Colorado Candidate Ken Buck Says “Vote For Me, I Don’t Wear Heels!”

There’s quite a feisty primary battle going on in Colorado, where two Republicans are fighting to be the party nominee for senate.  And the jargon is getting a little heated to say the least.

At a campaign event, the front runner, Ken Buck, used some salty language and a little bit of sexist insulting to attack his competitor Jane Norton, who has more party apparatus support.  From the Washington Post:

A new video shows Ken Buck, the leading Republican candidate in a Colorado Senate race, repeatedly using the word “bull—-” and saying that voters should choose him over his female primary opponent “because I do not wear high heels.”

Buck, the Weld County district attorney, made the remarks at a recent forum, in response to an audience question. Former lieutenant governor Jane Norton has been running a campaign ad decrying third-party spending on behalf of Buck’s campaign and urging Buck to “be man enough” to run the ads himself.

“She has questioned my manhood; I think it’s fair to respond,” Buck continues in the video. “I have cowboy boots on. They have real bull— on ‘em. That’s Weld County bull—, not Washington D.C. bull—.”

The brief YouTube clip is edited to about a minute and a half and was not posted by Buck’s campaign.

Buck claims he wasn’t being sexist with the high heels comment and that she started the gender battle herself.  In fact, a Norton campaign supporter even once said, “We need somebody to kick (Nevada Democrat and Senate majority leader) Harry Reid in the shins and Jane is going to do that with her high heels.”

But Norton is taking advantage of the clip and running with his potential blunder, and it could be costly.  As Vanity Fair put it:

Questions of his manhood and its most appropriate metaphorical footwear aside, Buck must likely now concern himself with the sensibilities of the opposite sex. Norton has already clipped the comment and disseminated it in an exceedingly unflattering attack ad, which shows the footage twice, prompted the second time by an incredulous female voice asking, “Play that again?” Norton’s campaign would be smart to begin manufacturing Buck-bashing logo heels as soon as possible.

So, was Buck pursuing and inappropriate gender attack, or is Norton making a mountain out of a molehill to further her political campaign.  Was he just responding to a gender comment she put out into the ether, or are his misogynist roots showing in a moment of candor.

Here’s the clip, feel free to decide for yourself!

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Madelaine Hanson
Pete Smith7 years ago

He is as bad as the BNP!

Anastasia VR
Anastasia VR7 years ago

I think it was offensive

Josie Eldred
Josie Eldred8 years ago

I didn't find it offensive, it was said in a very light-hearted manner. I know nothing about either candidate but if she made a comment about his manhood, she should expect some sort of retort.

Beng Kiat Low
low beng kiat8 years ago


Renee Still Day
Renee Still Day8 years ago

While both of these imbeciles fight over what kind of shoes they wear, Andrew Romanoff is clearly addressing issues, meeting with people all over the state and making himself known as the only candidate in the Colorado race for the Senate, who is NOT taking donations from Big Corporations, Big Oil or Wall Street. His campaign is financed solely by the PEOPLE of Colorado. There is only one person I'll be checking on my ballot come this November and that's Andrew Romanoff.

ChanTlalok Rain C.

They both should tackle the main issues and offer their solutions instead of showing ignorance.

J C B.
J C Brou8 years ago

Remember, J Edgar Hoover wore heels at private parties with "friends".

Dianna Mcallister

i retract ny vote of leaning no to yes. she asked why she should vote for him? a very good question. instead of answering her question he fluffed her off and and mad her question look like a joke and her like a nobody. he should publicy apologize to her and tell her and the american voters why we should vote for him.

Marianne Good
Past Member 8 years ago

Thank you for sharing!

Kate F.
Kate F8 years ago

several of these comments are telling the candidates to 'grow up'. i think norton gave buck a huge opportunity to do just that, or, at least, to show how 'grown up' he already is. he could have bypassed the comment and gone on with the political issues at hand...that would have been a BRILLIANT move on his part.

the inspirational movies show that characteristic over and over, and these are the movies that go down through the ages, and turn up as classics, such as ghandi. that name is a household name. it just shows that any one of us can rise above and walk tall. norton and buck still have plenty of time to do that, keep their focus on the issues that affect us all and keep clean and respectful. i bet that would win them HUNDREDS OF VOTES!!!