Warren Trails Brown, But Could Birth Control Help Her?

Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren has been a fundraising juggernaut so far in her 2012 campaign to beat freshman Republican Senator Scott Brown.† But currently, that money hasn’t been translating into a lead in the polls.

According to Roll Call, early February polling shows her trailing Brown by 9 points, coming in at 43 to Brown’s 52 percent support.

But that could change as Congress continues to fight over contraception coverage in health care plans.† Despite the vast majority of voters supporting no copay birth control, Brown has aligned himself with the supporters of the Blunt Amendment, which would allow any employer to deny coverage for health practices they deem “morally” objectionable.

Brown knows how unpopular his position is to his constituents.† So to soften the blow, he’s invoking the name of favored politician, the late Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy. In a radio ad, Brown states, ďLike Ted Kennedy before me, I support a conscience exemption in health care for Catholics and other people of faith.”

Kennedy’s family wants that to stop.† Son Patrick Kennedy sent a letter to Brown, writing, “My father believed that health care providers should be allowed a conscience exemption from performing any service that conflicted with their faith. †Thatís what was in his 1995 law and what he referenced to the Pope. †That is completely different than the broad language of the Blunt Amendment that will allow any employer, or even an insurance company, to use vague moral objections as an excuse to refuse to provide health care coverage. †My father never would have supported this extreme legislation… You are entitled to your own opinions, of course, but I ask that, moving forward, you do not confuse my fatherís positions with your own. †I appreciate the past respect you have expressed for his legacy, but misstating his positions is no way to honor his lifeís work.”

In order to pass the Blunt Amendment in the senate, Republicans will need every vote they can get.† Although Brown is confident his support of “religious liberty” will play well with the Catholic voters in his state, it may backfire once he realizes that a majority of Catholics do in fact use birth control.† And they tend to not appreciate having Kennedy’s legacy misused, either.

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Jan N.
Jan N6 years ago

“Like Ted Kennedy before me, I support a conscience exemption in health care for Catholics and other people of faith.”

I'm all for a conscience exemption for PEOPLE of faith. Don't use birth control if you don't believe in it. Don't have a blood transfusion if your religion says it's wrong. Don't believe in medical intervention at all, pray away. I don't care what Citizens United and Romney claim, corporations are NOT people and they don't get to claim conscience exemptions on behalf of actual humans who probably believe very differently when it comes to things like birth control. Ted Kennedy had only three children with Joan and none with Victoria, how do you think he (more likely his wives) managed that? Yes, Catholic church, I'm looking at you.

Ron B.
Ron B6 years ago

In a sane world, Elizabeth Warren would be far ahead of Brown. As the dumbing down of America continues on schedule, far too many ignorant and gullible people continue to vote against common sense and their own best interests. Let's hope that somehow there are still enough intelligent and informed voters in Massachusetts who wake up in time and give Warren a victory.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago

The Blunt Amendment failed...for now. It really surprises me that the people in Ted Kennedy's district would vote for Brown again when they have a better advocate and a Ted Kennedy liberal in Elizabeth Warren. Sometimes I think these polls are put out just to discourage people.

Robert F.

We have separation of Church and State for a very practical reason. The Christian Church is far more interested in politics and religious power than in spiritual guidance. Our Founding Fathers were largely made up of Rosicrucians and Free Masons, highly spiritual esoteric Christian traditions that are considered to be pagan by mainstream Churches. They did not want a Catholic OR Protestant dictatorship in our new world. They had already made a living hell in medieval Europe. A Christian theocracy would very, very likely result in a rigid, dictatorial and highly repressive and violent government that would strike deep fear into the hearts of our Founding Fathers if they were alive today.

Claire M.
Claire M6 years ago

Some people are just so ignorant. One of my health care professionals is no longer with me due to her inability to stop quoting FOX news tripe. I hope Warren makes it past the BS , we really need her.

James Maynard
James Maynard6 years ago

Classic right-wing republican obfuscation, calling
black - white, up - down. The Kennedy's need to
yell loudly and clearly that Mr. Brown is perpetrating
a hoax on the public.

Anne Cole
.6 years ago

With a huge majority of women using birth control, it's almost like the repubs want to lose.

Marianne C.
Marianne C6 years ago

The Blunt Amendment was defeated, but with enough support, it could come back. I hope it becomes a litmus test, and that anyone who supports it loses the election because if that support.

Christopher Fowler

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You must be listening to the propagandist liar Rush Limbaugh because what you have said here is COMPLETELY out of touch with reality or fact. But then those who sing the GOP line are the typical cultist that will ignore all facts that disprove their beliefs and will stick to it until they have no choice but to either conceded or become loony hermits.

Susan Clark6 years ago

We should ban CONDOMS and go on a SEX STRIKE.