Volunteers Celebrate Saving 500 Cats from Meat Trade

The shelter is appealing for international aid.

Volunteers in China are weary but grateful as they provide care for 500 cats rescued rescued from the meat trade. These cats were saved by chance when a police officer pulled the vehicle over in the city of  Xuzhou after noticing it had out-of-town license plates.

Office Sun, who had been doing routine inspections along the roadway, began investigating when he heard crying coming from the back of a large agricultural vehicle. The driver told him that he was carrying rabbits, but when the office inspected the burlap bags in the back of the truck, he found hundreds of cats struggling for air and severely dehydrated.

A long standoff ensued as word went out to local animal rescue volunteers who began negotiating for the release of the cats. Although they had no legal standing to seize the animals, they refused to let the vehicle continue on. Haggling for custody of the cats stretched well into evening before the driver finally agreed to accept the equivalent of $800 for the cats.

Xuzhou Animal Rescuer Centre now has 1,000 animals in their shelter after this mass intervention. Some volunteers are reportedly getting ill from exhaustion, working around the clock for the cats, but they are determined to bring peace to these survivors. While some of the cats are settling in, others are still petrified of human contact. Their recovery will be long and the adoption process painstakingly slow.

Today the Harmony Fund has made a donation to help in the care of these cats as part of it’s year end international campaign Operation Holiday Kitty which will provide aid to an array of cat rescue efforts across the planet.


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Loesje vB
Loesje N4 years ago

Androod Y a kudos for you and God bless all pets volunteers in China.

Nickihermes Celine
Past Member 4 years ago

thank you all!!!! for saving them,you are angels,10/7

Androod Yao
Androod Yao4 years ago

Hi people! Could you like my facebook page "SAVE PETS in CHINA" ?
I am Androod come from China, I have been helping rescue stolen pets for years (same situation as what happened in this news).
I am setting up the page to share the pets eating situation in China to the public, in order to make more pressure to the Government of China so they may ban pets stealing and illegal pets killing.
I never ask for any money and will not accept any donation. I will list the pets loving territory and pets eating territory so if you would like to travel in China, you can avoid the pets eating places. Latest news about pets stealing/eating and pets saving will be posted too.
People please, broken heart-ed pets owners need your help, it doesn't cost any of your money, just a bit time to search "SAVE PETS in CHINA" on facebook, and like it.
Please notice this is not against China or Chinese people, I am a Chinese in both race and nationality.

Barbara Erdman
Barbara E4 years ago

Great News :-) Tnx

carita m.
carita mcdonald5 years ago


candice peters
candy p5 years ago


Cindy Roett
Cindy Roett5 years ago

Chickens,pigs horses..they are all at the same level of consideration as the cats and dogs.It is not about the animal..It is about human greed and insensitivity to those we hold power over.It has long been scientifically proven that the human body does not NEED meat we WANT meat.Look it up.We were meant to be caretakers of the earth and its inhabitants,not its tormentors and destroyers.

Karen L.
Karen LoGrasso5 years ago

Carol O. I respect your comments without knowing what I am about, Wht is the reference to glass houses suppose to mean anyway? If you think I would condone the unnecessary slaughter of any animal you are mistaken. I disagree with the amount of animals put to death in the US in shelters with so many animals over the past 30 years being neutered its seems the population is over estimated and should be addressed. This might be a money making racket. I also do not any way support the US government or any government in playing "God" with any creature's life.

Julie Cordner
Julie Cordner5 years ago

Culturally, this practice has been okay in China for centuries no doubt; time for change I think...

Robert O.
Robert O5 years ago

Thanks Laura.