Weekly Resistance: How to Take Action June 17-23

Welcome back to the Weekly Resistance! There’s a lot to dig into this week. But before you do, take some time to contact your lawmakers and urge caution in the discussion about the explosions on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman. The United States is trying to blame Iran for the incident without sufficient investigation or evidence, exacerbating tension between the two nations. We need to take time to look into this situation thoroughly before making any pronouncements or decisions.

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1. Don’t Be Fooled By OTC Birth Control

Seeing Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez team up to fight lobbying and corruption was weird. Last week they were at it again with an exchange about making birth control available over the counter. Many people initially responded with excitement, thinking it sounded like a great idea.

It’s not. And here’s why. Insurance companies don’t pay for over-the-counter products in most cases, so this move would put the cost of birth control entirely on patients. It would also neatly dodge the birth control mandate in the Affordable Care Act that Christian organizations are fighting tooth and nail. Free birth control over the counter could be great, but this proposal could actually make it harder for some patients to access hormonal birth control, which is no good.

What you can do: When this topic comes up, make sure people are informed about the hidden trap in this policy proposal, which has actually been popular with Republicans for a long time. Tell them, along with your lawmakers, to support the newly reintroduced Affordability is Access Act, which would mandate insurance coverage of over-the-counter birth control.

2. Peaches Are In Season. So is Impeachment

Celebrate summer with a slice of peach pie — or an impeachment. Momentum is increasing to hold impeachment proceedings for Donald Trump, with a growing and even bipartisan crowd demanding that Congress investigate the president and hold hearings to learn more about whether he’s fit for duty.

Some people say impeachment wouldn’t result in a vote to remove him from office, so what’s the point. Or that it would exacerbate tensions with the GOP. Or that we should let the 2020 election solve this problem for us. These rationales don’t hold water.

Congress’ job is to guide the nation, not to cower in the face of political expedience or run out the clock in the hopes someone else will step up. Impeachment proceedings may not end with throwing the president (and his little hands, too) out of the White House. But they will provide answers and demonstrate that the system of checks and balances isn’t completely destroyed.

What you can do: Call your elected officials to ask about their stance on impeachment. If they’re supporters, thank them. If they’re not, ask them to reconsider and work with legislators who are leading the conversation.

3. It’s Time for Elaine Chao to Hit the Road

Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao has maintained a pretty low profile, despite being married to Mitch McConnell. And it turns out she’s been engaged in some deep corruption, lining her pockets and amassing power at the expense of taxpayers while serving in Trump’s Cabinet. Her flagrant attempts to benefit her family instead of serving the American people at the head of an agency with tremendous infrastructure challenges and complex policy needs are unacceptable, and she should resign or be fired.

What you can do: Call your legislators, and ask them to apply pressure on this issue.

4. Support Federal Workers by Opposing the USDA’s Move

As it has been threatening for months, the USDA just announced it will be moving two research agencies to the Kansas City area, citing cost savings and noting that the location means these agencies will be better able to serve Midwestern farms. Federal employees at these agencies are ardently opposed. They actually just unionized in part to fight the move, which would isolate them from D.C. culture and opportunities for collaboration that strengthens their work.

What you can do: Congress has oversight of federal agencies. Contact your elected officials to push them to support newly introduced legislation that would compel the USDA to leave these agencies, and their workers, where they are.

5. Bye, Sarah

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is out of the White House at the end of the month, capping an illustrious career as a “press secretary” who almost never held briefings, rampantly lied and dishonored an office that has historically been about providing information to the American public through the press. This is not a Senate-confirmable position. And no doubt it will go to yet another Trump crony with no oversight, perpetuating the deep problems making it so hard for the White House Press Corps to do their jobs.

What you can do: Contact your federal officials to let them know that while you’re aware they can’t be part of the selection process for this role, they can affirm their support for a free press and the distribution of accurate information to members of the public through the media.

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