We Demand Better Cyber-Protection! No More Online Tracking!

A few weeks ago, I purchased a pair of skis online from a well-known company. Since then, whenever I am on the Internet, the ads from that same company keep popping up. Don’t they realize I’m done with buying skis?

And how can this happen?

Online Tracking

Tracking cookie technologies enable companies to keep a running log of the web pages that Internet users go to. This means that even when you think you’ve deleted something, it is still there, thanks to the technology. Tech companies and ad networks have been using these online tracking technologies for more than a decade to help advertisers deliver more relevant ads to each viewer.

Apple, Microsoft, Google and Mozilla are some of the most popular browsers that are tracking wherever you go online.

And Now Facebook Is Doing It Too

From USA Today:

Facebook officials are now acknowledging that the social media giant has been able to create a running log of the web pages that each of its 800 million or so members has visited during the previous 90 days. Facebook also keeps close track of where millions more non-members of the social network go on the Web, after they visit a Facebook web page for any reason.

To do this, the company relies on tracking cookie technologies similar to the controversial systems used by Google, Adobe, Microsoft, Yahoo and others in the online advertising industry, says Arturo Bejar, Facebook’s engineering director.

Facebook’s efforts to track the browsing habits of visitors to its site have made the company a player in the “Do Not Track” debate, which focuses on whether consumers should be able to prevent websites from tracking the consumers’ online activity.

Companies say tracking helps them serve you better, and that’s fine, if it is what you choose. But what if you don’t want them to track you? And how else is this information being used? Could it be sold to third parties?

A Gallup poll taken last December found that U.S. Internet users would welcome a “Do Not Track” measure.

Take Action Now!

If you agree that it should be illegal for advertisers to track your online activities, please click here to tell Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla to give us strong, effective Do Not Track tools for Christmas!

And Congress must act too.

In fact, a “Do Not Track” measure is being considered now: new guidelines for online privacy are being hashed out in Congress and by the World Wide Web Consortium, which sets standards for the Internet.

If privacy advocates get their way, consumers soon could be empowered to stop or limit tech companies and ad networks from tracking them wherever they go online. Naturally, the online advertising industry is trying to retain the current self-regulatory system.

Tell Congress To Stand Up For Better Online Protection

As millions of Americans do their holiday shopping online, we want to send a loud and clear message from those who want an enforceable right to say NO to online tracking. Congress has the power to make these companies listen to you. Click here to tell your elected officials to act now to protect your family ‘s online activities.

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Sandi C.
Sandi C4 years ago


Ben Oscarsito
Ben O5 years ago

NO! NO!! NO!!! It makes me sick!!!!

Johanna Tito
jo koster6 years ago

No Tracking!

Vivianne Mosca-Clark

No to tracking of any kind...I am done with all the 'peeking' in on any ones personal spaces.
We have lost all of our rights with the signing of the latest bill.
We are now a military country with no constitutional rights.

Sarah Metcalf
Sarah M6 years ago

No tracking!

Marie W.
Marie W6 years ago

How about NO Tracking period on any level?!

ROLF P6 years ago

Here again 91% of the people disagree with the politician and what do the politicians do exactly what we don't want! Am I crazy how come they keep getting reelected?

Ray Lovelace
Lindell Lovelace6 years ago

Orwell was right on with everything but the date and the role of consumers. Who ever would have guessed that people would buy their own vidscreens?

Leslea Herber
Leslea Herber6 years ago

Big hint. secure your browser settings to block third party cookies. Nixes the majority of em right there. Second, delete your cookies once every 2 weeks. Nixes the rest. Further, limit your browsing history to 2 weeks and make sure you delete temporary internet files every couple of weeks, right along with temporary files.

To really piss off the advertisers, use either Firefox or Chrome and run it with Adblock plus or adblock respectively. Nixes ALL those pesky ads, so they cannot put ANY cookies on in the first place :D

Be sure to activate the adblock popup blocker as well. Nix the ability of the stuff to even RUN, let alone keep trying to cost you.

I hope this info helps LOTS of people. :D

Samantha Christopher
Samantha C6 years ago

Canadians, if you want to learn about your internet rights and want to help protect them, please check out OpenMedia.ca. In 2011 when the big ISPs like Bell wanted to impose usuage based billing to their customers, OpenMedia.ca made this fact not only public knowlwdge, but with Canadians support was able to push back. Because of our efforts, Bell backed down.

Any Canadian who has similiar concerns like our US friends on how our internet browsing is used while we are online should check out OpenMedia.ca.