Voting Via iPad Makes Election Day Accessible

Normally, when we are discussing voter rights, it’s about another plan, be it voter ID laws, eliminating same day registration and other proposals that directly or indirectly limit the number of people who are able to cast their vote.

But in Oregon, the state has done something different.  Already having one of the most accessible voting systems thanks to a two week long period of accepting mail in ballots, the state piloted a new way to get even more people to be able to cast a vote – iPad voting.

Politico reports that the iPad vote was tested out last week on election day, with 89 disabled people voting in the special election primary for candidates to replace former Congressman David Wu.   “Using an iPad, voters were able to enlarge the font, tap on their selected candidate and print out the ballot to choose a nominee in Tuesday’s special primary election. With just a few glitches to work out, election officials told POLITICO they’re set to move full speed ahead with the iPads again in the January special general election.”

Some of those glitches involved internet connectivity and other issues that could slow down voting by tablet if a number of people were trying to use the system at once, a problem the state wants to address as it hopes for strong turnout.

Should the tablet voting be successful, it could open up a whole new avenue of voting for the disable, and possibly even the ability for everyone to cast votes via internet, which would reduce congestion at polling places and allow those who cannot take long amounts of time from work or family on election day a better opportunity to have their voices heard.

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Randi L.
Randi Levin6 years ago


Have we Americans grown so lazy that we cannot go to that voting booth anymore----what pathetic human beings we have become-----especially if we will risk our VOTE by being too darn lazy to go to a voting booth!

Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

Sandra B. I hope not, we do need leaders and I will vote the old fashioned way, pulling the lever,lol

Sandra B.
Sandra B6 years ago

I agree with Will R. With the internet TVs out there now, it won't be long that we won't need politicians. We can all just vote on the issues with one click and majority rules. We would then truly be a nation run by the people. We could get educated about the issues and then vote for the issues we care about. There are enough people and enough issues that there will be plenty of votes. People promoting issues could just get the education out there to us all and we will make our own decisions, because we care about our own country and its issues.

Holly Lawrence
Holly Lawrence6 years ago

These folks will probably be too busy on their iPads doing nonsense to even VOTE!


Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

How can someone too lazy to get out and vote afford an Ipad?

Gary Ansorge
Gary Ansorge6 years ago


According to this site


Apple has only contributed $580,000 to political campaigns since 2002. For the second largest corporation in the world, that's peanuts,,,

Exxon/Mobile is the largest corporation on the planet. Here's an example of THEIR political contributions(hint; they contribute a LOT more than does Apple),,,

Juliet D.
judith sanders6 years ago

Groovy. How nice to make things easier for the top 10%.
Now, who will volunteer to carry iPads around through the rental apartment districts, the trailer parks, the homes out in the middle of nowhere and the high-rise tenements where the voters who can't afford or have no need for an iPad live? How do we trust these people to correctly input the choices of seniors with limited vision?

Marianna B M.

21. century. not bad

Patricia C.
Patricia C6 years ago

I, personally think that it's about TIME our voting practices have start to get with the TIMES! I AM disabled, but I DO have an ipad, laptop, and desktop. I have practically BEGGED for this way to vote. I haven't been able to vote in ANY of my primaries because I can't get there, and #2 can't stand on my feet for very long at a time.
I understand the (maybe) risks of hackers, but doesn't EVERYTHING online take those risks? I mean..get with the program people. It is what it is.

Craig Zimmerman
Craig Z6 years ago

There is too much chance for fraud when voting by means of an electronic device. I miss the days when voters would actually get off the couch and go to a polling place to vote. Democracy requires some effort by those being governed, it's not supposed to be easy or convenient.