Weekly Resistance: How to Take Action January 14-20

Welcome back to the weekly resistance, gentle readers! I’ve rounded up some actions large and small that can make a difference this week, from joining protesters on Sunday to opposing a terrible nominee for EPA administrator. As always, you’re encouraged to build community or organize a local event; many hands make light work!

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1. End the Shutdown

This partial government shutdown became the longest in history over the weekend. Furloughed federal workers and Americans trying to move forward are frustrated, and a cascading series of worst-case scenarios are starting to unfold as agencies run out of reserve, contingency and other funds to prop up their operations. At this point, the damage done will endure for weeks, months and maybe even years as agencies struggle to play catch-up. From vandalized national parks to people facing eviction, this whole experience has been ruinous.

Contact your lawmakers, and ask them to stay strong. Thank representatives for voting yes on bills to fund various agencies, especially if they are Republicans who crossed the aisle to help their Democratic colleagues reopen the government.

Ask your senators to continue to call for votes on these House bills, and make it clear that funding for the wall is a non-starter in either case. Giving in to that demand would open a dangerous door and teach the president that making unreasonable demands will get him what he wants, which is a bad lesson for toddlers and grown men alike.

2. Oppose the Nominations of Andrew Wheeler as EPA Administrator and William Barr as Attorney General

The EPA is at a standstill thanks to the shutdown, but Trump has moved forward to nominate the agency’s acting administrator to permanently fill the role. Wheeler is a former coal lobbyist who loves fossil fuels and hates the environment. In other words, he’s not the guy you want handling the agency in charge of proactively protecting the environment and human health.

Contact your senators, and urge them to vote against this biased candidate who clearly has no love for the agency he’s being tasked to head.

Meanwhile, Trump has appointed William Barr to fill the vacated office of attorney general. Barr’s interpretation of law, perhaps unsurprisingly, could be in Trump’s favor – especially in light of the ongoing Mueller investigation. Press your senators to make sure that he’s questioned thoroughly in confirmation hearings before his nomination proceeds to a floor vote.

3. Tell Your Senators: Act to Protect Disaster Funds

Donald Trump is still fixated on his racist, terrible, very bad, no good border wall, and the whole country is suffering because Congress refuses to indulge his temper tantrum.

If Congress won’t give him the money, the president wants to take it from another source. The White House just told the Army Corps of Engineers to figure out how to divert funds meant for California, Puerto Rico and other regions affected by disasters to build his wall.

Contact your senators, and tell them you’re opposed to this decision, and urge them to take every step possible to secure these funds from the predatory grasp of the White House.

4. #MuteRKelly

It might not seem political, but the movement to get R. Kelly off our playlists is more pressing than ever in the aftermath of a devastating documentary that chronicles how he took advantage of young black girls who felt powerless to do anything about it.

Join those removing his music from your devices if you haven’t done so already — and, if you use a service like Apple Music or Spotify, ask why he’s still listed. It’s not enough to pull R. Kelly from recommendations and features, like Spotify did, when people can still find him on their service.

This is an effort to deny a sexual abuser a platform, but it’s also about signaling solidarity with the women he abused, as well as women who are vulnerable because of men like him. Joining the call to music distributors to stop profiting from R. Kelly sends a clear signal to women that their lives and experiences do matter — and that they’re more important than the powerful men who abuse them.

5. Take It To the Streets

This Sunday marks the two-year anniversary of Trump’s inauguration — and what many are hoping is the halfway point of his presidency. Numerous local advocacy groups are organizing protests and other events; reach out to see what’s happening or consider planning your own!

You can march, phonebank, write letters, volunteer with a local service organization or take other steps to connect with your community and unite to build a better world.

Take Action Right Now

Sign or create a Care2 petition as members advocate about issues of importance. I’ve rounded up a few recent trending petitions as a starting point:

Creating a Care2 petition is easy. If you have an issue you care deeply about, why not start your own? Here are some guidelines to help you get started and soon the Care2 community will be signing up to support you.


Photo credit: Molly Adams/Creative Commons


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Remember millionaire speaker Queen Pelosi, She wasn't happy with the small USAF C-20B jet, Gulfstream III, (70,200. lbs.) that comes with the Speaker's job .. OH NO! mega millionairess Pelosi was aggravated that this little jet had to stop to refuel, so she ordered a Big Fat, 200-seat, USAF C-32, Boeing 757 (255,000 lbs. mostly fuel) jet that could get her back to California without stopping! I understand that a former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, flew commercial most of the time.

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