Watch Jane Goodall On “60 Minutes” This Sunday (VIDEO)

Didn’t get a chance to see Jane Goodall Live last September 27th? As you many recall, Care2 held a contest and gave away a trip for two to Los Angeles to witness this remarkable one night event, which featured the debut of a film that followed four years of †Goodall’s life Jane’s Journey. We also gave away tickets to see the one night live broadcast in movie theaters across the country.

More than 30,000 Care2 members signed a message of thanks to Goodall for her fifty years of activism protecting animals and the environment and Care2 CEO Randy Paynter had the opportunity to join Goodall on stage in Los Angeles to present her not only with the signatures, but with the Care2 Impact Award.

Well if you weren’t a lucky winner then (and even if you were), here’s another chance to watch Goodall — and this time you don’t even have to get up from your couch. This Sunday’s episode of CBS News 60 Minutes revisits correspondent Lara Logan’s 2010 interview with†Goodall. Goodall took the 60 Minutes crew to the forests of Tanzania where she began her ground breaking work with chimpanzees over fifty years ago, to remind the public that chimps are still endangered.

Into the Wild, a special 60 Minutes hour devoted to the natural world, also features segments on the great migration and the language of elephants. You can catch a preview by clicking here.

More than half a century after that first fateful trip to Africa, environmentalist and humanitarian Dr. Jane Goodall still travels the world at age 77 — to the tune of 300 days a year — inspiring hope and encouraging activism. As Care2 blogger Judy Molland noted in a post about Care2′s contest:

Goodallís work today revolves around inspiring action on behalf of endangered species, particularly the chimpanzee, and encouraging people to do their part to make the world a better place for people, animals and the environment we all share.

The Jane Goodall Institute works to protect the famous chimpanzees of Gombe National Park in Tanzania, but recognizes this canít be accomplished without a comprehensive approach that addresses the needs of local people who are critical to chimpanzee survival.

In addition, Goodall’s youth organization Roots & Shoots, which she started in 1991 with a group of 16 students in Tanzania, today involves tens of thousands of young people, from pre-schoolers to university students, from every state in the U.S and more than 120 countries.

Check your local television listings and be sure to tune into 60 Minutes on Sunday at 7 pm ET/PT.

In the meantime, take a look at the trailer for Jane’s Journey:

And you can still†click here to sign the petition to†Thank Jane Goodall for 50 Years Of Remarkable Activism.

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Joan Mcallister
6 years ago

What a wonderful woman to have spent 50 years working with these delightful animals, don't know where she gets all the energy, nothing appears to stop her, many many thankyous Jane
would love to have been able to meet you

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thank you jane!!!

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Thank-you for the preview and date...anxious to watch. signed

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Dr. Jane Goodall is a true hero.

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A true humanitarian. A true hero. A true inspiration.

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Thanks for the article.

Christine Stewart

I watched it! She is awesome! I can only hope she (and the rest of us) can open the world's eyes and save wildlife before it is too late...

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I really want to watch that movie!