Video: What Is Sustainability?


There are times when you hear a word so much that you think you know the meaning of the word. If you had asked me before I saw this video, I would have said that sustainability is when you replace what you have taken and therefore have not destroyed the environment for your own limited benefit.

Iím not wrong but there might be more to the word than a gloss-over understanding. I am still learning about this topic and what it means to me.

This video, Sustainability Through Animation, does a good job of explaining what sustainability is and the four steps we as human beings can start to do right now to pull back from the edge.

If you are in the loop then maybe this video is too simplistic. But for the rest of us that want to part of the solution and donít have time to attend conferences of sustainability we need clear, accessible information.

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    Photo & Video credit: Igloo Animations for RealEyes Success Through Sustainability. Photo by periwinklekog


    Debbie L.
    Debbie Lim6 years ago

    Wow, this video was a very good explanation of sustainability. Thanks!

    L. Eleanor F.
    L Eleanor Finney6 years ago

    This should be shown to every child and adult in the household. It is a beautifully done video with a clear message relevant to all our lives. Each person can do something to aid in reducing this enormous challenge. Action is all that counts now, so act friends.

    Bernadette P.
    Berny p6 years ago I dont mean for children....adults need this more!

    Grace Adams
    Grace Adams6 years ago

    I am not opposed to the big oil firms making a living for their stockholders--I just wish they would do it raising algae for bio-diesel and making bio-diesel from the algae instead of making such a mess scraping the bottom of the petroleum barrel.

    Olga Lustosa
    Olga Lustosa6 years ago

    Thanks for the video. I will share it with friends.

    Alicia N.
    Alicia N6 years ago

    thanks for the video

    Renato G.
    Renato G6 years ago

    As always a nice video ... Tks for sending .....

    Diana T.
    Diana T6 years ago

    AKA Agenda 21=bicyclists forcing everyone out of house&home&car,reduced to eating Pb&J sandwiches&barely surviving in rabbit hutch-style 'condos',aka dinky apts. in mega-cities of 50-60million ppl;poverty,squalor,filth,disease,pollution,crime-the U.S.becoming just another 3rd world toilet bowl-

    Marilyn L.
    Marilyn L6 years ago

    Good video. Thanks

    Christina Dobbyn
    Christina Dobbyn6 years ago

    please keep spreading the message. Ignorance is not an option...