Weekly Resistance: How to Take Action Mar. 20-26

Happy Equinox! The first day of spring — or fall, for you southern hemisphere friends — always seems full of possibility, and it’s a great opportunity to get revitalized.

Two months after the inauguration, Americans are still highly engaged in the political process. It’s important to keep up that momentum — no matter your political opinions. There’s a lot of spring cleaning to do this week, so let’s get started!

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On the phone

Call your representative and senators about the American Health Care Act (AHCA). Even some Republicans aren’t on board with this Affordable Care Act reform – especially after scoring, or the process in which the Congressional Budget Office figures out the financial implications of a bill. Even if you’re not a fan of the ACA, scoring suggests that this bill could be a fiscal and social disaster.

  • By 2026, 24 million Americans could lack health insurance.
  • The AHCA includes a number of anti-abortion provisions that effectively create incentives for insurance providers to drop abortion coverage, while also denying federal funds to organizations that offer abortions. And that’s despite the fact that the use of federal funds for abortion is already barred. In areas where Planned Parenthood is the only health care provider, this could be devastating.
  • Rural hospitals could be hit hard by the AHCA, with some facing closure due to falling revenues.
  • Premiums will rise while coverage will fall, especially for older adults.
  • Democratic representatives? Remind them that the Affordable Care Act revolutionized health care access in the U.S. and you want to build on that legacy.
  • Republican representatives? Remind them that as a constituent, you may be harmed by the AHCA. If they’re fiscal conservatives, appeal to concerns about the potentially high costs of this bill.

Neil Gorsuch is going before the Senate Judiciary Committee for preliminary hearings on Monday, March 20. If your Senator is on the committee, call. If not, call 202-224-5225, the committee’s general phone number.

  • Gorsuch actually has very solid judicial qualifications.
  • However, many feel that Merrick Garland, President Obama’s nominee to fill this seat, should be considered first.

Call your representative and senators about Trump’s proposed budget. He wants to slash funding to a number of very important government agencies and programs that actually use relatively few resources for big results. At the same time, Trump aims to increase spending on his border wall project and the military.

Liberals should be concerned about the cuts to social services, while conservatives should worry about losing cost-effective programs that generate huge returns. Everyone should be troubled by the “hard power” aspects of the proposal, which focus on military might rather than diplomacy — and could actually make America less safe.

  • Trump wants to eliminate the Community Development Block Grant program, which funds innovative poverty-fighting initiatives across the country including low-income housing, homeless resources and, famously, about three percent of the Meals on Wheels budget.
  • It includes extensive cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency, which keeps both Americans and the environment safe from a variety of hazards.
  • About that wall: Taxpayers, not Mexico, will pay for it, and the cuts to government programs won’t even offset the cost — assuming it stays at or near the budgeted price.
  • The “America First” budget can be read in its entirety on the White House website — an unusual act of transparency for a highly secretive administration
Protesters in London holding an anti-Trump rally.

Photo credit: Garry Knight

On the streets

Don’t forget Resist Trump Tuesdays! In communities across the nation, citizens are fanning out to visit lawmakers’ local offices and engage in other political activities. There may be an event near you, or could could start one.

  • Visit a local office to talk about legislation in person with staffers.
  • Host a letter-writing party or a teach-in to learn about effective advocacy.
  • Attend a local government meeting to advocate on the micro level for changes in your community.

Wednesday is World Water Day, and some communities are organizing marches, die-ins and other events. Check local calendars to see if there’s one near you!

Gear up: Ready to Run workshops are happening across the country in coming weeks for women interested in running for public office. If there isn’t one near you, gauge local interest and reach out to make one happen!

In writing

Consider signing the following Care2 petitions:

Consider dropping the president a line to ask him what he’s hiding in his visitors logs. It’s traditional for the White House to make this information readily available, but if you click the Visitor Access Records on the White House website, there’s nothing there.

President Donald J. Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

A woman holding up a sign: NASTY WOMEN KEEP FIGHTING.

Photo credit: Emma

Brace yourself

Last week we heard a lot of rumblings about free trade — an important component of the president’s campaign platform. Trump and the administration appear to be signaling an interest in returning to isolationist trade policy, which would be bad news for many Americans.

Free trade isn’t just a diplomatic measure, but also a way to promote the exchange of affordable consumer goods and products that the United States doesn’t necessarily make. An “America First” trade policy could cause prices for durable goods to rise stratospherically. During the recent G20 summit, the United States bullied other nations into dropping a free trade provision — and also forced them to remove references to climate change from the finished document.

This is an issue to keep an eye on, as it could have a huge impact not just on foreign policy and trade, but your life — from the construction materials used in that low-income development you support to the price of your new dishwasher.

Weekly “did this actually just happen?”

Did a Florida-based attorney and golfer brag about sneaking past Secret Service at Mar a Lago — remember, you’ve paid about three million dollars for every one of Trump’s five visits to his Florida club since inauguration — to snap a selfie next to the infamous painting of Donald Trump, and then quickly attempt to delete the evidence from the internet? Well, yes, but screenshots are forever.

Bonus golf-related Tweet, submitted without commentary.

Photo credit: Ted Eytan


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If Care2 would just kick the rightwing trouble makers off this site and ban them permanently, we could actually have conversations with each other about solutions as we move forward and some real do-able ways to get Trump out of office before he does any more damage to the environment and safety net programs. There is much that needs improving about the good stuff because the funding for it has fallen way behind, and many of the rules were apparently made with much rightwing authoritarian influence and that needs to brought to light and cleaned out. Anybody who has ever depended on these programs knows what I'm talking about, but because of the stigma around it, they seldom say anything for fear they'll be shamed for not being able to get ahead in a system that is rigged against them.

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Winn Adams
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Winn Adams
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He needs to be impeached before he does any further damage to America.