Weekly Resistance: How to Take Action Mar. 6-12

The 45th President of the United States has passed his 45th day in office, but Americans aren’t taking it lying down. There’s lots to do this week, from contacting your legislators about issues that matter to you to hitting the streets on International Women’s Day. Join the resistance!

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On the phone

Call your representative and senators to ask for a full and detailed investigation into the links between Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Russia. In addition to contacting your elected officials, you can call the House Intelligence Committee’s Minority Staff Office at (202) 225-7690 and Majority Staff Office at (202) 225-4121, as well as the Senate Intelligence Committee — (202) 224-1700.

  • Who did Sessions interact with and when? What happened at those meetings?
  • Did Sessions commit perjury during his confirmation hearing when he lied about his interactions with Russian officials?
  • Recusing himself from investigations is not enough: We need to know the extent of his involvement.

Defend DREAMers: Call your representative and senators to push them for clarification on protections for immigrants who have received Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status.

  • Bring up Daniela Vargas, a young woman who discussed her concerns about immigration policy and was promptly arrested and threatened with deportation without a hearing.
  • Ask why ICE is arresting and threatening to deport DREAMers. Do they have a plan in place for assuring immigrants of their legal status?
  • Urge your elected officials to speak out in defense of people like Daniela and pressure ICE to stand down.

Budget cuts: Last week, the president presented his budget proposal. As feared, it includes deep cuts to agencies like the EPA and NOAA. Congress sets the budget, so start calling to demand that your elected officials take a stance in defense of vital agencies and services.

  • Many of these agencies serve a vital public safety function. For example, NOAA forecasts keep recreational and commercial boaters safe on the ocean.
  • Scientific research promotes American innovation and strengthens the economy.
  • Commonsense regulations have improved health outcomes, sparked the growth of green industry, preserved nature and improved our foreign policy standing as a nation that cares about the planet.

Speak out against threats against mosques, synagogues and Jewish centers. The mounting threats are a grave concern for vulnerable religious communities, and it’s time to call your electeds to ask for a thorough investigation.

  • While some on the right are making claims of “misdirection,” the wave of threats across the country suggests a more systemic problem.
  • An arrest was made regarding some threats to Jewish centers, but it doesn’t fully explain the extent of threats.
  • Everyone deserves to be safe in their community, regardless of faith.
Women holding anti-Trump signs.

Photo credit: ResistFromDay1

On the streets

Women’s Strike: This International Women’s Day, women and allies across the U.S. will strike to highlight their crucial social and political role as part of the ”Day Without A Woman” protest. Check out their website for events in your area.

Special elections are ongoing across the U.S., and there may be one upcoming in your community. Get involved: Knock on doors, phonebank and support a campaign you care about.

In writing

Consider signing the following Care2 petitions:

Get ready: The Ides of Trump campaign invites people to send postcards to the White House with a message for the president. Be sure to include your return address so your dispatch is counted. The goal is to drop the cards in the mail on the 15th, so write yours now to ensure that you’ll get that precious Ides of March postmark!

Organizers request that you direct your correspondence to:

President (for now) Donald J. Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

With your wallet

Book Riot’s Fund ‘Em Fridays has one mission: profiling teachers with wish lists of diverse books. Check out their Literary Activism tag for the latest, and consider chipping in on the Donors Choose campaigns they recommend every Friday!

An Asian-American protester holding a sign: YOU CAN'T COMBOVER RACISM

Photo credit: mal3k

Brace yourself

The president is making some wild claims about Obama, suggesting that the former president kept tabs on him with illegal wiretapping practices. And this isn’t the first time Trump has complained about the former president’s influence. He also says that Obama is behind the surge of resistance welling up across the country. This may be a sleight of hand designed to distract from another big news story that might break this week, so don’t get distracted!

An updated travel ban has just dropped — look to immigrant and Muslim rights groups for guidance on the protests that will likely ensue. Be ready to call your legislators to express your opinion.

Weekly “did this actually just happen?”

Are we seriously watching a former action star and past California governor feud with a former reality television star and current U.S. president on Twitter? Well, yeah. We are.

Photo credit: Mike Maguire


Marie W
Marie W6 months ago

Thanks for posting.

Christine J
Christine J6 months ago

Hmm. Sounds a bit like a case of "sore loser" to me, but I respect everyone's right to peacefully state their case and campaign for what they want. Interesting times are ahead.

Telica R
Telica R9 months ago

Thanks for sharing

Sandra V
Sandra Vito9 months ago


Richard A
Richard A10 months ago

Don't give up.

Mike H
Mike H10 months ago

Get a life

Carole K
Carole K10 months ago

This is an excellent resistance summary article for those of us who are passionate about social activism. Might I offer a suggestion that there be one of these summaries at least every month or so. I experienced a pride of self affirmation in that of the 13 bullet petitions that were listed, there were only a couple that I hadn't already signed. I want to do all I can here @ Care2 to make a difference & be the change I wish to see! Thank you very much for assisting other members & myself to do this on a daily basis!

Trish K
Trish K10 months ago

I have hope that once they have irrefutable evidence they will call for Impeachment.

Dan Blossfeld
Dan Blossfeld10 months ago

I have to agree with you. I voted third party, because I could not support either of these two. However, the liberals seem to be still embattled in the campaign, long after it has ended. Reminds me of Southerners still fighting the Civil War. It is time to move on. Many point to the Republican treatment of the Obama presidency as reason for their actions. This reminds of the old adage about two wrongs. I fear that the party supporters are more interested in their own success than the well being of this country.

Marianne R
Marianne R10 months ago