Warren Gains On Brown By Winning Over Independents, Youth Vote

Talk about a change in polling — in just a matter of two weeks, Democratic senate candidate Elizabeth Warren has gone from trailing Republican incumbent Scott Brown by at least eight points to leading him by five.  That dramatic shift, according to Public Policy Polling, is caused by her new appeal to Independent Massachusetts voters who previously were drawn to Brown at a two to one margin.

“Warren is reclaiming the middle from Brown,” said PPP Director Tom Jensen. “We find her up 42-40 with moderate voters, a group that we found Brown leading Coakley 55-41 with. She’s also inspiring a lot of enthusiasm from young people. 56% rate her favorably to 27% with an unfavorable view, and she leads Brown 56-29 with them.”

It’s no surprise that voters are beginning to see Brown as “too conservative,” as the polling suggests, nor that he is losing his appeal to younger voters.  His extreme position on the birth control mandate and his continued caucusing with the rest of the Republican party in senate is highly unlikely to resonate well with the more moderate voters that account for a large part of the state’s population.

Photo credit: ElizabethForMA flickr


Lynn C.
Lynn C5 years ago

One of the most sane, intelligent people in politics. I can't believe she's not taking this election by storm.

John B.
John Bonetti5 years ago

OMG Kimberlee, don't jinx her. I remember too vividly the the Kennedy assassinations. Like Julie, JFK was the president I loved to listen to as a kid, and I will never forget the day he was gunned down. Obviously Robert had the unique ability, shown after the Martin Luther King assassination, to walk into a black neighborhood the day it happened, and talk to them from his heart. One of the only places that day that didn't have major riots. They were both taken from us way to early. I would be thrilled if Elizabeth Warren decided to run for president, but let's get her into the senate first.

Frances C.
Frances C5 years ago

You are right Marianne C. about the female candidate getting thrashed for posing nude like Scott Brown did. If it had been a male Democrat who went naked in a magazine the religious right wing nuts would have spared no outrage, they would have eviscerated him. They went nuts over Anthony Weiner's email. Their usual hypocrisy.

Kimberlee W.
Kimberlee W5 years ago

She's the Paul Wellstone of her time.

I just hope they don't assassinate her too.

Julie D.
Julie D5 years ago

I want to see her succeed soooo much! I have not been this excited about or as enthusiastic about any candidate since the Kennedy days. I hope to see her win this election and go on to become a Presidential candidate in 2016 and win by a landslide! She is just what we need! We need many more like her! I also love Al Franken and Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders has no interest in running for President, but a ticket with Elizabeth Warren and Al Franken in any combination would be my dream ticket!

Glenn M.
Glenn Meyer5 years ago

Diarmaid M.

Jeffrey W. is a paid stooge. He really has people that kick homeless men in the balls. That is how he makes money. He admitted on the blog and most everyone regularly here knows.

Apparently you are not in on the joke yet. Most on this blog are.

Go to

In all honesty, I have to disagree with you, he is better at film making than political reasoning.

Go Jeffrey!
and you too can enjoy his art form.

I don't hate Jeffrey W. He provides so much entertainment.

Billy Hamilton
Billy Hamilton5 years ago

Next President after Pres. Obama's 2nd term.

ida w.
Ida Nga Sze W5 years ago

really looking forward to the election day. when would it be?

Ron B.
Ron B5 years ago

What a great President she would make! But first things first. Go Elizabeth!

John B.
John Bonetti5 years ago

I hope she runs in 2016 also; and I would also vote for her.