Victim of Horrific Hate Crime Speaks Out After People Doubt Her Story


The victim of an LGBT hate crime in Lincoln, Nebraska has decided to come forward and make a public statement about her attack on local television. Charlie Rogers was attacked in her home when three masked men broke into her house, bound her wrists and carved offensive anti-gay words into her abdomen. The attackers also attempted to set her house on fire and painted more slurs on her wall before leaving.

The community of Lincoln, Nebraska has stood by Rogers during the entire week, holding a vigil to support her. The police confirmed that the attack was a hate crime directed at the LGBT community after they discovered the nature of the words in her home but many doubters have surfaced, suggesting that Rogers made up the whole event simply because no suspects have been unearthed yet.

Rogers came forward in a moving interview, speaking clearly and tearfully about the attack. She reaffirmed her humanity, her integrity and her support of victims of violence around the world in the statement.

She said regarding those who do not believe she was attacked:

Being a victim in a situation like this, or survivor, and then having your integrity questioned I guess… It feels very victimizing again. It feels very saddening. It makes an already difficult situation more difficult because my world has been changed forever by these events.

Rogers’ statement points out that those who don’t believe she was attacked are playing a game and injecting an essentially anti-LGBT agenda into an already traumatic situation. By claiming that Rogers is lying about her experience, doubters are belittling simultaneously Rogers (most likely because of her identity as a lesbian woman) and the serious nature of LGBT hate crimes. She continued in her statement:

I’m a person, you know, with feelings, with concerns and it’s just so…. It feels like a punch in the stomach, like a betrayal…

Instead of the focus being on safety and healing and the investigation, the whole thing turns into a defense, essentially. You know, it starts to feel like, you know, it doesn’t even become about the situation it becomes about something altogether different and then I start to feel like a pawn in a game.

People are people. Agendas are agendas. And I think it’s really important that we distinguish between those two things.

Rogers concluded her statement by thanking those that have stood beside her during this most difficult time and reaffirming the importance of awareness and compassion. “Everyone is worthy of safety, and justice, and fairness.”


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Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle5 years ago

Ms Rogers, I'm so very sorry you had to go through this twice. Your words are heartfelt, and you shouldn't have had to defend yourself, go in front of the media. My heart is with you.

Marcus B.
Marcus B5 years ago

Are you all like sheep?

Running this way, then that way, then this way as soon as the media airs this or prints that?

Think for yourselves.
Arkansas - black man with hands cuffed behind shoots himself in head with gun concealed after twice searched by police - ruled as suicide by "state" medical examiners.

Florida - black teenager shot dead for walking home, killer not arrested walks home scot-free, shows a photo of bloodied skulled -A WEEK later with "family doctor's" colloboration.

Nebraska - Lesbian attacks and cuts herself....of course the evidences have been "gathered" there too.

Why these things don't happen in Los Angeles or Chicago or New York?

Marcus B.
Marcus B5 years ago

The cops never sought her attackers or did any real investigation. They instead looked for ways to make her the guilty one. With collaboration fro their "DNA examiners" - I believe these "authorities" as much as I believe these

"The report", signed by three medical examiners, saying "Chavis Carter apparently concealed gun muzle was placed against his right temple when it was fired" with his hands cuffed behind his back....and like with skulls hollowed of its gray matter the masses believe anything that is written in the media

Zimmerman's photo of a "bloody head" is doctored, IMO. A kid with Gimp or Photoshop can do it as well as the dates on it can be hacked.

If you are a minority, black, mexican, GLBT you getter get out of those states - those bigoted WASPS are highly active and pissed off at a USA with a black President, Healthcare reforms, don't ask don't tell repeal...

I don't believe the "law" authorities in Nebraska any more than I believe Hitler and the Nazis who were authorities in Nazi Germany....

Steve N.
Steve N5 years ago

We can be certain that Care2 won't bring attention to this, but here you go.

Martin L.
Martin L.5 years ago

Now that the truth is coming out, as a man I will accept apologies for all manhood from you men haters who assumed she was telling the truth.

Marie Therese Hanulak

What a horrid experience when she harmed no one.
What can we do? There are men and there are pricks in our society. Seems we can't get rid of the pricks.

Colette H.
Colette Hulett5 years ago

Why do some men feel threatened enough by the weaker members of society to attack, torture, humiliate them etc.? I am thinking specifically of women, children, animals and so on. Bunch of brain-dead idiots. To regain your faith in society, visit the Facebook page of "real men are kind to animals". Very different from the masked, gutless cowards who attacked Charlie.

Robert O.
Robert O5 years ago

I believe her. What reason would she have to make something horrible like that up? There's always a cloud of doubt hovering over women, GLBT people and especially GLBT women. She was attacked and her attackers need to be found and brought to justice. Just because they haven't been as of yet doesn't automatically mean the story was fabricated. Maybe they're good at hiding, maybe they fled the city, state or maybe there's anti-GLBT sentiment at work in the police force or cartoon like ineptness. Those are very real possibilities and much more plausible than Ms. Rogers telling tales. Thanks Sarah.

Lin Moy
Lin M5 years ago

Even if she wasn't gay I think her treatment would be as bad because, "women ask for it" is the general mindset. Sorry she went thru this and treated badly. If they never find the men, doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Sherrie Brunell
Sherrie Brunell5 years ago

Some really beautiful comments and stories on here. David K and Vicki F. your stories were very sweet and touching. Thank you for sharing.

Charlie, as you can see, you have much support. We believe you and hope the "men" who did this to you are swiftly caught and punished appropriately.

Sending loving and healing thoughts and energy your way.