Voter Registration Deadlines Are Happening: Donít Miss Yours

By Jeanette Senecal, Senior Director of Elections, League of Women Voters

Last week, volunteers, celebrities and organizations from all over the country united like never before to help make†National Voter Registration Day a success. Together, over 800 organizations,†including over 280 state and local Leagues in 43 states,†came together to register thousands of new voters.

But the push for voter registration isnít over. Many states have important elections this year, and voter registration deadlines take place in many states as early as next week.

This Election Day, Tuesday, November 5, millions of voters will head to the polls and stand up for what matters most to our communities and our lives.†These elections are about our jobs, our health, our communities and our future. They are about us. We all need to weigh in.

Make sure your voice is heard:

1. Visit to†find the voter registration deadline for your state and use the†online voter registration tool to start the process of registering.

2. Make sure you have printed, signed and dated your completed voter registration form.

3. Stamp your form and mail it to the state officialís address that was pre-filled on your form. (NOTE: If you donít print out and mail in your form, you are not finished registering to vote.)

Voter registration is the key to encouraging all Americans to participate in our nation’s remarkable political process.†Weíre all equal on Election Day, and every one of us has the chance to stand up for the issues that matter most to our families, our communities and our country. Once youíve successfully registered,†you can encourage your friends and family to do the same with our handy eCard.

This post was originally published on†the LWV blog.


Jim Ven
Jim Ven1 years ago

thanks for the article.

Vicky P.
Vicky P4 years ago


Portland N.
P. L. Neola4 years ago

I posted this article on Facebook.

Barbara V.
Barbara V4 years ago

Oh yeah, and has anything been done about voter suppression?

Carol Johnson
Carol Johnson4 years ago your voice be heard

Karen C.
Karen Chestney4 years ago

YES ---REGISTER & VOTE !!! I was not allowed to forward this article to Facebook --or--Twitter!!! not good !!! This message needs to be repeated often !!! and then some.

Rachael Clark
Rachael Clark4 years ago

Everyone should exercise the right to vote.

Jacob Ross
Jacob Ross4 years ago

New Obama Proverb: If you give a man hope of getting a job, he will vote Democrat for a year! If you give a man a welfare check, a free cell phone, free internet, food stamps, section 8 housing, free contraceptives, ninety-nine weeks of unemployment,free health care and free medicine... He will vote Democrat the rest of his life and several more times after he's dead.

Yup - go register.....

Anne Moran
Anne M4 years ago


JL A4 years ago

If you have moved or know someone who has--get yourself registered and get the information on registration to them, too!