me there aren’t many women on Verizon’s actual product design team.

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Anon Mous
Jorie H6 years ago

"Verizon's phone for women who define themselves by body size/shape and spangliness of personal accoutrements"

Samantha Taylor
Samantha Taylor6 years ago

love it

Gemma M.

Calorie counter and shopping... those are feminine things...
It's true that Verizon is not forcing anyone to buy this phone, but it's irritating saying you are selling a "phone for women" and then just going for stereotypes. Calorie counter and shopping apps are not bad for themselves, but that's not what women are about.
Ah, and nearly forgot it doesn't have a menstrual calendar. I guess you can easily find and download one for free. Just as the counters and shopping apps. But you could think a "phone for women" would have one, as periods ARE feminine things. Sadly they didn't put the calendar, so, for me (as well as for many others, I think), Verizon has just launched a "stereotype phone".

Sheri P.
Sheri P6 years ago

How sexist...

irene fernandez
irene Fernandez6 years ago

There is a reason why I hate Verizon, this just adds to it

Ann G.
Ann G6 years ago

Boycott the phone to send Verizon a message!

Ann G.
Ann G6 years ago

Boycott the phone to send a message!

Carole H.
Carole H6 years ago

I think the point is that the marketing of this phone for 'women' is patronising and thus insulting.

Lauryn Slotnick
Lauryn S6 years ago

Whatever. It's just marketing. Companies will do anything they can to appeal to more people. It's not like they expect "all" women to like or want these options. Marketing is marketing, and it's often vile, but differentiating between marketing to women and men does not make it sexist.

Hilary E.
Hilary E6 years ago

lol, shenanigans.