Weekly Resistance: 5 Ways to Take Action July 23-29

Welcome back, gentle readers! If contacting your elected officials and urging friends to do the same feels futile and pointless, rest assured that it’s not.

Need an example? Last week, the White House withdrew an unqualified hardline conservative judicial nominee from consideration when they realized they lacked the votes. The Republicans couldn’t get enough senators on board to confirm because of concerned activists like you, so take a moment to celebrate!

Now that you’re fired up, let’s talk about five things you can do to make a difference this week.

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1. Fight to Unite

The Trump administration faces another major family reunification deadline  on July 26. Will divided families be brought back together again?


Act: Contact your federal lawmakers to express concern about the status of the reunification effort, and ask them to hold Immigrations and Customs Enforcement  accountable for getting children back in the arms of their families. If your lawmakers are Democrats, consider pressing them further and inviting them to join the Abolish ICE movement, given the agency’s fundamental flaws.

2. Say Goodbye to the “Gay Panic” Defense

Many LGBTQ people are worried about their rights in the current landscape, which makes a proposed bill eliminating the “gay panic” defense very good news.


  • Some people who commit crimes against LGBTQ people claim “gay panic” — the very existence of an LGBTQ person is so upsetting that they lost control. Sound bogus to you? It does to us, too.
  • This defense is usually used in serious crimes like physical or sexual assault, and murder.
  • Just three states currently have bills explicitly banning this practice, while the American Bar Association has called on Congress to take action on the federal level.

Act: Check out the House and Senate versions of this bill to see if your lawmakers are listed as cosponsors. If they are, contact them to say thanks! If they’re not, contact them and ask them to consider lending their support to this initiative. If you have a conservative lawmaker and you’re worried they won’t take this issue seriously, consider appealing to their law and order side: Do you really want criminals in your state to get off lightly when committing violent crimes?

3. Tell Congress: Time for Tough Talk on Russia

The entire world was appalled to see the president casually siding with Russia during his summit in Helsinki, and now he’s inviting Vladimir Putin to the United States for a cozy get-together. Even Republicans are asking: What gives?!


  • Trump didn’t just give Putin a pass on election interference. He also undermined the intelligence community, which invested tremendous resources in identifying, analyzing and presenting information about Russia’s involvement in the 2016 U.S. election.
  • Trump remains extraordinarily friendly with Russia, given the country’s interference with American democracy.
  • Trump continues to dodge questions from his cabinet and the media alike about the Russia situation.

Act: Contact your federal lawmakers to ask them why the president and the White House are sending mixed policy messages about Russian interference in the 2016 election. They can’t control the president, but they can lean on the party, protect the Mueller investigation and introduce legislation that could provide us with more options for identifying and addressing undue influence.

4. Protect Your Vote

Amid growing concerns about the integrity of the 2016 election, some lawmakers are taking action now with a federal call for mandatory paper ballots.


  • Mandating paper ballots doesn’t mean a return to styluses and hanging chads: They can be used with optical scan machines. Critically, they generate a literal paper trail so you can make sure your vote was counted correctly.
  • This call isn’t coming from a bunch of sore losers or conspiracy theorists: The Senate Intelligence Committee issued a range of recommendations for making elections more secure in March.
  • In the short term, if you’re worried about electronic voting machines and your state allows no-excuse absentee voting, you can request an absentee ballot; it should come in the form of an optical scan paper ballot with a stub you can use to track it.

Act: Check out the House and Senate versions of the Protecting American Votes and Elections Act of 2018 to see if your lawmakers are on board. If they aren’t, contact them and press them to explain why they’re not implementing the common-sense reforms recommended by Congress itself to maintain the integrity of our elections.

5. Don’t Forget About Gun Control

Gun control flares up in the news in the aftermath of terrible mass casualty events, but then it drops out of sight again. Keep pressing the issue.


  • 96 people are killed by guns every day in the U.S., including people who take their own lives along with the victims of accidents and violent crimes.
  • The gun violence disparity between the United States and other developed nations is quite extreme.
  • Just last week, the father of two children who survived the massacre at Parkland was shot and killed in a robbery. Over the weekend, there was a high-profile shooting at a Trader Joes in Los Angeles.

Act: Contact your federal legislators. Tell them you don’t want to wait for another Pulse, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Columbine or Parkland. It’s time for comprehensive, common-sense gun control — which the majority of Americans support.

We’re talking about universal background checks; eliminating the gun show loophole; removing guns from people with a history of intimate partner violence; safe storage laws; waiting periods; and bans on high-capacity magazines.

Take Action!

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There are so many insanely stupid petitions, they dilute the importance of the important ones.

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Our president is playing chess with the world negotiators, doing it on a grand scale, at a blinding pace.
He's ignoring the massive Fake News like their flip out over tariffs.
He just finished an agreement with the EU taking tariffs to zero and them buying liquefied petroleum and soybeans.
The alphabet soup Fake News channels spend so much of their time trumping up one trivial scandal after another they cannot cover our president's making America great again.

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No. 3 - That's a joke,, 8-9 days after Helsinki summit,, no one knows what the conversation was all about... - So how do you expect Congress to 'get tough' with Russia,, when POTUS is 'holding hands' with Putin behind closed doors ??