Virgina Metro Ad: “Go To Hell, Barack”

An ad  at a metro stop in Virgina is causing a small uproar.  But is it the political nature of the ad, or the profanity that is getting everyone upset?

According to The Washington Post, an advertisement for a movie about “Obamacare” reads, “Barack Obama wants politicians and bureaucrats to control America’s entire medical system. Go to hell Barack.”

But should it be taken down because it is disrespectful of the president, or because of the word “hell?”  One congressman trying to have the piece removed said both.

“I am disappointed by WMATA’s defense of this inappropriate advertisement,” Congressman Jim Moran said via press release. “If their current advertising guidelines do not prohibit profane advertisements on taxpayer-funded property, then WMATA should take the initiative and update them. Profanity has no place in the public forum…The specific language in the WMATA-approved ad that should be removed is not political, it’s profane. It defames the President of the United States in a way that coarsens the public discourse. All Americans have the right to make their voice heard under the First Amendment. But when we are talking about an advertisement on tax-payer funded facilities, as is the case with Metro, it should meet the minimum standards of propriety. I repeat my call on WMATA to exercise appropriate judgment and remove this offensive ad.”

So what is this movie causing all the fuss?  Well, it’s a fundraiser.  “Screen SICK & SICKER and keep the ticket revenue.  Re-sell DVDs for profit.  Offer a combo-deal: $10 to see the movie or $25 to see the movie and take home a DVD. Raise money for your yourself or your club. Or, you can show the movie for free as activism, to get more people to show up at your event or to gain new members to your club.  We offer an The Obama-ectomy Screening Package for $1,000—a box of 100 DVDs and a screening license that allows you to screen the movie, charge admission (or show it for free) and keep the money.  But act now because we’re offering this package at more than half off, only $495 until December 31, 2011.”

Fight Obamacare and “make $?” Looks like the “go to hell” publicity is exactly what the producers need.

Photo credit: wikimedia commons


Eternal Gardener
Eternal G5 years ago

I guess slander is "THE AMERICAN WAY"?

SeattleAnn S.
Ann S5 years ago

You know how up in arms the Repugs would get if anything much lesser than what they say about Obama was said about GW Bush, and Obama is a THOUSAND times better president than GWB ever was. The two-faced antics of the conservatives is SO tiresome.

Gloria D.
Gloria Diaz5 years ago

If you do not like the guy, that is okey but insults? That must not be aloud, we all have difference and likeness, we must learn to live with wach other and respect others believes if you want that other respect you.
Insulting only bring moreviolence, Plant winds and you will reap thunderstorm!

Linda M.
Linda Manning5 years ago


Rahul R.
Rahul R.5 years ago

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Nancy L.
Nancy L5 years ago


Frances C.
Frances C5 years ago

That sign with that language does not belong in the public square. I don't want my children to have to see that dispicable sign. The people who put that sign up are disgusting racists. We are talking about the President of the United States.

Juliet D.
judith sanders5 years ago

@Kathryn T - You don't have to "suspect" the Secret Service would have done that, there were several cases where that actually happened.
"Durham, N. Carolina: Oct. 27, 2001, agents from the Raleigh, N.C. office of the U.S. Secret Service and an investigator from the Durham Police Department confronted A.J. Brown, a freshman at Durham Technical College for hanging an “anti-American” wall poster. which showed George W. Bush holding a rope against a backdrop of lynch victims, with the text, “We hang on your word.” The poster had a statement that said Texas executed 152 people while Bush was governor. Brown was quizzed on whether she had any information about Afghanistan and on the Taliban. And she was asked to fill out a form providing her full name, race, phone number and other identifying information."

Robin b.
Robin B5 years ago

There has never been outward disrespect of a President until now. I know it is because Obama is not White.

There has always been dissention but not directly disrespectfully like this.
Go ahead & disagree with the President, but don't disrespect this man who is sincerely trying to serve our country well.

Charles P.
Charles P5 years ago

Hmmmm? Appealing to the redneck segment are we?