Victory! Senate Democrats Save Net Neutrality

On Thursday the Senate Democrats blocked efforts by Republicans to overturn the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality rules.

The efforts were not a direct attack on the rules but instead a procedural game designed to strip the FCC of its ability to regulate the Internet. Democrats like Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn) spoke out passionately in defense of keeping the Internet open and free from corporate consolidation and control.

The rules passed last December are modest, but they are the first step in preventing companies from trying to slow down access to online services like Netflix or Skype that compete with their own offerings, charge premiums to some sites for faster delivery of their content or block sites altogether.

The final vote was 52-46 and broke strictly along party lines. Had Senate Democrats failed to block the measure President Obama pledged to veto any resolution challenging the net neutrality rules.

It was a victory that was only possible through an engaged public demanding its elected officials do the right thing, and the community was a key part of this. So, congratulations! This is an important victory and a key step in keeping our Internet free and open. It also provides an opportunity to push for even stronger protections, so the fight is not over yet. But for now we should celebrate this win and thank Senate Democrats who voted against handing control of the Internet over to corporations.



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Photo from dcmorton via flickr.


Victor M.
Victor M6 years ago

great news!

Kayah N.
Past Member 6 years ago

Freedom of speech is a universal right of each and every human being. Thanks for news

Maarja L.
Maarja L6 years ago

This is great.

Jane R.
Jane R6 years ago

Wonderful news!!

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Magdalena Lolas
Magdalena Lolas6 years ago

good news ^^

Joe Shults
Joe Shults6 years ago

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Meta Reid
Meta Reid6 years ago

Hooray for Democrats! And, Jane H. is correct, we must get a Democratic Senate and House in 2012.

William Y.
William Y6 years ago

Score one for sanity.

Chuck D.
Chuck D.6 years ago

I wonder what David "the Bible is against Net Neutrality" Barton has to say about this victory...does he even understand the concept of NN?