W Magazine Pokes Fun at Curvy Girls and Eating Disorders

Although we’ve seen a surge in “plus-size” women in magazines this year and overall a greater push for the acceptance of curvy women in the media, not every magazine gets it right and some altogether fail.

Take W Magazine who this month pokes fun at girls who “eat their feelings” in their September issue. The reference comes from a feature in the magazine titled “Chic Cliques” that is meant to serve as a back-to-school guide for fashionistas who are asked to choose from five different “stylish” groups – each problematic in their own way.

The first group – “The Girl Who Eats Her Feelings” – is for curvaceous girls who wear their dresses with “plenty of attitude.” The reason this girl even makes the cut is because they say “full figures are making a comeback.”

There are so many problems with this category. First off, eating disorders are a very serious issue that affects thousands of young women every year. In fact, 95% of those who have an eating disorder are between the ages of 12 and 25. Poking fun at eating disorders by labeling a group this way is not only highly offensive, but irresponsible. Women and girls dealing with these issues need compassion and support, not ridicule.

Secondly, labeling “curvy” girls as trendy suggests that being fuller figured is only ok because it is popular right now. As one commentator points out, “Glad to know my fat is only OK because it’s trendy.”

What about before this so-called fad emerged or after it runs its course? Will being curvy loss its appeal and become outdated and unfashionable? What happens to this group then?

Another one of the groups – “The Virgin Suicide” – brings up more body image issues. The article says that we love this girl because “She’s a great weight-loss supplement – hang out with her and you’ll learn about gluten-free vegan muffins.”

So while “The Girls Who Eats Her Feelings” group pokes fun at eating disorders, this groups seems to promote them or if nothing else encourages the idea that losing weight and being thin is ideal. I don’t think Janis Joplin or Mother Teresa, two of the style icons listed in this category (seriously?), would agree.

Now, I understand that the article is meant to be clever and cheeky but for me it was an utter failure and does nothing but feed into women’s insecurities about their bodies and weight.

The magazine warns readers to “choose their [your] allegiances wisely” so you too could “finally end up at the cool kids’ table.”

Well, if these are my only options then I’ll gladly eat my lunch in the bathroom stall.

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April Thompson
April Thompson7 years ago

Women are beautiful no matter what their size!

Trina Dewes
Trina Dewes7 years ago

Am tired of hearing what Women are SUPPOSED TO DO ON ANYTHING! Women---who cares---I would not waste my hard earned money on "ANY" women's mag unless it is political or intellectual . All the other's are DRIVEL. Start taking charge of your own lives and quit listening to NONSENSE and please quit supporting these worthless magazines.

Lidia E Feliciano
Lidia E F7 years ago

I wish I was curvy.I look like a toothpick.At least that is how i see myself.There was a point when i lived alone and was always out doing something that i rarely ate.My sister comes to visit me after not seeing me for a few years,and tells me I look anorexic. She even questioned where were my big boobs.

Suffice it to say,so called fashion experts are not experts.They only give an opinion based on their personal experience in the fashion world.Those models need to fatten up because curves are hot.

kenneth m.
kenneth m7 years ago

I like curvey females, Just who are you trying to impress any way?

Josefina N.
Jo S7 years ago


John Bauer
Past Member 7 years ago

So, its a woman's magazine that is making fun of women? That is kinda stupid. I guess its not unlike when Maxim magazine makes fun of drunk fat guys.

Denise C.
Denise C7 years ago

SIGH...just one more rag that insists that womens' worth is either entirely or almost entirely connected with their LOOKS...you don't see this kind of garbage given to MEN...

jane richmond
jane richmond7 years ago

REAL Women have Curves!!!!

Maarja L.
Maarja L7 years ago

On the one hand, obesitu is a problem. On the other, this is certainly not the way to prevent it.

Sarah D.
Sarah D7 years ago

I was thinking of buying a W Magazine but now I don't think I will.