Weekly Resistance: How to Take Action April 22-28

Welcome, gentle readers, and happy Earth Day! I hope you’re taking advantage of the occasion to spend some time giving back to the planet this week — whether you’re collecting garbage, planting trees or just going on a walk to remind yourself that the great outdoors is pretty great.

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1. Show Us the Full Report

The Mueller report, in a redacted and selectively discussed form, is out. Congress is supposed to have fuller access to the document. But the public also deserves to see the whole thing — not just a version interpreted by Attorney General William Barr, a man who favors Donald Trump and has reason to be highly restrictive about his presentation of the report.

Contact your lawmakers to ask them to continue pressing for full publication of the report, so people can read it for themselves and make up their own minds. After all, if there’s no collusion, there’s nothing to worry about, right?

2. Does Your State Offer Comprehensive, Evidence-Based Sexual Education?

Arizona just repealed a law that made it illegal to offer LGBTQ-inclusive sexual education in schools. Some people might be surprised to learn that such laws are on the books. But in fact, Arizona isn’t the only place with this outdated, homophobic and transphobic legislation. And very few states specifically mandate that sexual education include LGBTQ topics, including history.

Take some time this week to find out about sexual education in your state. Age-appropriate sexual education that includes comprehensive coverage of a variety of topics — with teaching approaches based in research and critical thinking — is the best thing for young people. Empowering people with information about their bodies isn’t just about preventing pregnancy. It can also help people navigate abusive relationships and safely explore their sexual orientation.

If your state doesn’t have inclusive sex ed requirements, contact a state lawmaker to ask for a change.

3. Push Back on Sexism In the 2020 Campaign

Beto, Bernie, Joe, Pete … is it starting to feel like the only people running for president in 2020 are white guys? You might think so from the direction of media coverage and polling. For every breathlessly complimentary Mayor Pete Buttigieg profile, there’s a deep dive on Joe Biden or a soulful read on Beto O’Rourke’s path to the limelight.

So much for the “year of the woman” and female candidates making a splash in the conversation. And it’s not that these male candidates happen to be better qualified, with more compelling policy proposals and experience. It’s sexism.

It can feel hard to counter this stuff when you’re not the one commissioning the articles, booking people on the late night shows and otherwise steering the conversation. But there is something simple you can do: Every time someone shares yet another read about one of the white dudes at the front of the race, drop in a counterpoint in the form of coverage about a female candidate. Remind people that women are in this race, too, and some of them are pretty darn cool.

4. These Bills Could Protect Military Families from Lead Exposure

Lead is lurking in many places in the U.S. water supply and housing — including at military bases. Many military families are living in dangerously substandard housing with lead contamination, putting children in particular at risk. A package of bills aims to fight that with efforts to test for lead, mitigate dangerous components in housing and more. And several of the lawmakers involved have also tackled lead contamination in the past, too.

Contact your lawmakers to encourage them to support these bills. They’re bipartisan and unite concerns that should be important to people of all political parties. They improve safety and health for military families, protect children from hazards in the environment and promote a better quality of life for everyone.

5. North Korea: We Need to Talk

North Korea just announced yet another nuclear test — a reminder that the nation is accelerating the development of nuclear devices, which are growing more powerful and complex. At a time when many countries are steering away from nuclearization, the thought of an enemy continuing to develop weapons that could cause mass death and destruction is very worrisome. North Korea is also trying to set the tone of nuclear negotiations, creating a powerful bargaining position to get what it wants.

Contact your lawmakers to let them know you’re concerned about U.S.-North Korea relations and that you want them to encourage the White House to promote a peaceful and productive resolution to this before someone gets hurt.

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