Wall Street Protests: Police Brutality Caught On Tape [Video]


With new participants flowing in from all over the country, the Occupy Wall Street protests reached a fever pitch this weekend. As the crowd increased, so did the number of police officers deployed to disrupt their right to assemble and march.

With over 80 individuals arrested on Saturday alone,videos began to emerge showing police officers’ use of multiple violent tactics, including tasers and pepper spray to subdue protesters.

The video below shows police officers trapping female protestors in an orange net and using pepper spray at point blank range, apparently without provocation.

The next video shows a white-collar police officer tackle a young man for no reason (thirty-six seconds in). Later, it shows a different white-collar police officer shoving two young women and a young man for no reason (one minute and two seconds in)

One of the protestors arrested on Saturday night spoke to ABC News from the back of a police van.

“We haven’t been charged, we don’t know what happened,” said Cristina Gonzalez, 25. “We are at One Police Plaza, there’s 16 of us in the back of a van and we’re sweating. And there’s a man back here who needs medical attention. He’s bleeding from his head and his handcuffs are too tight.”

A message posted on Sunday to the Occupy Wall Street website indicated that the protesters used the day to rest and regroup:

“Throughout the day our sisters and brothers arrested yesterday came back home to Liberty Plaza,”the message said. “They greeted the new faces that have joined us here. They shared their stories of imprisonment, of medical care denied and delayed. We welcomed them and listened.”

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William C
William C1 years ago


W. C
W. C1 years ago

Thank you.

Denise Adams
Denise Mahnkey7 years ago

The police force in this country has become a group of mindless zombies brainwashed into thinking that they are "protecting American interests" by bashing those who oppose the "machine"; while the true American Interests--the true Americans--are out in the streets protesting. Without the people there would be no nation.

Jonathan B.
Jonathan Baker7 years ago

Did you know that the Wall Street corporations rent cops from NYC? Yup, they do. In 1998 Rudy Giuliani created the Paid Detail Unit that is comprised of on-duty NYC cops that are dispatched when called for by the corporations who pay on average $37 per hour per cop with a 10% administrative fee paid directly to NYC. These cops have all the authority of a policeman but enforce the mandates of the corporations. The corporations have the Praetorian Guard and NYC makes a bundle from the administrative fees. The 2011 city budget forecasted $1,184,000 in fees. That means that the corporations would be paying $11,840,000 in police activity in the Paid Detail Unit! This gives "Rent-A-Cop" a whole new meaning! Talk about a fascist state....

As for the little man behind the big badge, Anthony Bologna has a history of violating the civil rights of citizens. But he doesn't have to worry. Commissioner Kelly has his back.

SeattleAnn S.
Ann S7 years ago

I think it's a slight over-reaction to the second vid to categorize the policeman shoving protesters for "no reason" as police brutality. It looked to me that he was trying to get them on their way as they blocked his line of slight moving more slowly than he liked.

However, for sure the first vid was brutality. No reason all all to spray tear gas into the faces of those women. You'd think they would be watching their P's and Q's a little better with all the vid recording going on.

KATE H7 years ago

So great to see American's fighting back.
My best wish's go out to you all of you who are taking a stand and saying no more to blatant corruption.

Brian F.
Brian F7 years ago

When our country goes to war based on lies and stays there for over ten years in Iraq and Afghanistan, costing us trillions of dollars, and bankrupting our nation, thats ok. When we spend billions bailing out the banks, who pay us back by doing what they have always done, rip us off, that's ok. When huge corporations offshore our jobs and don't pay taxes, that's ok. When our criminal congressman and senators are making $175,000 a year with a large pension and free healthcare for life, but millions of Americans are living in poverty, that's ok. When our criminal health insurance companies and big pharma rip us off and bribe our politicians, that's ok. When our criminal big corporations buy off our politicians and continue to destroy our enviroment, that's ok. When our criminal universties are ripping off our students, putting them $200,000 in debt, with high interest loans, for a worthless degree that will not ever translate to a job, that's ok. But when a protester dares to protest this injustice, the thug NYPD peppar sprays them and pushes them for no reason. Could it be that the thug NYPD is protecting the criminal corporations and government institutions that are controlling this country?

Brian F.
Brian F7 years ago

If a citizen did that to a police officer, they would be charged with assault on a law enforcement officer, and go to jail for a year, but since it is the corrupt NYPD thug police, we'll just sweep it under the rug.

Donna Reid
Donna Reid7 years ago

A true demographic society would be one where we the people decide through general elections these issues. We vote on salaries for public office, we vote to stop outsourcing jobs by our corporate sectors to foreign soil, we vote on fair taxation of the rich and we vote to remove legal loopholes for investments,regulating lobbyists,alternative energy, health care for all.. just to mention a few. That way our Representatives would be truly following the voice of the people. Their job? Much less time talking and much more time doing clerical work, writing up these issues in layman's terms instead of lawyers' language. As for their aides? Get out of the office and into the field to see and report what we the people need..As for the President? Make sure our representatives are doing their jobs and be a great ambassador in globally promoting peaceful international relationships :) Just my opinion

Cheryl Bresney
Cheryl Bresney7 years ago

The cop in the video is Anthony Bologna...aka, Tony Bologna, the storm trooper. The three girls were simply watching the protestors from their street corner when they were corralled in the netting. They stood there wondering what to do when Tony Bologna came charging through and maced their eyes. As they lie screaming in pain and bawling "what did we do?" He sprayed them again. There is a video of this. And if this movement picked up speed after last weekend, it was precisely because of this kind of police brutality.