Weekly Resistance: 5 Ways to Take Action Oct. 9-16

One of the most thrilling aspects of working with fellow activists, like Care2 members, is that even when times seem dark, a thread of hope remains visible. Hearing your voices, seeing you on the street and knowing that you’re blowing up the phones in congressional offices makes me feel like we’re building a better world.

So let’s get to it!

Want to find and contact your representative? You can also find your senators’ contact information here. Looking for local officials? This tool will help you locate them. Or you can find them in person at a town hall! Remember: Your elected officials are accountable to you.

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1. Demand gun control

59 people died and nearly 500 were injured in Las Vegas last week, but Republicans still don’t want to talk about gun control — even as gun companies profit and legal modifications make guns more lethal. We happen to think now is a perfect time to talk about gun control.

What to Know:

  • The United States holds up to 50 percent of the world’s civilian firearms, with 88 guns per 100 people.
  • 90 percent of Americans, including many NRA members, support background checks for gun ownership.
  • 93 people die from gun violence every day in the U.S. Over half of those deaths are suicides.

Who to Contact: your senators and representative.

Tell them you want them to introduce, or cosponsor, legislation designed to introduce sensible gun control to the U.S. Even if they — or you — strongly support an individual rights interpretation of the Second Amendment, measures like background checks will save lives, without infringing on rights.

Join Us:

Sign this Care2 petition calling for a ban on “bump stock” modifications that turn semiautomatic weapons into fully automatic ones.

We’re also asking Congress to take military-style assault weapons off our streets.

People at a vigil commemorating the victims of the Vegas shooting.

Photo credit: Governor Tom Wolf

2. Protect children’s health insurance

The Children’s Health Insurance Program, or CHIP, extends health care coverage to nine million low-income children in the United States. Its funding authorization expired on September 30, leaving these children vulnerable and facing a financial cliff.

What to Know:

Who to Contact: your members of Congress.

Tell them that CHIP funding is critically important, as it protects the health and welfare of low-income children in your community and your state. If your representatives are Republicans, ask them to stop playing partisan politics with children’s health and eliminate riders that make funding authorizations too difficult to pass.

3. Defend birth control

The Trump administration wants to impose its values on everyone else in the United States with a new rule from the Department of Health and Human Services. The policy will allow religious organizations and businesses to drop birth control coverage from their group health insurance.

What to Know:

  • This rule takes effect immediately, although it’s unclear how many patients will be affected.
  • The scope of the rule is broad. In addition to religious organizations, any company with a “moral” objection to birth control can drop coverage.
  • The ACLU, California and Massachusetts are all suing over the rule.

Who to Contact:

  • The Department of Health and Human Services: Comment to say you object.
  • Your state elected officials: Tell them you’re counting on your state to protect rights for residents if the federal government won’t.
Women protesting cuts to planned parenthood

Photo credit: Women’s eNews

4. Speak up for trans rights

As expected, Jeff Sessions is rolling back hard-fought protections for the trans community, including guidance on employment discrimination.

What to Know:

  • Sessions believes that “gender identity” isn’t covered under existing antidiscrimination law, though this doesn’t reflect the opinion of prior attorneys general.
  • When transgender employees sue for discrimination, the government will intervene — to defend their employers.

Who to Contact: your state and local lawmakers.

If the federal government won’t defend the trans community, it’s up to them to write robust employment protection laws — and to consider similar measures for educational settings, health care and other environments.

Join Us:

Sign this Care2 petition asking Sessions to rethink his position on transgender employees.

5. Engage with North Korea

Rumblings about North Korea aren’t just flying by on Trump’s Twitter feed. The nation has been conducting weapons testing, and it’s making many neighbors very nervous.

What to Know:

  • North Korea is testing ever more elaborate, advanced and long-range weapons.
  • The U.S. has suggested calling for sanctions, which would penalize companies that work with North Korea.
  • Diplomacy works, as seen with the Iran nuclear deal.

Who to Contact: your senators and congressperson.

Tell them you expect to see the U.S. seriously pursue all avenues for diplomatic negotiations with North Korea, including asking allies for help. Stress that you’re worried about our relationship with all regional allies.

Take on a mini-challenge:

It’s October, and that means that kids are back in school. For some low-income children, school cafeterias are the best place to get a hot meal, but when their lunch accounts are in the red, they get cut off. Call the school and ask if any kids have outstanding balances you can pay off so they can continue to enjoy hot, nutritious meals.

Photo credit: Elvert Barnes


Joette B
Joette B4 months ago


Mary B
Mary B4 months ago

We need Hillary AND Bernie dealing with these issues. The gun people do nothing but spew the SAME OLD TALKING POINTS all over again. Their ideas sound a little bit credible, until they hit the ground, then it's pure chaos . Make THEM PROVE that their assumptions work as claimed, until then NO MORE DEBATE. Get the auto matic weapons off the street now! Nothing but deer hunting rifles and small personal protection hand guns worn openly allowed. Then we'll scale down from there and clamp down on back round checks, no guns for domestic abusers EVER.
This whole thing is SO wrong. Regulate the hell out of the gun and ammo manufacturers. And while we're at it, let's get rid of Trump.

Winn Adams
Winn A4 months ago


Winn Adams
Winn A4 months ago

Love the signs!

Anne M
Anne Moran4 months ago

'Demanding' something from this administration,, will get you nothing.. - The guy at the top,, does what HE wants,, when HE wants it,, where, and how HE wants it.. - He's in his own little world,, it's like one big manic episode for him..

Nancy Wrightington
Nancy Wrightington4 months ago

Care2 ROCKS!!

Cruel J
Cruel Justice4 months ago

I live in Florida where my representatives support all this insanity, and I know this because they send me replies telling me I'm wrong to question their decisions. DON'T VOTE REPUBLICAN!!!

Freya H
Freya H4 months ago

Remember, it's always darkest before the dawn.

Or a really nasty storm.

Or both.

Debra G
Debra G4 months ago

The Clean Power Plan is also under attack. The EPA is “taking comments” now. They’ve already decided, but flood them with comments anyway. Get your state legislatures backing the plan. And pray that Pruitt gets a world-class hemorrhoid.

Peggy B
Peggy B4 months ago