What Is The EPA Hiding About Water Pollution?!

Something fishy is going on at the EPA, and I don’t mean the usual assortment of ethical scandals by the agency’s anti-environment leader Scott Pruitt. The EPA has been holding meetings on water contamination and barred a bunch of journalists from attending.

It started on Tuesday when the EPA didn’t allow journalists into the event. Reporters from CNN, the Associated Press and E&E News were all kept out due to what the EPA later claimed were space issues. The EPA wasn’t kidding when it didn’t let the AP reporter in, either:

“When the reporter asked to speak to an EPA public-affairs person, the security guard grabbed the reporter by the shoulders and shoved her forcibly out of the EPA building.”

For all of the flak the White House has received for being hostile toward the free press, there’s nothing quite like roughing up a reporter who had previously received an invitation to the event!

When news of the targeted banning of certain news outlets went to press, the White House promised to look into this incident, and the EPA tried to make nice by re-extending invitations to the affected journalists for subsequent portions of the event.

On Wednesday, however, the EPA was back at it again. Reporters from Politico, AP, CNN, E&E News and Crown Publishing all got turned away again. This time, the EPA argued that because the meeting is not a federal advisory committee event, it isn’t subject to the same transparency rules as other such meetings. Media watchdogs have disputed this assertion, but for me the real question is: what the heck is the EPA so afraid to have the media report on in regards to water pollution?

Well, for starters, the timing is questionable. Just last week we learned that the EPA had intentionally chose not to release an alarming government study that found a lot of our drinking water is contaminated by chemicals that cause health risks at way smaller levels than the government has deemed legally acceptable. The media only learned about the study thanks to EPA emails obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request.

You’d think that dangerous chemicals in our water supply is exactly the kind of thing the government should be transparent about rather than blocking out reporters and hiding the science. The fact that the EPA is taking a shadier approach should be worrisome.

Take Action

Amidst further shenanigans by the EPA to keep reporters out of their meetings on water quality, somehow, we’re still waiting to see the findings of a major water contamination study to come out. Let’s go for transparency however we can get it and demand the release of this study by signing this Care2 petition.

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Marie W
Marie W2 months ago

Thank you for posting.

natasha p
Past Member 7 months ago


Belinda L
Belinda Lang7 months ago

Scott Pruitt is evil. He doesn't care about people. He only cares about companies.

Jen S
Jen S7 months ago

The EPA, and Pruitt have been entirely co-opted by Trump, and protection is in no way part of its mandate. The agency is accountable only to Trump, and currently doing egregious things such as protecting puppy mill operators.

Joan E
Joan E7 months ago

We have no Environmental Protection Agency, We have the Donald Trump Environmental Destruction Agency. Trump fiddles while Ellicott City MD floods.

Adele E Zimmermann
Adele E Zimmermann7 months ago

The Environmental Protection Agency, under Scott Pruitt, appears to be a wholly fascist subdivision of an administration that is rapidly becoming fascist. I expect a knock on my door any day now by black-clad troops, looking for an "undesirable" - whose definition broadens daily. And the internet, cable and other media to broadcast nothing but Trump-and-Fox-approved propaganda. While I fear greatly for the future of my America, I am glad that in about 10 years I will no longer be a part of it.

Christine S
Christine Stewart7 months ago

EPA apparently stands for "Eager to Pollute it All"

Winn A
Winn Adams7 months ago


Winn A
Winn Adams7 months ago


Debbi W
Debbi W7 months ago

Unfortunately, I agree with Alea C. Pruitt, the EPA, trump included, do NOT care if we live or die. Of course dead people don't pay taxes, but on the other hand they don't cost the government either. The republicans don't think ahead, If 20% of the population died, they would be shocked by their personal inconvenience.

The republicans have to be __Voted OUT of office. People seeking asylum are being separated from their children, even babies! trump's demanding how we must stand 'proudly' for the national anthem at football games. That is not something he has any power to command! He thinks he IS our dicktator (spelling intentional).