Wear Fair: Be Gorgeous AND Ethical at the Same Time

An innovative new online course has opened this week to enable people to explore the link between fashion and Fairtrade and act upon their findings.

The course is run by People and Planet, the UK’s largest student campaigning network, and culminates with students creating their own video to help a campaign or put online.

It is split into two parts, Explore and Act, each of which requires 40-60 minutes per week to complete over three weeks. The Explore module opened this week and runs to the beginning of June; the Act module opens at the end of May and runs to the beginning of July.

Take action

Although the course is aimed at GCSE and A level students working with a tutor, Emma Cockburn, People and Planet’s Education Outreach Officer, is enthusiastic about older independent learners taking part.

She told Sideways News: “It’s about getting people who would not think about campaigning to get involved” adding that older participants would bring a different background and knowledge to the course blogs.

This is the second Write To React course People and Planet has run and it forms part of their Wear Fair campaign.

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by Chris Milton


Inez Deborah Altar

It is very good, but in some cases without the sweatshops the people would starve, the society responsible must be changed

Abo Ahmed r.
Abo r7 years ago


Mervi R.
Mervi R7 years ago

Thanks for the great info!

Pete C.
Pete C7 years ago


Candace C.
Candace C7 years ago

Recycled clothes are my choice but I definitely buy Fair trade other things. All natural fiber. Its almost easier to find quality natural material in thrift stores

Mary Ann C.
Mary Ann Coute7 years ago

I have been purchasing gifts and jewelry from SERRV which helps people all over the world to sell their wares. This helps them to feed their families,and buy their children's books and clothes.I bought a second-hand couch,and always take any hand-me-downs I can use from my family.I really think that if more people bought reusable items we could cut the waste by half.Think Green!

clara H.
Clara Hamill7 years ago

intreasting article.

Harriet J. B.
Harriet B7 years ago

We need to bring back union made clothes to New York. That is where fashion used to be made.


Marilyn D.
7 years ago

We're a cotton family....everything is washable...haven't spent a dime on dry cleaning in over 20 years....and never will!

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L7 years ago

Noted and thank you.